You Don’t have to be a Size (X) to be Pretty

Another Intuitive Tuesday post already?! You betcha! I think these are my favourite posts to write. Most likely because this subject is personal, and close to my heart. Today’s post is no exception. I have a little story to share with you guys today, about body image.

I know that body image doesn’t seem to directly relate to intuitive living, but it actually is so important. I believe that it is very VERY difficult to eat intuitively, with a negative body image. If you are constantly beating yourself up, or aren’t satisfied with what you look like, it is very difficult to allow yourself to eat what you body wants and needs without feeling guilty. It is also difficult to exercise intuitively, and take rest time as needed, when you want to change the way you look. My story today is just a reminder about how our words and what we read, can impact our feelings towards our bodies.

intuitive tuesday

You know how you get those random memories that you know you will always remember? They may not even seem that significant, but they are ingrained in your mind so clearly, even down to some of the smallest details?

I have one of those memories. I think about it from time to time, but I didn’t really understand its significance in my life until recently.

I was in Junior High school. I am guessing I was probably thirteen years old, which would mean that this took place about 15 years ago. I was sitting on the floor in my walk-in closet, all alone, reading a magazine. My closet was my favourite spot to go when I just needed to get away from everyone (read: my family) and spend some time just me. I was reading one of the typical lifestyle magazines geared towards teenagers. I am guessing it was probably Seventeen, because that was my absolute favourite magazine at the time.

I remember turning to an article titled “You Don’t Have to be a Size (X) to be Pretty”. Except the (X) in the title was an actual women’s dress size, and one that I will never ever forget.

I believe the article was about girls who struggled with eating disorders, and were going through recovery. They shared their stories about their past eating habits, and how they were learning to love their new bodies and see them as beautiful. It sounds like it should be an inspiring article for a young and impressionable teenage girl to read, right? Wrong!

The title was fully explained in the article. The point was that you don’t have to be “skinny” to be pretty. What my young thirteen year-old mind got out of it was that you have to be a size (X) to be skinny, and I wanted to be skinny.

I understood the article’s point that beautiful looks different on everyone, and that was fine with me. I just knew I needed to remain below size (X) at all times, so I would remain skinny. After reading that article, I vowed to myself that I would never wear anything over size (X). I would do whatever it took.

I actually remained below the size mentioned in the article until I realized I needed to put on some weight for health reasons. Even after I gained some weight, I avoided buying anything over size (X). If I needed a bigger size, I just wouldn’t purchase the item. I much preferred sizes like small, medium, large, x-large (etc) to dress sizes so I wouldn’t have to face reality. I am sure this story sounds familiar to some of you.

The reason I am sharing this story with you today, is to talk about things that can trigger body image issues. That article that I mentioned was intended to encourage girls to feel beautiful in their own skin, but the size that they mentioned stuck with me throughout my teenage years, and will probably remain engrained somewhere in the back of my head forever.

Mentioning a size, a number on the scale, your measurements, or whatever, may not mean that much to you, but it could mean a ton to someone that overhears.  Comparison and standards are ugly things, that can really affect people, especially those that struggle with body image issues and eating disorders. Even talking calorie counts, calories allowances, or nutritional information can really hurt.

To my perfectionist self, that article said, “It is okay to be over size (X), but it is better to be under it”.

Please be careful what numbers you throw out while chatting with others, posting on social media, or while blogging. You never know what someone else is struggling with and how they will be affected by what you say. It is difficult enough to be bombarded with pictures of other women looking their absolute best, but to have a concrete number to compare yourself with can be really damaging.

To those that struggle with eating disorders, or even just body image issues, I recommend you take responsibility for what you subject your eyes and ears to. If someone consistently makes you feel bad about yourself, don’t spend time with them. If a certain website posts images or text that makes you feel like you need to start dieting, don’t visit it anymore. Even reading how many calories something has can trigger obsessive thoughts. If that is the case, don’t look!

In honour of National Eating Disorders Awareness week in the US, please take the time to consider what you type/say/or even think, and have extra compassion on others in your life that may be struggling. You have no idea what they are really going through.

Also, I just wanted to say that I just ordered a swimsuit online yesterday, that is five sizes bigger than size (X) and I am proud of it! Not because I am bigger, but because I no longer am willing to let a number control my life!


Do you consider how what you say/post could affect those struggling with disordered eating or body image issues? Do you think that this is necessary?

If you have struggled with disordered eating, what do you personally find “triggering”? I find restrictive diets (gluten-free, paleo, etc.) triggering. I also have a hard time with calorie counts and personal caloric requirements. I much prefer to listen to my body, and can get carried away when it comes to the number side of how much I should be eating.

February 21st Meal Plan

Eeyore will not stop following me around the house! She just can’t wait for me to sit down so she can cuddle me. This cat is so clingy.

eeyore close up

It is time to post my meal plan for the week. The winter shape-up is over, which means I am back to making my own meal plans. I really liked including a few breakfasts and lunches the past couple of weeks. It helped make my meals a little more interesting. I plan to continue including this into this week’s meal plan, we will see how it goes from there. Also, our grocery bill has been pretty high lately, so this week I want to eat up a lot of what we already have, and try to only buy perishable food items.

Breakfast Ideas

Lunch Ideas

Dinner Ideas

  • Tacos/taco salad
  • Almond Encrusted Tilapia, wild rice pilaff, roasted broccoli
  • Shrimp pesto spaghetti with spinach and mushrooms
  • The Best Crockpot Beef Stew, this is pretty similar to how I usually make beef stew, with a couple extra ingredients, I am excited to try it!

Snack Ideas

Lochlyn’s New Foods

  • Celery
  • Corn

lochlyn playing with pooh

The only non-perishables I need to buy for this week are a can of tomato paste and a can of tuna. The rest of my list is made up of milk, eggs, fruit, and vegetables. Josh went to Costco last week, so everything else is nice and stocked up.


Hope your weekend is going great!




Running and Baby Woes

I don’t have a lot of time this morning, but I wanted to stop by and fill you in what I have been thinking about lately. Check out Amanda’s link up for some more Thinking out Loud action.

thinking out loud

1. I have been having issues with my knee the past week or so. I know that it is running related because every time that I run, it starts to hurt again. I have learned from a little online research that I should stay off my knee completely until it heals. Admittedly, I haven’t been doing this, but I have been taking it easy, and really paying attention to how knee is feeling. I have been icing it three times a day and stretching it regularly and it is about 100 times better than it was last week. I am hoping that it will be at 100% soon enough.

One of the hardest things I am finding about training for a half marathon is the dedication required. I work out very regularly, but I still find it hard to go for a run when life gets in the way. It is hard to find the time when I am visiting with family, travelling, or my knee is extra sore. Sometimes running has to go on the back burner, and sometimes life does. It is all a balancing act, and I am still figuring it out.

I am LOVING running more and more all the time though. I have already started thinking about when I will be able to do another race (and I haven’t even done this one yet!). Time will tell I guess, but it is so fun having a goal and training to do the best that you can with it.


2. Yesterday was the first day of lent, and Amanda mentioned giving something up in her post today. It got me thinking that I want to as well. I don’t usually observe lent. I am a Christian, but I am not Catholic, and I think giving something up for lent is more of a Catholic tradition. Still, I like the idea of it, and the spiritual significance that it holds.

I have decided to give up distracted eating. Okay, so I have talked a lot about trying to eat less distractedly, and I think overall I have improved in this area. It is something that I would still like to do better with, both for my sake and for Lochlyn’s. For lent I would like to quit eating in front of the computer, while reading, and most especially while browsing my phone. I want to be more intentional with what I eat, and how I eat it.

Lately I have found myself standing at my cupboard/fridge, and grabbing a snack while I chase after my baby, or while I am cooking dinner. I plan on slowing down, sitting down, and purposefully eating, rather than eating on the go.

Lochlyn takes forever to eat, and I often lose patience, and find myself reaching for my cell phone for entertainment, while I am feeding her spoonfuls. I don’t want to pass on this bad habit to her, and I don’t want her to have to compete with my phone for attention.

smoothie wave

I know I am a day late, but I am going to do this for lent (minus a day). I don’t plan on never eating distractedly again, but cutting it out for this season, hopefully with make me more aware of it in the long term.


3. I just wanted to whine a little bit about Lochlyn’s sleeping habits as of late. I don’t know what is up with that girl! Before she got sick a few weeks ago, she was falling asleep by herself at night, and sleeping for at least 12 hours, sometimes more. I often would have to wake her up in the morning, because she wouldn’t stop sleeping. Her naps were often 2 hours long each. She was sleeping like crazy. Even before she was sleeping this much, she would always go down at night all by herself, without crying or fussing.

Lately she does not want to fall asleep by herself, and she often isn’t sleeping well through the night. She isn’t sick anymore, so I am not sure what is going on. When I put her down in her crib at night and leave the room, she freaks out. Like not just sad crying, but very angry crying. She sits up in her crib, and bounces up and down, and screams. I think she may be learning how to have a temper tantrum. When I go back in the room to calm her down she is covered in sweat, and so upset. Poor thing, I wish I knew what was going on with her.

In the past we let Lochlyn cry a bit at night to teach her to sleep by herself. This time around it has been really hard for me to let her cry when she is clearly so upset, and this so isn’t like her. Hopefully this is just a phase and we can get over it soon.


4. One more baby related thought. I am in the process of weaning Lochlyn, and besides the whole sleep thing, it has been going really well. She is down to breastfeeding once in the morning, and once in the evening before bed. I thought I would be really sad to give it up, but it hasn’t been too hard. Not having to breastfeed so often is freeing up so much time for me, and I am really enjoying it. I plan to finish breastfeeding around her birthday, which is March 5th. It’s coming up fast!


5. I don’t have a lot of thoughts for today, but I want to get this published before Lochlyn wakes up. Also, I am hungry, but eating while typing up this post would be considered distracted eating, so I need to get this done so I can eat something!


Happy Thursday!


Are you giving up anything for lent this year?

Runners – how do you deal with running-related injuries?

Valentine’s Day Weekend

I know it’s late, but I haven’t filled you guys in on what my daily life has been like for awhile, so I wanted to share my weekend with you. Unfortunately, I feel like I am not going to be able to remember everything that happened, so it might be a more brief recap than I originally intended! (edited to add) Nevermind – this isn’t brief at all!

My Friday (because the weekend really starts on Friday!) was spent enjoying the day with Lochlyn. I also wanted to do something special for Josh for Valentine’s day, but I hadn’t planned too much, so I decided to make him his favourite childhood dessert – Death By Chocolate. For those of you that haven’t tried this before. Death by Chocolate is a trifle with layers of brownie, chocolate pudding, whipped cream, and crushed Scor bars. I used boxed brownie and chocolate pudding mixes, because it would have been so much work if I made it all from scratch!

death by chocolate

(I actually made this in an extra large sized mixing bowl. You can’t tell from the photo, but it was pretty huge!)

I did make the whipped cream from scratch, and it was so good! I definitely ate quite a few spoonfuls while I was assembling the trifle. I didn’t like whipped cream when I was a kid. I couldn’t understand why anyone would choose to use whipped cream for desserts instead of icing. After tasting that whipped cream, I think my opinion has changed! I still prefer cream cheese icing though.

Lochlyn and I also headed out to the gym together, and I wore my new Fabletics leggings. I wasn’t sure about the pattern at first, but I really like them. I have a bigger lower body in proportion to my upper body, and so typically I try to go solid and darker on the bottom, but I wanted a bit of a change with my gym clothes. These leggings were super comfy, and I am glad I chose them!


(I apologize for the crotch shot!)

After the gym, I refuelled with a smoothie while Lochlyn napped. When she woke up she had a smoothie too, and then we headed out the door to get some groceries. She is a good little shopper and is pretty content as long as I let her play with my grocery list. I bought her a new toy for Valentine’s Day, and I also bought her some baby hair elastics. Of course I had to try them out when we got home.

first ponytail

On Friday night Josh and I had talked about ordering sushi, but our favourite sushi place was closed for renovations so we skipped it and had eggs (I think?). We decided to save the sushi for another night. After Lochlyn went to bed we hung out and talked for quite awhile. It was really nice. Normally we just turn a movie on when we are hanging out, so it was cool to have some good conversation instead.

Saturday was a busy day for me. I got up fairly early to get ready for work before Lochlyn woke up. When I heard my little girl in the monitor, I went in to breastfeed her, then had breakfast and headed off to work. Lochlyn got to spend Valentine’s Day with her Daddy.

dad and lochlyn valentines

It was a long weekend here, and the store that I work at was hosting a community fundraiser event, so it was busy. I love busy days, but I left work really tired. I didn’t have a lot of time to eat dinner because we had plans to go watch the fireworks down at the beach. I don’t even remember what I ate, but I know I did it quickly, and then was back out the door.

It was fun watching Lochlyn’s reaction to the loud fireworks. We were very close, and it felt like they were going to fall on us! She didn’t seem scared, but she wasn’t exactly excited either. She just stared at them, and then when the show was over, she kept looking up at the sky for more.

family day fireworksangela and lochlyn fireworksangela lochlyn fireworks

After the fireworks, Josh, Lochlyn and I headed home for an early bed time. We are so exciting.

Sunday had me getting up fairly early again to go for a longer run. My run was amazing, the weather was beautiful, and I was able to run outside (so much better!). I ran five miles, and improved my average mile/minute time by just over 20 seconds! I am not very fast, as I am just new to running longer distances, so I was pretty happy about this. My average speed on Sunday was 10:23 minutes/mile.

After my run, I got ready for work, while Lochlyn napped and Josh went to church. Then we traded off and Josh came home and I went to work. Work was a lot slower on Sunday, but my day still went by pretty fast, and I only had a five hour shift.

Sunday night was super rushed again. I got off of work at 6:15, came home and made a quick salad, and then headed out the door to friend’s house. I ate the salad on their couch while we watched a movie and hung out with their family. They have the cutest kids ever. I wish I could post a picture for you guys, but I haven’t told them about the blog, and don’t want to post pictures of other people’s kids without asking. Their youngest son is three and he absolutely adores Josh, it is so cute to watch them play together. They oldest is seven and she loves Lochlyn. I think she will make a great babysitter in a few years!

Sunday night was pretty rough. Lochlyn woke up at 9:30pm. Then she woke up again at 1:30am, and didn’t go back to sleep until 5am. I have no idea what is going on with this girl! She usually sleeps 12 hours a night. She has been getting so upset whenever I put her down in her crib. Like hyperventilating, having a temper tantrum upset. I have never seen her get so worked up. Josh and I were thinking about letting her cry a bit again, but it is hard when she is so sad. I hope that nothing else is wrong! I finally brought her to bed with me and sent Josh to sleep in the basement. We got a good three hours of sleep cuddled up together in bed. She just does not want to be alone!

Monday was a holiday for Josh, and I didn’t have to work either. It was nice to finally have a day together without a ton of plans. We got a few things done around the house, and then we drove into Red Deer for a little family date. Menchies! Too bad Lochlyn can’t have any yet, but it won’t be long now. We are trying to avoid giving her sugar until she reaches the one year mark.

josh and lochlyn at menchies

I always get pretty boring froyo flavours. My favourites are vanilla and cake batter. They were all out of cake batter, so I decided to try tropical taro and pecan praline, with my regular vanilla. The taro was just okay, but the praline was amazing. I would definitely recommend it. Of course I had to top it off with some cheesecake pieces. I also added peanut butter cups which was a bit of a mistake, so I picked them out and ate them first. I prefer no chocolate on my froyo!

menchies froyo

When we got home from Red Deer, Lochlyn had a nap, I went to the gym, and Josh worked out in our basement. Then it was time to make dinner, and get ready for the work week.

Now that I am working on the weekends, they feel pretty jam-packed. It is hard to make plans, or even spend time together as a family. My job itself has been going really well. The other staff are great, it is an easy position, and I get to socialize a lot with other customers. I am hoping that if I start working some evenings during the week, I won’t have to work every single day on the weekend. I want to get in some family time this summer!

valentines mom and baby


What’s your favourite froyo flavour? 

Ever tried death by chocolate? Did you like it? What was your favourite childhood dessert? Mine was angel food cake. I think mostly just because of the name. Angel sounds like Angela!

When to Stop Exercising…

Good morning, good morning! I really wanted to pop in yesterday and tell you guys about how my weekend went. That didn’t happen because we had a pretty rough night on Sunday night. Lochlyn did not want to sleep! She woke up around 1:00 AM and I didn’t get her back down until 5:00. It was so unlike her. I traded in my blog writing time for some extra sleep. It was much needed.

My weekend update is going to have to wait yet another day, because today is…

intuitive tuesday

And that means we are going to chat about living intuitively.

It was actually really hard for me to decide what to write about this morning. After weighing quite a few ideas I have been pondering, none of them really felt right. Then I started thinking about areas of intuitive eating/living that I really struggle with, and the subject of exercise immediately came to mind.

Exercise, how I love you. I love the gym. I love working out, getting a sweat on, and taking in all the endorphins that come with it. I don’t have a hard time motivating myself to go to the gym. Even when I am tired, or feeling lazy, it is pretty easy for me to get there, as I know how it will make me feel. It is also a great way for this stay-at-home mom to get out of the house and enjoy a little bit of “me” time.

gym selfie


Ignore the tampon at my feet! Lochlyn likes to carry them all over the house.

With the half-marathon that I have been training for, it has been even easier to get my butt to the gym. I have a goal, and a plan to help get me there. I have every workout for the next few months planned out on paper, waiting for me to check it off the list. Every run, cross training session, and strength workout is bringing me closer to my goal, and hopefully making me a tiny bit stronger to run on the big day.

I am sure that all of this sounds great to the average person. I am super motivated, and feel positive about the gym. I know lots of people wish they could enjoy it this much, or feel the draw that I do to workout. So how is exercise a challenge for me? The thing is, sometimes working out can get out of hand for me, and lead to unhealthy behaviour.

Exercise is great. Letting exercise interfere too much with the rest of your life, and negatively impacting your health is not so great. I have been there many times and still struggle. I can get obsessive about hitting the gym, and I have often seen this negatively impact the rest of my life. Below I have listed some ways that I use to keep myself accountable with exercise. If I find that any of these points are true in my life, I know that I am giving exercise too much control over me.

Pushing your body further than it wants to go. Okay, so pushing ourselves is how we see improvement in performance. I get this, and I constantly push myself in order to see results. I lift heavier weights, or run an extra mile on a regular basis. Getting our heart rate elevated, and challenging our muscles is great. I think this can get unhealthy when we are exercising even though our body is screaming for a break.

If your body is injured, sick, or just plain exhausted, it may be time to give it a rest. A couple weeks ago, I was mentally feeling great, but my legs were so tired I could barely get up off the couch. I wanted to go to the gym, but realized that I owed my body a rest day. It had been working hard all week and needed time to recover. I know you have heard it before, but rest days are just as important, if not more so, than workout days. Giving your body a chance to recover and repair itself will improve your performance in the long term.

What happens when you push your body further than it wants to go on a regular basis? I developed Hypothalamic Amenorrhea and to put it bluntly, it majorly sucked. I know that I also wasn’t eating enough to fuel my workouts, but even after gaining a ton of weight back, I didn’t get my cycles again until I quit exercising entirely and gave my body a rest. It needed it to function at its best.

don't stop when you're tiredSource – So, I kind of disagree with this massively popular quote. If your body is truly tired, maybe you should give it a rest!

Letting exercise interfere with relationships. Back in my excessive exercising days, I would work out right when I got home from work. This meant that I never made plans to do anything after work. If people were going out, or invited me somewhere, I had to decline, or try to do it later. I distanced myself from people because I didn’t want relationships to interfere with my workouts.

This is so hard for me to admit, but I still regularly let exercise interfere with relationships. I go to the gym six days a week, and sometimes I choose the gym over spending time with friends. With juggling Lochlyn’s naps, and meals, it is hard to do a lot of outings in the day, and by the time we get ready and get to the gym, come home and shower, I don’t have time for much else.

I am learning that relationships with people are very important, and that it’s okay to sacrifice exercise for people. I am also learning to juggle around my training schedule a bit, so I can meet that friend for coffee, or go to a play group. I realize that it is important to make my relationship with Josh and Lochlyn a priority, and I try to focus on spending time with them when I get the chance. Sometimes choosing to spend time as a family over hitting the gym, is much more healthy for the soul, and therefore, for the body too.

josh and lochlyn at starbucks

I was a lot better at choosing to not workout somedays to focus on relationships before I started half marathon training. Now that I workout six days a week it is harder to juggle my schedule, and I don’t like missing too many workouts. My best solution has been to be willing to squeeze a workout in anywhere. I have done a lot of runs at 5:30 in the morning, and I am willing to go in the evening too if I have to.

Relationships are more important to me than physical fitness and exercise. When I am stressing or upset about missing a workout, it helps to put life into perspective and think about the bigger picture. My family and friends are more important to me than exercise any day!

Needing exercise to make you happy. The gym is my happy place, it really is. So is going for a bike ride outside, a long run, a beautiful hike. I love being active, it does my soul so much good. There is nothing wrong with that. Actually I think it is so great, and I recommend it to any and everyone. The thing is, even though exercise can make us very happy, we shouldn’t rely on it to make us happy. It isn’t a reliable source. I am thankful that I have the ability to be active, but that ability could be taken away at any given moment. If I need exercise to be happy, and I am no longer able to exercise, I won’t have the ability to be happy anymore.

I believe we can have an unhealthy emotional  relationship with exercise just like we can with food. So many of us use food to make us happy, or feel better when we are down. Exercise can do the same thing. There is nothing wrong with food or exercise making us happy, I think that it is when we become reliant on it, that it becomes a problem. It is important to know how to handle emotions apart from food and exercise.

Finding identity in working out. This used to be huge for me. I saw my own identity in being active and physically fit. I was thin, I ate healthy, and I worked out a lot. That was me, or so I thought. The truth was, I had an identity apart from working out, but I was so focused on exercising that I didn’t take the time to nourish other aspects of who I was. Those pieces of myself were being starved off, and I wasn’t as happy or well-rounded person without them. There is more to everyone’s life than exercise!

Another reason not to find identity in working out is that just like we can’t rely on exercise to make us happy, we can’t rely on it for identity. It isn’t a trustworthy source. If our ability to exercise is taken away from us, we will no longer have an identity.

Making yourself workout to burn extra calories. As in “I ate an extra bowl of ice cream yesterday and NEED to burn it off today”. This just ruins exercise in my opinion. Josh and I were actually talking about this not too long ago. We have both shifted our focus on exercise from looks and appearance, to performance and athletic ability. We have both found that it makes exercise so much more fun and motivating! I run an extra mile to prepare for my race, not to burn extra calories. When you are making yourself exercise, it no longer becomes a choice, but something that you force on yourself. Nobody enjoys that for too long!

Well, Lochlyn is awake in her crib and calling to me. That was a short nap, why won’t this girl sleep? I guess it is time to feed her some lunch, and get my butt to the gym for a workout (yay!). Enjoy your day, and make sure to enjoy your exercise (or give yourself a break, that’s good too!)


Have you ever felt like exercise was controlling your life? What did you do about it?

Any other tell tale signs you are working out too much? I know I missed lots!


Feb. 14th Meal Plan

It’s the last week of the winter shape-up meal plans that I have been following. I would have to say that overall I have been really enjoying them. They have definitely helped get me out of a meal rut, especially when it comes to breakfast and lunches. I have also found a couple new-to-us recipes that we will definitely be making again. The eggs with spaghetti was a big hit!

eggs and spaghetti

If you are new around here and haven’t heard of the winter shape-up, you can check it out here. My meal plan for this week is inspired by Anne’s meal plan for week four of the shape-up.





  • Leftover Scrambled egg muffins
  • Leftover Sweet Potato muffins
  • Veggies and Hummus
  • All of the smoothies!

Meal Prep

  • Make Scrambled Egg Muffins
  • Make Sweet potato muffins
  • Wash and chop veggies

Lochlyn’s New Foods

  • Full fat milk (crazy!)
  • Bok Choy

It is hard to get meal prep time in when I am working all weekend. Hopefully I find a chance.

Also Happy  Valentine’s Day! We don’t make a big deal about it, and because of that I almost forgot what day it was!


Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day? 

Lochlyn at 11 Months

My baby girl is going to be a toddler soon. Yikes! I am not quite ready for this yet! She turned 11 months about a week ago, and I haven’t managed to get her 11 month post up until now.

I can’t believe that the next post I write she is going to be a year. I also can’t believe the difference between a newborn and an 11 month old. It is crazy how much she has changed, and how much she has learned. I am such a proud mom!

mom and baby love


Weight: We weighed Lochlyn at a Dr’s appointment right around the 11 month mark. She was 20 lbs 7 oz. She was wearing her clothes and her diaper so I am guessing she is right around 20 lbs.

Length: No idea on this one. Her 9 month clothes are all getting too short so I know she is getting taller. I would say she is probably just slightly below average for length based on past measurements.

Clothing: It is hard to believe that Lochlyn was wearing size 3-6 month bottoms a couple months ago. Now she is almost only wearing exclusively 12 month clothes. Depending on the brand a few 9 months clothes still fit her but not much. Her little belly is needing all the extra room it can get!

naked in crib


I don’t have a ton of new nicknames to share with you. I actually mainly call her Lochlyn lately since she responds best to her own name. Some of her other nicknames are:

  • Baby
  • Princess
  • Loccolli (As in Loccolli Broccoli)
  • Josh calls her “Little Girl” (no change here!)
  • Grandma calls her “Lochie” (grandpa hates it!)


  • Mom/Mama
  • Dad/Dada
  • Hi
  • Bye (pronounced “die” haha)
  • Kitty (pronounced “k” “t” – she makes the “k” sound and then the “t” sound”)

big bath toys

New this Month

My favourite new change is all the talking this girl is doing! She loves saying “hi” and “die” (bye) to people as they come and go. She also likes to chase Eeyore around the house saying, “k” “t” over and over. I feel like she may be saying a lot of other words, but I am not 100% sure. It sounds like she may say “done” and “no”, but it could be her just babbling. Either way, it is awesome, and I can’t wait for her to start talking even more.

Lochlyn started waving at the beginning of January, but this month she has started waving a ton. She waves “hi and “bye” to everyone, and even waves at Josh and I whenever we leave the room. She also waves at Eeyore whenever she sees her. She waves when she hears someone say “hi” or “bye” over the phone too, so cute.

She also likes to play peekaboo now. Except she hasn’t quite figured it out yet. She puts her hands on top of her head instead of covering up her eyes. We go along with it anyways, so fun.


I think I say this every month, but Lochlyn is getting into everything! She loves opening the cupboard doors and pulling everything out! Her favourite cupboards are the bathroom, and the tupperware cupboard in the kitchen. She scatters everything all over the floor, and then picks it up and crawls with it all over the house. I find stuff everywhere! I guess it keeps her occupied so I can get some things done – but it leads to quite the mess!

Lochlyn has been trying to pull herself up to standing for quite a long time now, but this month she has really started focusing on it. She pulls herself up to her knees, and even gets one foot underneath herself, and then chickens out and goes back to sitting. She will pull to her knees on everything she can find, and especially loves the stairs. She is not the daredevil at all! I guess she takes after her mom that way!

table pull-up

I tried putting Lochlyn in the baby swing this month. She was not happy with me at all. She looked very unhappy for the first few minutes, and then full out started crying. I guess we will have to keep trying that one with the hopes that she will like it when she gets older!

One of Lochlyn’s favourite ways to play is removing objects/toys from a container. She is also starting to figure out how to put the objects back in the container after. I can’t wait to she figures this out so she can clean up all the messes she is making! (haha yah right!).

Another new thing this month that Lochlyn is learning is sharing. I wanted to start this one young, so I have been teaching her. When she is holding onto a toy, I will say please, and then take the toy from her. When I have the toy, I will say thank you and get excited. Now most of the time she hands me the toy all on her own. She usually expects me to give it back to her though!


Bedtime: Bedtime went so awesome for Lochlyn this month (it isn’t so awesome now, but technically I am writing this post late, so we won’t go there). She goes down all by herself after nursing and following her bedtime routine. She doesn’t cry, or fuss at all, and she sleeps through the entire night. I would say on average she sleeps about 12 hours. Perfect.

crib sleep

Nap time: I still can’t believe I can write this, but Lochlyn is still falling asleep at nap time on her own! She usually falls asleep within the first few minutes after putting her down. If she hasn’t fallen asleep in 10 minutes, we go into her room, and rub her back or belly for a minute or so to calm her down, and then leave again. She usually doesn’t cry at nap time, but the odd time she does fuss a bit.

Lochlyn has two naps a day. The first one is about two hours after she wakes up, which ends up being around 10:00am. The second one is three hours after she wakes up from her first nap. This varies quite a bit but ends up being around 2 or 3 o’clock in the afternoon. I would say that typically her first nap is around 45 minutes, and her second one is an hour and a half, but it does vary quite a bit.

Nursing and Eating Solids

Nursing: I dropped a feeding this month. Lochlyn now nurses 3 times a day, when she wakes up, around lunchtime, and before she goes to sleep. I am planning to have her weaned right around the one year mark, so I will be dropping another feeding soon.

She was a little upset when she woke up and I didn’t nurse her right away. It has been her routine since she was born, that when she wakes up, I would nurse her and then she would play. I understand how it would be a little confusing for her. She still gets a bit upset when she doesn’t get to breastfeed, but i would say that she is adjusting pretty well. I have been giving her a smoothie right when she wakes up from her second nap instead of nursing. She loves smoothies so this seems to be a good distraction!

purple smoothie face

Besides that, nursing has been going awesome (maybe too awesome?). She is still very interested in it, and nurses very well. She hasn’t been biting at all, and she is starting to get a little bit quicker at it. Stop being so good Lochlyn – you are making it harder for me to wean you off!

I forgot to mention this in Lochlyn’s 10 month update, but I actually stopped taking Domperidone after Christmas. I was on the prescription to help increase my milk supply since Lochlyn wasn’t gaining weight fast enough when she was younger. My doctor recommended i stay on the prescription just to be safe. I stopped taking it as I was planning to wean Lochlyn off soon, and remembering to take it four times a day was annoying for me. I didn’t notice a change in my supply at all after stopping, but this is pretty hard to measure so I am not 100% sure about that.

Solids: I have been blessed with such a good eater. I still have yet to find a food that Lochlyn doesn’t like. She has never even spit anything out. She eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner with her dad or I, and she usually eats the same thing as what we are eating, or a version of it. I am having a harder and harder time keeping track of her new foods. I may leave this section out of next month’s post!

happy eater

New foods this month are:

  • Cornmeal
  • Cucumber
  • Bell Peppers
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Mushrooms
  • Tomatoes
  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Goat Cheese
  • Nutritional yeast
  • Curry
  • Cantaloupe

It is hard to tell what Lochlyn’s favourite foods are. She loves fruit and vegetables. She also loves anything coconut curry! Smoothies continue to be a favourite, and she gets one everyday for her afternoon snack. She also really likes red meat, fish, goat cheese, and soup. She still loves her oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast, and avocado for lunch too, but I am trying to vary her meals more.

happy eater

Favorite Things

Attention! Lochlyn is not shy. She doesn’t understand when people don’t pay attention to her. We went to the eye doctor not long ago, and no one in the waiting room was looking at her. She was starting at everyone and trying to get them to look at her. Silly girl. Besides always being the centre of attention, some of Lochlyn’s other favourites are:

  • Her kitty. Lochlyn loves Eeyore, and I think that Eeyore is starting to love Lochlyn. I can’t keep them away from each other. Eeyore always ends up wherever Lochlyn is playing, even when I try to keep her away. Lochlyn tends to back Eeyore into a corner, and then grabs handfuls of her fur, and smacks her across the face. I would say poor cat, but Eeyore brings it on herself. She won’t stay away! Lochlyn plays in her playpen a lot while I make dinner, and no matter how many times I pick Eeyore up, and get her out of the playpen, she always ends up back in there with Lochlyn!
  • Attempting to pull herself up on everything. As I already mentioned, she doesn’t make it to her feet, but she loves to pull herself up to her knees. She spends playtime mostly going from one thing to the next and pulling herself up to knee height. She then rocks back and forth for awhile and then sits back down. One day you will get it baby!

standing in crib

  • Ears. I have mentioned this quite a few times before, but Lochlyn has an ear obsession. It almost seems like a comfort thing to her when she is sad. I pick her up and she goes right for my ears, and holds on for dear life.
  • The bathroom. Lochlyn loves to play in the bathroom. Everything I leave the door open, she is in there right away. There is so many fun things for her to get into. She loves to pull herself up on the tub and look in. She likes to watch the clothes in the washing machine, and get into the lint from the dryer. The bathroom garbage is all kinds of fun, and did I mention the bathroom cupboard? I always try to keep this door closed for obvious reasons!
  • That brings me to Lochlyn’s next favourite thing. Cupboards. I already talked about this, but she loves to open cupboard doors, and pull everything out. I bought some safety locks, but I haven’t installed them yet. I need to get on that for my own sanity!
  • Waving. I already mentioned this too, but Lochlyn loves waving “hi” and “bye” to everyone. She even waves bye to random strangers when we are doing errands!

jolly jumper wave

  • Favorite toys: This is a tough one. I would say one of her favourites right now is her books. She loves reading and could read the same book over and over again with one of us. She likes to go to her bookshelf and pull all her books off and then sit in the middle of them and read them. It is so cute because some of the books have actions that go along with each of the pages. When she gets to a page with an action (eg. waving goodbye) she will sit and do the action by herself. Aww. Lochlyn also still loves playing with everything that isn’t supposed to be a toy. Her favourites include her hair clips (not allowed to play with these since they are way too small), water bottles, spoons, tampons, tupperware, paper, and pretty much anything you leave lying around on the floor.

playing with tampons



  • Last month I wrote on here that Lochlyn disliked not getting attention. This isn’t a dislike at all, but I wanted to mention somewhere that this is no longer the case. Lochlyn is happy to sit in her playpen by herself and play. I have left her in there for over an hour before while I am cleaning and she doesn’t mind at all! Anyways, back to dislikes …

playpen play


Blurry photo, but so happy!

  • Getting her face cleaned/wiped after eating.
  • Waking up all alone and having to wait for someone to come in to get her.
  • … And that’s it. I really do have such an easygoing baby.

credit card play

Happy 11 months baby girl! You are the biggest blessing to me, and to everyone you meet. I love you and I can’t wait to watch you grow and learn!

The Nothing Box

As I briefly mentioned, last weekend Josh, Lochlyn, and I packed up a million baby things and headed to Calgary. We dropped Lochlyn off at my parent’s house late Friday afternoon and then met up with our friends Sean and Leah for dinner. I unfortunately didn’t take pictures last weekend, but we went to Brewsters and it was pretty good!

After dinner, we headed to a marriage course that we had signed up for a while ago. Sean and Leah had been before and invited us to go with them this time. The course was called “Laugh your Way to a Better Marriage” and I highly recommend it.

It was super entertaining, funny, and I feel like I learned a ton from it. Josh and I actually watched the DVDs from the course when we were engaged, but it is sure different taking the course after you have been married for five years!

wedding frame

One of my favourite things that I learned from the course was…

Men and women think completely differently.

Okay, I realize this is kind of obvious, but the way the course explained it made so much sense to me. The speaker, Mark Gungor, explained that men compartmentalize all of their thoughts into little “boxes”. For example, they have a box for finances, a box for work, a box for the kids, and a box for their significant other, etc. When they think or talk about something they metaphorically go in, take a box off of the shelf, open it, think/talk about it, and when they are done they put it back. They don’t think, or talk about two subjects at once. Each subject has it’s own box. They don’t ever touch. This means men don’t make connections between the different subjects, or jump back and forth between them.

boxes on shelf



Something that was very interesting to me is that men also have a box for nothing. They literally have the ability to think about nothing when they want to. There are actually scientific studies to prove that men have this capability (women don’t). This is especially useful for them when they want to de-stress, or relax. They just pull out their “nothing box” and literally think about nothing. When you see your man staring at the TV/cupboard/wall with a blank look on his face, he is literally thinking about absolutely nothing. Must be nice.

Women think much differently than men (duh!). Our minds can be compared to a mass of jumbled wires. Everything connects to everything. Nothing is separate from anything else. We are constantly thinking non-stop all the time and we definitely don’t have the ability to think about nothing. Our minds are constantly on-the-go, jumping from one subject to the next, and then back again.

tangled wires


When women get stressed out, our minds kick into overdrive, and we need to get those thoughts verbalized in order to relax. Talking helps us figure out what is going on inside our heads. We don’t need a solution, we just need an ear (or a pen and paper!) to hear our thoughts.

Men often mistake our venting as asking for help and they try to offer advice. The only help women really need is someone to listen. Mark Gungor explained that guys never go to other guys with a problem unless they are asking for help. This is why when you go to your guy wanting to talk, he tries to solve your issues for you. So annoying – Am I right ladies?!

I always find it frustrating when I know something is upsetting Josh, but he just sits there and doesn’t say a word. When I ask him what is going on in his head, he tells me nothing. I always think he is lying and that he doesn’t want to talk about it. I also feel like he is shutting me out and I tend to take it personally. I assume that he is upset with me, even if the problem has nothing to do with me. This course recommends just letting men sit there in their nothing box and de-stress. They are actually dealing with their problems!

I guess this explains a lot of communication problems in relationships. When a woman sees that something is bothering her significant other, she immediately starts prying to try to get him to talk. Really, the man just wants to be left alone to “do nothing” until he gets over it. When a man sees that a woman is upset, he gives her space, and tells her to “relax”. Really, this is the last thing that she needs! I guess this explains why guys need other guys friends and girls need other girl friends.

The course encouraged women to give men space and let them be. It also encouraged men to listen to women when they need to talk, without offering solutions to their problems. If Josh and I can get even this one small point from the course, we will be much better off!

wedding kiss

This is only one of many concepts that was discussed at the marriage course we attended. I think that I gained something from each of the six sessions we went to. I was actually planning to talk about some of the other sessions, and what we did for the rest of the weekend, but this post is already getting long.

I would highly recommend the course that we went to. If it is something that you may be interested in, feel free to ask me more questions. You can also check out the website here. If there aren’t any sessions offered in your area, DVD’s of the course are available. Also, this course is super appealing to men. It is hilarious, pokes fun at both genders, and doesn’t condemn at all. Josh loved it!


Have you ever taken a marriage/relationship course? Would you?

Do you agree with the differences to how men and women think?





When Perfect isn’t Best

Welcome back for another round of Intuitive Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by!

intuitive tuesday

As you may know, last weekend Josh and I attended a marriage course. I will share more on it later this week, but one of the things that the course touched on was learning what motivates yourself and your spouse. There were four different motivating factors, or “countries” that each “speak a different language”. I didn’t even have to take the online quiz to what my motivating factor is.


I am always striving to be perfect. I like everything done exactly right. If I know I can’t see a task through to the end, and have it turn out perfect, I probably won’t start. I set high standards for myself, and excellence is important to me. I am a major perfectionist.

Being motivated by perfection, isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it certainly can be. One area that I have learned that perfection doesn’t work, is when it comes to eating, and food.

dark chocolate almonds

In the past, I would strive to eat perfectly all the time. I would find a diet, whether it was counting calories, eating low carb, or whatever, and I would stick to it. I expected perfection from myself, and I told myself I had to eat perfectly according  to whatever diet plan I was on 100% of the time – no exceptions. If I messed up, even with the tiniest bite of something “forbidden” on the diet, that was it. I had failed. I wasn’t perfect. This failure resulted in guilt, which led me to binge eat like a crazy person. While binging I would tell myself that I would start again tomorrow on a new diet plan, and I would follow it absolutely perfectly. This went on for way to long. I wasted way too much of my life trying to eat perfectly, and it got me absolutely nowhere good.

I needed to make a change, so I decided to give up dieting, and find something that would work better for me. This is where intuitive eating came in.

If you have been following my past Intuitive Tuesday posts, you know that I have been following an intuitive eating lifestyle for around seven months now, and I am loving it. It still comes with its challenges though. Lately one of the biggest challenges I’ve had with Intuitive Eating is … perfection.

Intuitive Eating isn’t about being perfect. It is about the opposite. It emphasizes the fact that you can’t eat perfect 100% of the time. Intuitive eaters strive to listen to their body while they eat, making food choices that sound appealing to them, and eating as much as they need to feel satisfied without being overly full. Do I eat like this all of the time? Absolutely not!

soft broken gingerbread

Sometimes I feel like a failure, or a fraud. I am not even close to being perfect at intuitive eating. I still break almost every intuitive eaten guideline every day. The good news though, is that they aren’t rules, they are guidelines. Intuitive eating is a process. You can never be perfect at it, and that is the point.

I have to admit that I still have days where I tell myself that today I am going to eat perfectly intuitively. I am going to write down every thing I eat. I will always be mindful of exactly how my body is feeling, before and after. I won’t eat when I’m not hungry. I will stop before I get too full. I will make healthy choices and stay away from sugar. These statements all sound noble, and good, but in reality, if I ate like this all the time, I wouldn’t be eating intuitively, I would just be on another diet!

Sometimes I question whether or not I am really eating intuitively, but then I look at how far my eating habits have come in the past few months, and I realize that whatever I am doing is working for me. I haven’t binge ate since I started eating intuitively. I just don’t need to. I no longer obsess about food, or what I am going to eat. I have honoured my cravings. I have gained physical strength and endurance. I have enjoyed ice cream with my husband, and Christmas baking with my family. I have been able to use a lot more creativity in the kitchen, now that I don’t have to cook dishes that fit into my past diet restrictions.

I have not followed the process perfectly, or even remotely close to it, yet my results have been great!

If attempting perfection is something you struggle with when it comes to diet, I highly suggest you take a step back and think about why you place such high standards on yourself. It is impossible to have a perfect diet, because no one knows what that would actually look like. Your body has cravings and feels hungry and full for a reason. Learning to listen to it will help you fuel your body the best way possible. The best way possible isn’t always the perfect way!


Any other perfectionists out there? 

Have you ever struggled with trying to have the perfect diet?


February 7th Meal Plan

I slept in majorly today (oops!). Lochlyn hasn’t been sleeping too great at night, so I needed the extra couple of hours. Since I slept in, I don’t have time to type up a long post for today. I did however, forget to publish this week’s meal plan after I typed it up on Friday. Here is the plan for the week (and what was supposed to be Saturday’s post)

mom and baby omelet

I am typing this as I wait for Lochlyn to wake up from her nap, so I can pack for our trip to Calgary this weekend. We are heading out in a few hours to visit with my family and go to a marriage course with some friends. I am excited to get away, and to not work this weekend!

I will share more details about our weekend on Monday (I guess I lied), but I wanted to pop in quickly with this week’s meal plan. I am going to try another round of Anne’s meal plans, that she created for the winter shape-up program. As I mentioned before, I am not participating in the shape-up this year, but I am always up for a free meal plan!

To check out the full meal plan, or the winter shape up, head on over to this page. I have included my version for the week below to keep myself organized and as a point of reference.




Snack Ideas

Lochlyn’s New Foods

  • Kiwi (she tried this on Saturday and loved it!)
  • Raspberries
  • Cheese

Meal Prep

  • Haha just kidding. No meal prep happening this week. We didn’t get back until late Sunday afternoon, and then I had to rush to get groceries and then get some dinner in Lochlyn’s belly!

happy lochlyn eating



Have you ever tried eggs on top of your pasta? Did you like it?

What was the best thing you ate this weekend?