Meal Plan for Oct. 5

Hope you guys are having an awesome and relaxing weekend! This week is a bit different  as far as planning goes. We are heading out of town to celebrate.  On Friday morning we will be flying to Brandon, Manitoba, where Josh’s family lives. We will stay with Josh’s parents a couple of nights, then on Sunday morning we are flying back to Calgary, and spending the rest of the holiday with my family. It is going to be one busy and family-filled weekend! It is also going to be Lochlyn’s first time on a plane. Luckily, the flight is only an hour and a half.

Since we are going to be travelling so much, and eating a lot of big Thanksgiving meals, I didn’t plan as much for the week. This plan is nice and simple since I will also have to worry about packing for our trip. When we travel, I make all of Lochlyn’s food ahead of time and freeze it. This means that I don’t have to worry about making meals while we are visiting with family and relaxing. It is worth it, but it is a lot of work!

shopping with a baby

Here is our meal plan for the week. It has a couple of go-to, easy meals, and a new crock-pot recipe I am excited to try.

Sunday: Tacos/taco salad

Monday: Almond-Encrusted Tilapia, broccoli, quinoa

Tuesday: Crockpot Thai Chicken, with Quick and Easy Peanut Vinaigrette, steamed vegetables, leftover quinoa

Wednesday: Wing it

Thursday: Dinner out (on the way to Calgary)

Friday – Sunday: Out of town

Monday: Wing it/dinner out

frozen baby food peaches

Lochlyn’s New Foods for the Week

Tuesday: Plums/prunes

Friday: Apples

Monday: Pears


Meal Prep

  • Chop veggies for lunches (salads/sandwiches)
  •  Steam and/or bake plums and apricots for baby food (how I do this varies depending on whether fruit is fresh/frozen/dried. I get ideas using this site)
  • Make applesauce for Lochlyn (without added sugar/spice)
  • Make barley cereal  and rice cereal for Lochlyn as freezer stash is getting low


What do you have on the menu for this week?

Any tips for flying with a 6 month old?

Something I am Dreaming About

I have been dreaming of something lately. Dreams are something that we hold so close and  they can be so personal. They are little pieces of ourselves. I am not talking about the dreams that we dream at night in our sleep, but the secret desires of our hearts. (Sorry if that sounds cheesy – I am getting deep here!)

One of the biggest dreams I have ever had, was to be a mom. My husband and I were both told by doctors that it would be extremely difficult for us to be parents. They encouraged us to consider other options, but we wanted to conceive naturally. After a lot of waiting, perseverance and trusting God when it looked impossible, we got our miracle.



One of my favorite scriptures during this time was:

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart”.

Psalms 37:4

Even if you don’t believe in The Bible, just hear me out on this. I think you will still be able to relate. I always thought that the above scripture meant that if we delighted in God, He would give us everything we ever wanted. The thing is, I really want a lot more money, maybe a nicer house and car, some new clothes … well, you get the picture.

I started really thinking about this scripture while we were trying for a baby, and I realized it could also mean that when we delight in the Lord, our hearts’ desires become His desires. We desire the things He desires. I really clung onto this when we were trying to get pregnant. I loved God, and I really, REALLY wanted a baby. Like I wanted a baby more than I wanted a new wardrobe. My heart wanted to be a mom. Maybe He put that desire inside of me. I believed this and I believed He would fulfill it. He is faithful and He did!


There is another scripture that you may be aware of:

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick. But desire fulfilled is the tree of life”.

Proverbs 13:12

I am sure you can relate to this. When we have big dreams that we are hoping and believing for, and they seem to not happen, it straight-up sucks. We feel let down, crushed, and a little part of us dies with them. We let them go, tell ourselves a million reasons why we were dumb for dreaming, and we get on with our life. It is easier to do this than it is to keep believing our dreams will come true when our life looks like the complete opposite.

This is where I am at. I have a dream that looks impossible, but I am choosing not to give up on it, or let it die.

My current dream is to be a stay-at-home mom.


I am on maternity leave until the end of December. As it stands right now, I will have to go back to work for the extra income. We can’t maintain the lifestyle that we are currently living with only my husband’s income.

It looks impossible. My husband’s company has a freeze on raises and bonuses. We have cut back a lot of areas since I have gone on a reduced income and we have decided there aren’t many more areas we are willing to cut back. We want to be able to travel and go on family adventures with Lochlyn. This is going to cost us some money in the future.

I believe that God can give us the desires of our heart, but I also personally believe that sometimes it is up to us to pursue them. I would love to not work at all, but I may need to figure out how to earn an income while being a stay-at-home mom. I am not quite sure what this looks like yet. I am not interested in pyramid marketing schemes, or selling something like Avon or Arbonne. I have nothing against them, this just isn’t what I personally would like to do. I love writing and I would love to write professionally. I have struggled with feeling qualified as a writer as I have only finished half of my degree. This is something I need to get over.


As it stands right now, I can choose to let go of my dream, or I can recognize it and do something about it.

More than anything this post is a challenge to myself to pursue the desires of my heart and have faith that God can make them happen.

Is there anything that you are dreaming about right now?

Have any of your dreams that looked impossible been fulfilled? Tell me I would love to hear your stories!

The Most Delicious Thing I Can Think of Eating

I have had a craving for a cream cheesy dessert for over a week! I have seen so many fall recipes being posted containing pumpkin, pumpkin spice, and CREAM CHEESE! I love cream cheese icing, and I love, love, LOVE, cheesecake.

Since I have been learning to eat intuitively, I have been trying to make a conscious effort to ask myself regularly, “What is the most delicious thing I can think of eating right now?”. To be honest, I don’t ask this question at every meal. I also don’t always eat the most delicious thing I can think of. I do have to take certain things into account. For example, sometimes I end up asking the question “What is the most delicious thing I can think of that uses ingredients I already have at home, or uses up some leftovers in the fridge?”. Sometimes I even have to make the most delicious thing my husband can think of – marriage is about compromise, even if his ideas aren’t as good! (sorry Josh)



Lately, the most delicious thing that I could think of kept coming back to a large slice of homemade pumpkin cheesecake. My birthday was last week, and it helped to fuel the craving. If I could have had any cake I wanted, it would have been pumpkin cheesecake.

The last few trips to the grocery store I made sure to check out the baking section. Homemade cheesecake would have been ideal, but any kind of would do. The store sometimes had cheesecake, but I figured I didn’t really need a whole monster cheesecake to myself. My husband doesn’t really like cheesecake, and I still expect him to judge me for my huge sweet tooth, even though he never does. (His sweet tooth actually rivals mine in size, and mine is pretty big!) Plus, who buys an entire cheesecake for themselves? I could have made one, but who makes an entire cheesecake for themselves? Gah! I was at a loss for what to do about my craving, and I think the real reason why I hadn’t indulged it yet was because I was scared I would binge eat.

So, here is what I did. I tried to fulfill my craving with other sweet foods. I ate dark chocolate, sweet cereal, raisin toast with butter (yum!) and full-fat yogurt with honey. I also made pumpkin oatmeal with cottage cheese stirred in (sounds weird, but with a banana added for sweetness, it was delicious!) None of these worked. I still had a massive craving for cheesecake.


Yesterday I finally broke down. It was a beautiful day outside, and the perfect opportunity to go for walk to the store, and I needed to pick up some fruit for Lochlyn’s baby food. I decided to scope out the baking section at the grocery store while I was there, just to see if they had cheesecake. They didn’t have any, but I told myself I probably wouldn’t have bought it anyways. I headed over to the frozen section to look for frozen peaches for Lochlyn. No frozen peaches, but … frozen cheesecake! It looked perfect. Not pumpkin, but still perfectly delicious. I decided right then and there to buy myself the entire cheesecake. It wasn’t a huge box, but it was still an whole cake.


When Lochlyn and I got home from our walk to the store, I immediately opened the boxed cheesecake and cut out a slice. I ate this while I put Lochlyn down for a nap. That first bite was amazing. It wasn’t pumpkin, it was still frozen, but it was soooo good! After I finished my little slice, I proceeded to cut smaller and smaller slices out of the cake, which I ate while standing up in the kitchen. According to most intuitive eating gurus, and from my personal online research, standing up while eating is not the best idea. I just couldn’t wait any longer, I just had to get that delicious cake in my mouth.


I ended up eating a large reasonably sized amount in total, and then something amazing happened. I stopped eating. I wasn’t necessarily full, but I realized that I didn’t need anymore. I backed away from the cheesecake, and went to fold some laundry. As I was folding the laundry I realized that I actually was full. Also, that my stomach didn’t feel that great from all that cheesecake. I had thought about eating a little bit more before my workout in a couple hours, but I realized I actually didn’t want anymore. Even if I was hungry, it wouldn’t be for cheesecake. Also, eating cheesecake before the gym didn’t seem like the best idea.


I haven’t actually full-on binged in a long time, but guys, I seriously love cheesecake, and I bought myself an entire cake. I thought that would be asking for trouble. In reality, the biggest mistake I made was not buying it sooner.  I could have even made myself the perfect pumpkin spice cheesecake, with rich graham cracker crust, and a little bit of whipped cream, and enjoyed it to my heart’s content!

I think that if I would have allowed myself to buy/make that cheesecake right when I wanted it, I wouldn’t have eaten it standing up while trying to put Lochlyn down for a nap. I probably would have waited until after dinner to eat it – or even better, I would have eaten it for breakfast. Cheesecake for breakfast sounds awesome!  I held off satisfying my craving for so long that when I finally allowed myself to have it, there was no waiting. I should have eaten the cheesecake over a week ago and moved on.


I learned a lot from my whole cheesecake experience. Now, I can enjoy it the next time I want it, sitting down, eating like a normal person. I will probably eat one piece instead of 5 teeny tiny pieces, but if I want 5 teeny tiny pieces, that is ok too. I seriously love cheesecake … it’s just no longer the most delicious thing I can think of eating right now. Craving satisfied – with some cheesecake still left over in the box.

Have you ever been afraid to indulge a craving because you thought you might go overboard?

What is the most delicious thing you can think of eating right now? 

A Typical Tuesday …

So, people always ask me if I am losing my mind by staying home all day. I guess they picture me cooped up inside the house with nothing to do but listen to a baby crying and change diapers. I can understand. Before I had a baby, I thought I would be able to get so much stuff done in the day. I planned to have a perfectly clean house, and to always cook everything from scratch.  I would get my house perfectly organized, while simultaneously finishing my degree. On top of all this I would spend a ton of time playing with my baby and taking her on all kinds of fun outings. I mean I would have 40 hours a week extra that I wasn’t working right? Haha.

I have seen some “day in the life posts” on other mom’s blogs including Tina’s and Ashley’s, and I have enjoyed reading them. I thought it would be fun to do one of a typical Tuesday for Lochlyn and I. This is what our day looked like yesterday…

6:30 am – I wake up to Josh watching a youtube video on his phone. I freak out because I don’t want him to wake Lochlyn up, so I get up, and tell him to be quiet.

6:45 am – I put on some make-up as we are heading out for a bit today. Before I had a baby I spent so much more time on my makeup and was really creative with it. Now it is pretty minimal and almost the same every day.


7:15 am – Make coffee – I don’t drink coffee everyday. I actually stopped altogether when I was pregnant and only recently started drinking decaf. I am too scared to drink much with caffeine since I am still nursing and it can affect breast milk. I really felt like a coffee this morning. While waiting for the coffee to brew, I take some homemade baby food out of the freezer for Lochlyn’s meals for the day.  I also do a quick tidy, and then drink my coffee at the computer while I do some online banking.


8:15 am – I hear Lochlyn waking up so I quickly finish the banking and then go get her and nurse her. Lochlyn is the slowest eater ever when it comes to breast feeding. She takes 35-45 minutes. I always let her eat as long as she wants because she is small for her age, and I want to make sure she is growing enough. While Lochlyn is nursing I read some blogs on my phone.

9:15 am – It’s breakfast time and I am hungry! I make a egg/egg white scramble with zucchini, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes and a ton of feta. I eat while spoon-feeding Lochlyn. She has peas and rice cereal – not really breakfast food but this girl doesn’t care!

unnamed-13 unnamed-14

9:45 am – I get Lochlyn dressed and ready for the day. I also change out of my p.j’s and throw my hair back into a ponytail.

10:00 am – We rush out the door to our weekly mom and baby group. It starts at 10 so we are a little bit late.

10:45 am – We end up having to leave the group early. Lochlyn usually has a nap around 10 or 10:30, and she is fussy and tired.


11:00 am – We get home and I put lochlyn down for her first nap. This involves me carrying her car seat with her in it, and walking around our house until she falls asleep. I turn the vacuum on for some white noise action. I also simultaneously eat some dark chocolate – multitasking!

11:15 am – Once Lochlyn falls asleep I quickly clean the bathroom, tidy our mess from breakfast, and work on the blog.

11:45 am– Lochlyn wakes up. She pretty much always naps for half an hour. I hope that she learns to nap longer soon! I nurse, while I read a book.

12:45 pm – I make a big salad for lunch out of whatever I can find in my fridge. I start with kale and top it with brocolli slaw, cucmber and celery, coconut rice, roast turkey slices, avocado and sunflower seeds. I used olive oil and pink grapefruit balsamic vineagrette as a homemade dressing. Lochlyn and I eat lunch together, and she has sweet potato and avocado. I would say she loves avocado, but this girl loves everything! I can’t figure out what her favorite foods are because she gobbles up everything I give her.

unnamed-15 unnamed-16

1:15 pm – I put a load of laundry in, then Lochlyn and I play on the floor while I assemble some of her cloth diapers. Eeyore joins in and Lochlyn is so happy. She loves that cat. (Our real cat, not the toy!)


2:00 pm – Lochlyn is getting pretty fussy so I put her down for a nap #2. She typically doesn’t last much longer than 2 hours of being awake before she is tired. I put her in the car seat and carry her around again.

2:15 pm – Once she falls asleep I clean up the kitchen from lunch.

2:30 pm – I don’t get too much cleaning done because Lochlyn wakes up. I nurse her while eating a pre-workout snack. Plain yogurt, oats, cinnamon and honey. This is my favorite thing to eat pre-workout, but I need some new ideas! I have this almost every day. I find that if I don’t eat before working out I get pretty shaky before my workout is over.


3:15 pm – I change into gym clothes, and change Lochlyn’s clothes since she spit up on them earlier. I also take the load of laundry out of the washing machine.

3:45 pm – Lochlyn and I leave for the gym.

4:00 pm – I drop Lochlyn off in childcare and then workout. The childcare at my gym is awesome. I like taking Lochlyn later in the day because it is almost empty! There were only three kids there, so she got lots of attention.

I do a HIIT workout on the treadmil that involved 20 sec. of hill sprints followed by 40 sec. of walking at an incline. After the treadmill I do another 20 minutes on the bike, increasing the intensity every 30 seconds until I am at my max. I do a full minute at my maximum intensity and then start back at a easy level and repeat. I love strength training, but sometimes I am all about the cardio. Today I was really feeling it and I had a great workout.

4:45 pm – I pick Lochlyn up from childcare, and we head home. On the way we stop at a health food store to look for millet. I have heard that millet makes good baby cereal, but I have yet to find any. The health food store is a small, local business, and doesn’t stock millet. Oh well!

5:00 pm – We get home and I make a smoothie out of a banana, about half a cup of mixed berries, unflavoured protein powder and almond milk. Smoothies after a workout just never get old for me!


5:15 pm – I drink/eat my smoothie (I like them extra thick) while I nurse Lochlyn. She normally has a nap after the gym, but we are a little behind schedule so I decide to skip her nap and feed her right away.

6:15 pm – It’s Lochlyn’s dinner time. She is having carrots and barley cereal. She prefers to feed herself and always tries to grab the spoon while I am feeding her. This can get really messy! Usually Josh gets home around 5:30 and he feeds her dinner while I shower. Today  he is working late and then he is going to a movie for a friend’s birthday.


6:30 pm – I make myself dinner.  Tofu stirfry with feta cheese. This is a go-to meal of mine when I am only cooking for myself. I plan on posting this super easy recipe so stay tuned! I eat while Lochlyn hangs out with Eeyore in the Jolly Jumper.

unnamed-22 unnamed-21

7:00 pm – I squeeze in a quick shower. Lochlyn hangs out in her rocker chair in the bathroom and cries the whole time. She HATES it when I shower. Eeyore sits outside the bathroom door and also whines the whole time. Showers are a lot less enjoyable around here when Josh isn’t home to keep the baby and cat entertained!

7:15 pm – I brush Lochlyn’s teeth, put her pajamas on, read her a bedtime story and say her prayers. We are trying to establish a bedtime routine with the hopes that it will help her to fall asleep easier at night. I usually aim to start this around 7, but tonight is a bit behind schedule since Josh isn’t home to help.

7:30 pm – I nurse Lochlyn in the dark, trying to be extra quiet so she has the chance to wind down from the day. I used to feed her to sleep, but we are working on her putting her down awake and letting her fall asleep by herself.

8:15 pm – Lochlyn is done eating, I change her diaper, give her some cuddles and put her to bed. She is extra tired and falls alseep right away. Yes!

8:30 pm – I type up this post, while eating a bowl of cereal. I didn’t take a picture because I forgot about the bowl for awhile and it went all soggy and gross looking. Soggy cereal tastes the best!

9:45 pm – Still typing up this post. These day in the life posts are a lot of work! Josh just got home and my cell phone has died with all my pictures on it so I decide to finish the post in the morning.

10:00 pm – I get ready for bed, and read in bed for awhile. Josh and I often read for a bit together before bed.

10:15 pm – Lights out! I go to sleep. I used to always go to bed around 9:00, but now that Lochlyn is sleeping really well I have found myself staying up until 10:00 or 10:30.

Any pre-workout snack ideas for me?

Soggy cereal – yay or nay?

Relearning How to Eat Healthy

Over the past year I have been relearning how to eat. After years of dieting and restrictive eating, I have committed to learn to eat with a healthy mindset, and develop a healthy relationship towards food.

This has involved unlearning all of the rules regarding food that I have picked up through various diets and “healthy eating” restrictions. I have been learning to eat food non-judgementally, without guilt and shame. I am working at getting rid of the voice inside my head that tells me cookies are bad, and kale is good. That eating after 9:00 pm will make me fat, or eating 5 meals a day will make me skinny and happy.

I had been ignoring my body for so long and trying to control what I ate, and it has been really hard to let all of that go. It is crazy how many mindsets we have about different types of food, and how we should eat, without even realizing it. These ideas about food weren’t making me healthy, but unhappy, and obsessive. God has given my body the ability to tell me when I am hungry, and when I am full. I am attempting to eat by these signals.

what we eat

It isn’t what we eat that makes us healthy, but how, and why we eat it.

About five years ago, I got really committed to working out and eating a “healthy” clean diet.  I ate 5 regimented meals a day at set times. I carefully planned and prepared all of my food ahead of time. I wouldn’t let my husband cook anything for me. I needed to control all of the ingredients that went into what I made. I was so obsessed about food. I was stressed in social situations because I was worried that I would have to explain why I wasn’t eating certain things, like birthday cake. I also got anxious if I wasn’t able to eat at designated times.

I remember standing in a circle in a team meeting at work and scarfing down greek yogurt mixed with protein powder while my co-workers watched. I couldn’t have eaten it before the meeting because it wouldn’t have been three hours since the last time I ate. I was so embarrassed, but I felt like I just had to eat at that exact moment, or my whole diet would be ruined. I was so controlled by food! It was all I thought about, and it dictated my actions and the way that I lived me life.

During this time I lost a lot of weight, but I was so far from healthy. My hormones weren’t functioning properly, and I stopped getting my period. On the outside I looked like the picture of perfect health, on the inside I was so unhealthy, and becoming quite unhappy. Since this time in my life, I have had to gain weight so my body would function normally again. I had to quit working out for awhile. Now I am at a healthy weight and am able to exercise. I am trying to figure out what my personal healthy looks like.

I am not eating how I want to yet. I still have a lot of food rules and mindsets that need healing. I have come a long way in the past year, but I still struggle daily with listening to my body’s hunger cues. Sometimes I eat something because I think it would be “good” for me, not because it is something that I want. Other times I eat a lot of a food that I have restricted in the past, like cookies or chocolate, not because I want it, but because it is difficult to stop and realize that I can eat this food whenever I want to. I am realizing I don’t have to go crazy all at once.

birthday sushi

I have noticed a big change since I have stopped dieting and eating restrictively. I no longer feel guilt, or shame for overeating, or eating foods that I wouldn’t have allowed myself in the past. I can recognize my mistakes as areas for improvement, and get on with my life. This has been huge! In the past if I ate something “bad”, this would have triggered a binge, making me feel awful, and leading to more restrictive eating than I was already doing.

Below are a few steps that I have taken in order to heal my relationship with food and have healthier mindsets and eating habits

How I am learning to eat healthy

  • Letting go of the “food” rules that have dictated what I ate in the past
  • Listening to my body for cues about when to eat, what, and how much
  • Enjoying what I am eating, and not thinking about whether it is “bad” or “good”
  • Learning to love my body where it is at, and understanding that looking a certain way won’t make me happier or improve my life
  • Stopping comparing myself to others, and placing expectations on myself
  • Focusing on setting a good example for my daughter and demonstrating how to have a healthy relationship with food to her

How about you? What are some tips that help you eat more healthfully? (Remember I’m not talking about what you eat, but how and why you eat!)

A Family Weekend

Hope you all had a good weekend!

My weekend flew by as usual, but it was mostly a good one.

On Friday I made Josh’s favourite cookies. They were oatmeal chocolate chip, with a few secret ingredients. I will have to post the recipe sometime – it’s a good one! Lochlyn and I drove into Red Deer and visited Josh at work with our special delivery.

oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Friday night was a tough one for us. Josh had to work really late, and Lochlyn and I had the evening to ourselves. Unfortunately, she decided that she wanted to stay up and party rather than sleep. It took her forever to go down! Normally I feed her to sleep at night and she falls asleep right away, but I was up with her until after midnight. Crazy baby. Josh didn’t get home from work until 1 am. We NEVER stay up past 11, (we are getting old! ha!) so it was a tired day on Saturday.

Saturday morning we went to get our hair cut. The rest of the day we hung out at home, had an easy dinner, and put Lochlyn to bed. Then, something amazing happened on Saturday night. Lochlyn fell asleep all by herself in her crib! Usually I have to feed her to sleep, but last night she woke up. We let her cry for a bit and she fell asleep by herself. This never happens! Lochlyn had some happy parents!

josh and lochlyn on couch

On Sunday my parents came up to visit for the day from Calgary. They took me out for a late birthday lunch. I got to choose the restaurant, so of course I chose sushi. It was so good! We went to a newer restaurant in town called Tokio Sushi. It is a big deal for us to have a sushi place, we used to have to drive to Red Deer (about 20 minutes away).

birthday lunch sushi unnamed-2

(It was hard to take good pictures in the restaurant – it was dark in there!)

parents playing with lochlyn

We hung out with my parents for a bit after lunch before they had to leave to drive home.

After dinner, Josh, Lochlyn, and I went to a friends’ house for a quick visit before Lochlyn had to go to bed. We usually go to our friends’ place on Sunday evenings – it’s kind of a thing :) They are really awesome, and they gave us their old Jolly Jumper! Lochlyn was in heaven. I have a feeling she will be spending a lot of time in it from now on.

jolly jumper lochlyn with haven

I have decided to start putting Lochlyn to bed awake and trying to teach her to fall asleep on her own. I thought this would be impossible, but last night I tried, and she fell asleep by herself again! I am hoping that soon we might be able to get a baby sitter for the evening and come home to a sleeping baby.

This week we don’t have anything too exciting planned. Sometimes not having plans is my favourite. It gives me the chance to get back into routine and get the house in order.

 What was the best part about your weekend?

Do you prefer to have a ton of plans, or an open agenda?

Nap Time Drama

Baby Lochlyn has always been an awesome sleeper at night. We have had our fair share of tough weeks (ugh, teething!) but overall she typically sleeps 11 hours without waking up. Nap time, however; is another story. Lochlyn is almost 7 months old, and she never naps for more than half an hour at a time. She usually has 2-3 naps a day. She never falls asleep by herself… ever!

When Lochlyn was a newborn, we had to work so hard to get her to fall asleep. The only thing that would make her happy when she was tired was running the stairs while holding her. I was a tired mama, but I guess I got my workouts in for the day! Running the stairs helped her calm down enough to fall asleep. Josh bought me a wrap style carrier and I would put her in there and run up and down the stairs during nap time. Putting her down in her crib once she fell asleep wasn’t an option, unless you were okay with her waking up and you having to run the stairs all over again. I definitely wasn’t.


After quite a few weeks of stairs, a friend tipped us off on trying to use an exercise ball to put her to sleep. Lochlyn loved the motion of bouncing on an exercise ball. This was a win for me, it was so much easier. I would bounce her on the ball in the baby carrier in a dark room. Once she fell asleep I would watch Netflix while I held her. I watched A LOT of How I Met Your Mother.

newborn wrap

As much as I loved holding and cuddling my baby, it got old for every single nap. Nothing ever got done, and I never got a break. Babies sleep a lot! I soon discovered that I could carry Lochlyn’s car seat around with her in it, and she would fall asleep. This is where we are at right now. For every single nap, I buckle Lochlyn into the car seat and carry it around for about 15 minutes until she falls asleep. Those car seats are heavy! I usually turn on the blender, or the vacuum, as this helps her fall asleep faster. Once she is asleep, I can put the car seat down, and about 70% of the time she will sleep for half an hour without waking up. The other 30% of the time she wakes up and I have to start the whole process again.


Gah! I am getting tired and I would love advice. I have tried putting Lochlyn down awake since she was a newborn, but rather than falling asleep she cries harder and harder until she is so worked up that there is no way she is having a nap. I have tried putting her down before she is tired, when she first starts getting tired, and when she is really tired. I have tried giving her a soother (she doesn’t like it). I have also tried staying with her in the room while she cries, hoping it will soothe her into going down, but it seems to make her more upset. I feel like I have tried everything … white noise, vibrations, a very dark room, swaddling, you name it!

unnamed-6 unnamed-7

Lochlyn is so good-natured. She is the calmest, and happiest baby ever until she gets tired. She is just so stubborn (wonder where she gets that from – me!). She has never slept in the car, or her baby swing. Rocking her to sleep or feeding her to sleep doesn’t work for naps either (I feed her to sleep at night).

Josh and Lochlyn

I am thankful for all the time Lochlyn and I have spent together while I put her to sleep as a newborn, but I think that she may be getting old enough to learn to fall asleep on her own. If you actually made it to the end of my rant I would love some advice!

Moms, how did you teach your baby to fall asleep on their own?

Any advice on staying sane while trying to teach your baby to sleep?

“Stop Feeling Crazy Around Food”

So I have an awesome link to share with you guys today, but before I do, here’s a little recap of my birthday yesterday…


I really enjoyed my day with Lochlyn, even if it wasn’t too out of the ordinary. We started the day off by heading to our mom and baby group. It was the first one I have made it to since it resumed in the fall. It is always great hanging out with other moms and talking everything babies! In the afternoon I got some cleaning done around the house and headed to the gym. Pretty typical.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we decided to order in for dinner. I really didn’t want to cook and to be honest I also didn’t feel like getting ready to go out anywhere. Sometimes ordering in and eating dinner in your p.j.’s is the best. My husband picked up Vietnamese noodle bowls for dinner and pumpkin pie blizzards from Dairy Queen for dessert. In case you were wondering, the pumpkin pie blizzards were pretty delicious! I forgot to snap a picture of mine! Even though it wasn’t too out of the ordinary, I had a great birthday!


“Stop Feeling Crazy Around Food”

And … that’s enough about me. Click above for the link that I promised you!

This link comes from Isabel Foxen Duke. She has a video series that you have to check out. Two of the videos are available now and the third one will be posted tomorrow. I can’t wait! The link takes you to a promotional trailer video which is also great. You can sign up to receive the videos via e-mail. I hate giving my e-mail out just as much as the rest of you, but it is worth it, I promise you.

The first video, “Why Self Control is Not the Answer”, talks about the cycle of restricting and bingeing. Isabel Foxen Duke stresses the importance of fixing our mindsets to end this cycle rather than going on another diet. I completely agree with what she discusses. I know that every time I have gone on a “diet” and restrict what I allow myself to eat, I end up with less control in the long run. This explains why dieters almost always gain back the weight that they lose eventually and end up even crazier around food!

In the second video, “Why People Eat”, Isabel describes binge eating as “a reaction to perceived or real deprivation”. Often we deprive ourselves of certain foods, thinking it is “unhealthy” or will make us gain weight. When we do allow ourselves to have these foods, we don’t fully enjoy them because of our beliefs surrounding them, and we still deprive ourselves of the experience of eating them. This challenged me. I always thought of binge eating as uncontrollable eating, to the point that you are painfully full, and couldn’t possibly eat another bite. I think there must be different kinds of binge eating because I don’t binge the way that I used to, but Isabel’s definition makes me realize that I still sometimes binge eat, by eating foods and feeling guilt for eating them afterwards. This often leads to overeating these “shameful foods”. Don’t restrict your food people!

Sweaty selfie after the gym yesterday!

(sweaty selfie after the gym yesterday)

I am excited to hear Isabel’s last video in the series, but I feel like I have so many questions for her regarding food and our relationship to it. She has a conference call this Saturday that I won’t be able to participate in, but I encourage you guys to listen if this is something that interests you, and fill me in!

Also, please note that this post isn’t endorsed by Isabel Foxen Duke, I just loved the video series and believe watching it could benefit you. You can also check out her blog at

Did you check out the video series? If so what did you think? 

Do you prefer low key birthdays, or partying it up?

So, It’s My Birthday!

Happy birthday to me! I turn 28 today, which sounds a lot older than I feel, but I guess birthdays always feel that way. So far I have nothing exciting planned for the day. I need to make a trip to the library because my books will be overdue. I plan on making my usual visit to the gym. I may or may not attend the mom and baby group that I typically go to on Tuesdays. The only thing special that I have planned is that I don’t want to cook dinner! I think it will probably be a take-out kinda night.


In celebration of my special day, I thought I would write my very first ever blog post. I have been thinking about what I want my first post to be about for awhile. I wanted it to be epic and amazing. Something that I might reference back to. Something to get me started on the right foot. I wanted it to be something that would represent the direction that I want my blog to take. I have so many ideas that I want to share, but I don’t know where to start. I guess I will start with a basic post to introduce the blog to you! (Not very epic).

For anyone reading, first off I want to say welcome to HonestlyAngela! You can learn more about me here, and about this blog here

Some topics that you will see on this blog are:

  • My family life and motherhood
  • Spirituality discussions
  • Work-outs and other fitness topics
  • Meal ideas, recipe reviews, and maybe even some recipe creations
  • Eating issues and my journey with intuitive eating
  • Positive body image
  • How I overcame Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

Some things that you won’t see on this blog are:

  • Judgemental statements about others
  • Posts that encourage dieting or any type of food restriction

I believe that my honesty is what will make this blog different. I don’t want to portray myself as an expert, or as someone who has their life together in any of these areas. I plan to discuss these areas because this is where I want to grow personally.

Thank you for taking the time to check HonestlyAngela out! Hope you stop in again soon!

Which of the above topics most interests you?

How did you find out about this blog?