These posts go a little deeper into my past than I usually share. This blog is all about being honest, so I tried to share with you about all of the important parts of my life that have  affected who I am today. This isn’t a sob story, but a story full of victory, and hope. It has made me, me and because of that, I love it!

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This series tells the story about my past messed-up relationship with food and exercise, and how I am working at healing it. I also share about my experience with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA). I haven’t shared this with anyone before, except for my husband, but it has been surprisingly easy to write. Please proceed with caution, in these posts I do mention a couple of numbers (I mostly try not to), talk about unhealthy eating habits, and post the odd picture. If you think any of this might be triggering to you, please skip reading them! I wrote these pages to be encouraging! Much love!

Part 1: Where it All Started

Part 2: Exercising Obsessively

Part 3: Not Getting Your Period is Normal?

Part 4: Letting Go

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