My goal for HonestlyAngela is that it would be an honest and accurate depiction of me. The Internet, and healthy living blogs in particular, provide a platform for us to become anyone that we want to be. We can write about anything, share pictures of only our best and most beautiful moments, and cover up all the blemishes and unwanted aspects of ourselves. HonestlyAngela is a picture of my life, including both my struggles and successes. I hope that it is encouraging, relatable, and … honest! 


This blog will share my fitness journey, with a focus on a balanced approach to exercise. My current workout of choice is strength training at the gym, but you will also see some cardio and outdoor workouts thrown in the mix! I love lifting weights because I love the feeling of strength that it gives me. It reminds me to focus on being healthy and strong, rather than on being skinny. It also gives me the opportunity to regularly switch up my workouts. I find I need a lot of variety to keep from getting bored at the gym.

You will also see recipes and a lot of talk about food and nutrition on the blog. My personal goal is to set an example for my daughter and have the healthy relationship with food that I would like her to have. I attempt to eat balanced, and try to choose whole foods the majority of the time. I also believe in no food being off-limits. If I really want a slice of cheesecake, I can have it! You won’t see any “diets” on this blog. I have participated in so many diets, and restricted eating regimens in the past, and have concluded that this approach doesn’t work for me. Also, I don’t want my little girl to feel that she has to diet in order to be beautiful, and healthy. This is something that I believe so strongly for her, and I am working on believing it for myself as well.


I am not a personal trainer, I am not a dietician, and I am not a Martha Stewart home maker. I am a fitness newbie, who is trying to eat healthy and be the best wife and mom I can be, while accepting that I can’t be perfect. I am still and always will be learning! I hope you enjoy reading cuz it’s about to get real up in here!