So I haven’t shared a meal plan on the blog for awhile, and I wanted to get back to it. My meal planning has changed a little bit. I have been creating two plans a week instead of one, and grocery shopping twice. I decided to switch up the way I meal plan as I was finding that some of the produce I was buying was going bad. Also, we would end up not always making what I planned and would have too much food.

We have been tightening up the budget lately, and groceries was one of the major things we chose to cut back on. I have heard that doing groceries multiple days a week can lead to spending more money, but it has been working for us. My goal is to spend $50/grocery trip, or $100/week. We also do a big Costco trip once a month where we aim to spend no more than $300. We buy most of our meat from Costco.

Speaking of meat, you may notice that this week’s meal plan is fairly meatless. Lochlyn isn’t a fan of eating meat at the moment, and I have never particularly enjoyed it, so we have decided to make more vegetarian options. Josh is still a carnivore, so dinners have meat added to keep him happy.


Here is Monday-Friday’s meal plan – recipes courtesy of Oh She Glows!





Grocery List

  • Bananas (a lot) – $4.04
  • Lemons (2) – $1.54
  • Lime – $0.33
  • Pineapple – $2.97
  • Avocado (2) – $1.94
  • Carrots – $2.27
  • Cucumber – $1.00
  • Cauliflower – $4.47
  • Lettuce – $1.47
  • Bell peppers (3) – $3.47
  • Spinach – $2.77
  • Yellow onion – $0.87
  • Sweet potato – $2.72
  • Russet potato – $0.49
  • Chickpeas – $0.97
  • Crackers (for Josh) – $2.48
  • Tofu (2) – $3.94
  • Chocolate milk (for Josh) – $5.85

Total: $43.92

I realize this list doesn’t include everything needed to make these recipes. We already had quite a few ingredients on hand, and I also made some substitutions to save a little cash.

I’ll be posting another meal plan this weekend.

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