So, we packed up all our belongings last weekend. We aren’t moving. We just wanted to. It sounds crazy and I think it probably is, but I am excited to see what is going to happen next. We did this because we want get rid of some of our stuff, hopefully a lot of our stuff. We packed up everything we own, and we are leaving it in boxes for now, and only taking out items as we need them. We got this idea from The Minimalists 21 Day Journey into Minimalism.

So far I would have to say that our house is a mess. There are boxes everywhere. It is a lot of work to find an item as you are constantly rearranging boxes trying to find what you are looking for, and can be really frustrating. Having a busy toddler that is just learning how to climb doesn’t help the situation. Not to mention, packing everything up was a ton of work. I seriously can’t believe how much stuff we have. I thought packing would be fun, and it kind of was, but Josh and I also felt a little bit anxious, and questioned what we were getting in to as the packing day progressed.

Yesterday, I cleaned the house up a bit, and I do have to say that the areas that don’t have the boxes are so much easier to clean without all the extra clutter. Also, I don’t find myself constantly picking things up like I used to, as there isn’t really much to tidy since almost all our belongings are packed away.

I definitely don’t regret our decision to do this, but I think it is going to take longer than we thought to get rid of everything. Our house is going to be in quite the disarray for a while longer. Josh is slowly going crazy with all the boxes, but I am enjoying the empty cupboards and drawers, and clutter-free counter tops despite the mess in my living room … and kitchen, and basement, and backyard.

packing party

I am really curious to see where this journey takes us, and I plan to update regularly to keep a record of our progress.

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