In my last post I shared about my decision to start the 21 Day Journey to Minimalism, courtesy of The Minimalists blog.

Josh and I’s journey will not be 21 days. We have decided to take more time on certain steps, and we needed to rearrange it a bit to fit our schedule.

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Last week we decided to work on “Day 1” of the journey. This involved creating personal “Must Lists”.

If this is something you are interested in, I would highly recommend you check out The Minimalists to get more information. In short, to me, a must list is a list of things that you consider non-negotiable for you life. Things that aren’t an option for you to go without.

Personal “musts” are the things that no matter what happens, or what direction you life decides to take, you adhere to them. They should also be the things that guide your decisions and actions day-to-day, as they are the most important things in your life.

I have already noticed that having a “must list” has reminded me of what is truly a priority, and changed with I choose to spend time and energy on.

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Josh also created a Must List. We have hung both our lists up on a mirror in our bedroom, so we are able to read them whenever we choose.

I expect my list to evolve over time, as my priorities and life changes, and it is something that I plan to review regularly. At present, here is what my list looks like …

My Must List

  1. I must consistently seek to depend my relationship with God
  2. I must make time to take care of myself daily – spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally
  3. I must constantly seek to improve my relationship with my husband
  4. I must spend time with Lochlyn and make her feel loved every day that I am with her
  5. I must seek new friendships and nurture current ones
  6. I must create and maintain a pleasant household for my family
  7. I must nurture my creativity
  8. I must be aware of time-wasting, or unproductive activities and limit them
  9. I must nurture and encourage Lochlyn’s relationship with Jesus
  10. I must get outside and enjoy nature
  11. I must make travelling and vacations a priority
  12. I must steward my finances wisely
  13. I must encourage Josh in his relationship with Jesus
  14. I must develop and maintain a healthy body image, and a healthy relationship with food

This week we are working on Day Two of the 21 Day Journey. I am actually finding this step even harder than Day One. I will be sharing my thoughts!

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