Wow it’s been a long time. I didn’t actually mean to quit blogging, but it just kind of happened. Lately I have been really missing it. It’s interesting that I started this blog when Lochlyn was a baby, and now I have baby number two at home, and I feel like I need this creative outlet again. Oh, by the way, I had another baby! I don’t think I have blogged since before I was pregnant. I have so much to update here.

The main reason that I want to blog again is because I have really started to focus on my eating habits. For awhile there I didn’t really think a whole lot about food, or weight, or whatever. Maybe that was partially why I stopped blogging. Lately, it has been a bit of an issue for me, and I am giving my relationship with food some more attention. It is most likely because I am learning to love and be comfortable with this post-baby body of mine.

Before I get into my relationship with food, or my body, or just life in general -I need to back up a bit, actually a whole lot. I think it will be best to start fresh, like this is the beginning of Honestly Angela all over again. This will make it so much easier, as my life has changed a lot.

Basically, I am here to say¬†welcome to Honestly Angela. If you’ve been here before, thanks for checking back in, and if you’re new, thanks for stopping by. Oh, and if there is no one here reading this, that is great too. More than anything this blog is therapy for me, and a way to track my memories as a new mom. Well, here it goes!

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