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Teaching a Toddler to Eat Intuitively

Welcome back to Intuitive Tuesday, thank you for following along with this little series!

intuitive tuesday

I mentioned last week that I wanted to chat about Lochlyn, and more specifically, teaching your little ones to eat intuitively.

This topic came up as I found myself starting to care more about Lochlyn’s weight. My little baby is not so little anymore. At one point Lochlyn was very small for her age. Not only was she small, but she wasn’t growing as quickly as her doctor would have liked. Between 0 and 5 months, Lochlyn was actually steadily dropping on the growth charts. At five months old was sitting around the 4th percentile. This was a bit worrisome as she was somewhere around the 85th percentile when she was born (she weighed 8 pounds).

4 months old


Four months old

I started feeding Lochlyn solid foods a bit early as per my doctor’s recommendations. I focused on feeding her calorie dense foods. I praised her for eating a lot, and encouraged her to eat everything I made for her. She grew like crazy.

nine months


Nine months old

Eventually I stopped focusing on feeding Lochlyn calorie dense foods, but I still try to feed her balanced meals. I don’t encourage her to clear her plate, but she often does by throwing whatever she doesn’t want to eat on the floor! I wish that I didn’t worry so much about Lochlyn gaining weight when she was younger, or trying to get her to eat as much as possible. I guess I learned my lesson and I will remember it for the future.

twelve months

12 months old

In the past 9 months Lochlyn has gone from the 4th percentile to the 98th percentile. This has been so hard with clothes – I feel like she only wears an outfit a couple times before she grows out of it! It also made me stop to consider her eating habits. This has also been hard for me. I know Lochlyn is healthy, and happy, but I was worried about how heavy she was. I constantly have to remind myself that weight isn’t the issue, as much as eating habits. I also have to remind myself that I weighed 30 pounds at one year old, and 33 pounds at 2 years old. Her body will regulate itself.

fifteen months

Lochlyn today

Anyways, last week I decided I needed to pay more attention to how Lochlyn was eating, and how I was feeding her. I very quickly realized that I wasn’t encouraging her to eat intuitively. Without intending to, I was limiting certain foods, and trying to get her to eat more “nutritious” food, even if she didn’t want to.

For example, my sweet little girl absolutely loves bananas. We always have a bowl of bananas sitting on our counter, and often at meal time, she is more interested in the bowl of bananas, than what I have prepared for her. I have always allowed her to eat bananas, but I would stop her at one banana a day. I usually wouldn’t offer her a banana until after she finished her meal. Sounds like typical parenting, but this doesn’t really equate to intuitive eating…

I noticed I was doing this with other types of food as well. I would allow Lochlyn to eat anything that she wanted, but I would ration it. I wasn’t starving her, I would just try to get her to eat other foods instead of the food that she really wanted. If she didn’t show an interest in a more “nutritious” type of food, I would feed it to her myself on and spoon, and force her to at least taste it.

Lochlyn is not a picky eater, she eats everything. The only food she doesn’t like is salmon (weirdo). Sometimes she just prefers one type of food to another.

funny cake picture

Last week I made the decision to start encouraging Lochlyn to eat intuitively. I decided that the best way to do this would be to offer Lochlyn a few different types of foods at meal time, and allow her to choose what she would like to eat, and how much of it she wanted. The first meal I tried this with was breakfast. I offered her peanut butter toast, plain yogurt, and banana slices. Of course, Lochlyn immediately pointed at the bananas, indicating that she wanted them. I allowed her to eat a full banana. Once it was gone, she pointed at the bowl of bananas on the counter. I sliced up another one, and offered it to her. She ate the entire thing, and then again, pointed at the bowl. I offered her another one, and she proceeded to eat the entire thing. She then ate some of her toast and yogurt, and was satisfied.

Since this meal, I have been offering her bananas a couple times a day, and I have found that her interest in them is starting to dwindle. Her three bananas went down to two, and then one. Last night, she was satisfied after eating only half of a banana.

I realized that because I wasn’t allowing Lochlyn to eat as much banana as she wanted, she would eat every last bite every time I offered it to her. This also went for other foods, like cheese, avocado, and other types of fruit. After only a week of allowing Lochlyn to eat freely I have noticed a big difference. She no longer eats every single bite of her favourite foods. She is satisfied with less.

I do want to point out that the reason why I am encouraging Lochlyn to eat intuitively isn’t so that she will eat less. I am okay with Lochlyn’s weight, and that she is growing so quickly. I have a big, beautiful, healthy baby, and that is awesome! My concern is that I want her to have a healthy relationship with food. I don’t want to teach her to restrict food from an early age, or that food needs to be rationed. I don’t want to pass any of my disordered eating habits on to her.

Sometimes this isn’t easy. I actually think feeding your children intuitively can be harder than learning to eat that way yourself. It isn’t harder for kids to learn, but harder for parents to give up the control, and allow their kids to make their own decisions. It seems wrong to allow a very chubby toddler to eat whatever they want to, but I believe that limiting food intake causes some serious problems.

bikini babe

I have so much more to say about this subject, but I think I will save it for another day. Next week I plan to talk about more practical steps to take to teach your little one to eat intuitively. I would love to hear your advice in the comments too!


What are your biggest challenges with teaching your child to eat intuitively? What are your favourite tips?

Anyone else deal with weight issues with their baby/kids?


Lochlyn’s Birthday Weekend

We had such a great weekend celebrating Lochlyn’s birthday, but I am so tired! This time change is not my favourite. We set our clocks forward one hour yesterday. That means that 6:00 AM becomes 5:00 AM. It also means that today I decided to sleep in for an extra hour. I am hoping that Lochlyn follows suit.

I took the weekend off from work for Lochlyn’s first birthday. Even though she turned one on Thursday, we decided to celebrate with friends and family on the weekend. We had a great time and I think that Lochlyn did too! Unfortunately, I didn’t take very many pictures and I am relying on my parents to send me theirs. I will share what I have, and you may see more once I get them.

lochlyn playing on floor

Friday night involved groceries, tidying up the house, and an early bed time for all of us. On Saturday morning I got up bright and early and got ready before Lochlyn was awake. Once she woke up, I got started on a big birthday cake, and a little vanilla smash cake for her. They turned out really great. it was also ambitious of me to make both cakes the day of her little party!

After Lochlyn’s first nap on Saturday, Josh and I took her into Red Deer to go to the wave pool. She loved watching all the bigger kids playing, and wanted to join in! She also liked floating down the lazy fiver and splashing in the shallow end of the pool. We haven’t taken her swimming for a long time, and it was a lot of fun!

yellow bikini

I didn’t take my camera into the pool, but here is a shot from the change room! I had to show off her little bikini

After the pool, we came home and put Lochlyn down for her second nap. Then it was a mad rush to tidy up the house and get it ready before my parents, and some friends of ours came over to celebrate. It wasn’t a big party, but it was perfect for us. We hung out and watched the kids play for a bit, and then it was time for cake!

ready for cake

It took Lochlyn a few minutes to get into it, but she loved her cake! I haven’t given her any sweet treats up to this point, so it was all new for her. The cake ended up all over her, and a good portion went into her mouth as well. I am glad I didn’t plan this right before bed, because I don’t think she could have slept with all that sugar!

funny cake picture

After cake Lochlyn opened some presents, and all the kids played with them. She got lots of books and shoes, which I was excited about. She also got some interesting toys and a really beautiful dress. She is such a lucky girl!

driving to pool

After our friends left, my parents and Josh and I ordered in take out from the Thai restaurant in town. I didn’t get any pictures, but it was really good. I love Thai food.

After dinner, we put Lochlyn down for the night and then Josh and I decided to take advantage of free babysitting since my parents were staying over, and went to a movie. I am not a night person, and the movie didn’t start until almost 10:00. This is super late for me. We watched Focus, and I wasn’t into it at all. I ended up sleeping through a good chunk of it. I would rather sleep then watch a bad movie, even if it is in the theatre.

We all slept in on Sunday morning, and then I had plans to go for a run. It was supposed to be a 5k race weekend for me, but there weren’t any races going on nearby (except for a half marathon), so I opted to run alone. I did try to keep my pace up as much as I could, and ended up finishing 5k in 27:44. I was happy with this speed, since my run felt HARD! I was expecting it to be easy, since I have been running 10K for my longer weekend runs the past couple of weeks. I think eating so much junk food on Saturday had something to do with it. I guess birthday cake icing isn’t the best running fuel. Staying up late on Saturday night probably didn’t help either. Lesson learned I guess.

I ended up with sniffles and couldn’t stop sneezing on Sunday evening and I am still sniffling as I type this up today. I am really hoping I am not getting a cold, but I guess that could have contributed to my hard run on Sunday too.

After my run, I came home and got ready, then we all had lunch and headed outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. We took Lochlyn to play at a nearby park, and then walked down to the lake before it was nap time for the little one. She started to get fussy so we headed home, put her down, and said good bye to my parents.

playing on swing


Poor Lochlyn had the sun in her eyes!

The rest of Sunday involved lots of relaxing, and a super early bed time. I guess one thing that is nice about the time change is I can go to bed at what used to be 8:00, and it is actually 9:00 (does that make sense?). I am definitely planning to go to bed early again tonight. I love sleeping.

Lochlyn had such a perfect birthday weekend. I am so thankful that we have such great friends and family to share it with. She is definitely a loved little girl!


What was the highlight of your weekend?

Are you a night person or a morning person?

Birthday Fun and Meal Plan

I have next week’s meal plan to share with you guys, but before I do, I wanted to fill you in on our day yesterday.

It was Lochlyn’s first birthday, and I was so excited. We have plans to celebrate this weekend, but I still wanted to make her actual birthday special for her. It was actually pretty difficult to come up with fun things to do with her. There isn’t a ton of places around here that a one-year-old would enjoy. We live in a smaller town, and the closest city isn’t the most cultural, so our options were limited.

I woke up way before the sun did, and got my run in before Josh went to work. I wanted to have the whole day free to spend with my little one. Once she woke up, we had big bowls of oatmeal for breakfast, then hopped in the shower before it was nap time. I typed up Lochlyn’s 12 month update while she napped, and then it was time to have some fun!

birthday oatmeal

We headed into Red Deer to check out an indoor playground/coffee shop called Cafe ‘o Play. It is a play area for kids aged 0-6, with tables lots of chairs surrounding it to eat, or sit and chat and have a coffee. Josh met us on his lunch break too, and Lochlyn was so happy to see him. Lochlyn and I had paninis and I also ordered a coffee. After lunch we played up a storm. I think Lochlyn had a lot of fun. I know I had fun playing with her!

cafe o play with dad

I accidentally left my phone in the car, so I had to borrow Josh’s to take photos. When he left I had no idea what time it was. We stayed a played for awhile longer, and then I felt like we had to get going because we had a couple more stops before nap time.

cafe o play truck

I ran into The Running Room quickly to pick up some fuel for some longer runs I have coming up. I ended up going with GU, since it seems to be the most popular and I have heard good things about it. Also, it is the fuel being offered at my race, although I am thinking I will probably bring my own.

After the Running Room, Lochlyn and I visited the pet store. I wanted to take her to a petting zoo this weekend, but there is nothing open around here until May at the earliest. It is way too cold for animals I guess. The petstore seemed like the next best option. Lochlyn was of course infatuated with the cats. I was disappointed they didn’t have any kittens, but we spent a good amount of time watching older cats laze about, and Lochlyn was thrilled. She couldn’t stop waving at them, and saying “kitty” and smiling. Silly girl loves her kitties.

lochlyn at pet store


The birds weren’t quite as interesting

I wanted to check out a different pet store to see if we could find kittens to play with, but I ended up getting a bit lost on the way. I am horrible with directions so this isn’t surprising, or frustrating for me since it happens regularly. Lochlyn started fussing and I realized that it was almost nap time, so I made the decision to head home instead of trying to find it. We can always go another day!

Lochlyn made it home without any tears, and then had a super long nap. When she woke up she had her usual smoothie, and then played in her playpen while I made dinner. Eeyore got in a lot of trouble because she scratched Lochlyn’s face while they were playing. She spent some time in her kennel after that one.


Super blurry photo, but you can see where Eeyore scratched her 

After dinner, Lochlyn opened her present from us, and then we skyped with Josh’s parents and opened her present from them. Before we knew it, it was time for bed, and Lochlyn crashed hard. It was  a busy day for her!

birthday present present

On the agenda today is hitting up the gym, and the dollar store, and then making birthday cake! I can’t wait to celebrate with friends and family this weekend!

On a completely different note, here is what is on the menu for this week…

Breakfast Ideas

Lunch Ideas

Dinner Ideas

Smash Cake: DIY Smash Cake

Birthday Cake: Vanilla Birthday Cake with Old-Fashioned Vanilla Buttercream

Snack Ideas

  • I  need to re-make some dark chocolate no-bake cookies so I can share the recipe with you. Josh and I kind of ate them all before I could get some good pictures. They are that good!

Also, stayed tuned, because I am planning to announce the Beauty in Christ giveaway winner early next week. If you haven’t entered yet, you can do so here.


 Is declawing your cats as inhumane as I hear it is? Eeyore won’t stop scratching Lochlyn!

Homemade of store-bought birthday cake? I usually end up making pie because it is Josh’s favourite. He is still trying to convince me to make Lochlyn a birthday pie, but it isn’t going to happen!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Happy Birthday Lochlyn! I can’t believe that it was only a year ago that you were born into this world, it feels like you have been a part of my life forever. At the same time, I can’t believe how fast you have grown and changed.

lochlyn blue eyes

This year has been the best year of my life. You make me so happy and I love loving you so much. You are such a joy and a blessing and you truly are my little miracle baby. I am so thankful that I have had the privilege to be your mom, and I can’t wait to watch you grow and experience the world.

playing in the snow 20150223_164432

Here is a look at what you are like at 12 months old:


Weight: I will have to update this after Lochlyn’s Dr.’s appointment next week, but my best guess is that Lochlyn weighs just over 21 pounds. She was weighed a couple weeks ago at a doctor’s appointment, so I have a pretty good idea.

Length: This one I have no idea. I think she is a bit on the shorter and chubbier side. I am curious where she falls on the percentile chart.

Clothing: She is almost exclusively in 12 month clothing. She has a few 6-12 month items that fit too. This girl has been growing out of her clothes like crazy.

naked in crib


As you know, I am the queen of nicknames. I am surprised how many have stuck since she was a newborn. Lately, Lochlyn is usually referred to as one of the following:

  • Baby
  • Princess
  • Lochlie, Lochlie Broccoli, Lochlie Broccoli Boo, Broccoli, Brocklyn, Brockie – you get the idea
  • Chubberz
  • Lochie
  • Josh calls her “Little Girl” (no change here!)

valentines pooh


Most of these words Lochlyn has been saying for a couple months, but she has learned a couple new ones this month.

  • Dad/Dada
  • Mom/Mama
  • Hi
  • Bye (this is her favourite!)
  • Kitty (pronounced “k” “t” – she makes the “k” sound and then the “t” sound”)
  • Uh-oh (new!)
  • Done (new!)

lochlyn no pictures

New this Month

Lochlyn has finally learned how to pull herself up to standing! She has been trying to get it for quite awhile, and I think it’s safe to say this skill has been mastered. Her favourite way to play is to wander around and find things to pull herself up on. After she pulls herself up, she tries to get our attention. We will smile and clap and she gets so happy!

standing wave

Lochlyn is also now climbing the stairs … at least she has climbed up one the bottom one a couple times. I think she will be all over this within a couple days when she really “gets it”. Time to get another baby gate!

stair climbing

Although Lochlyn has been sick in the past, this month was the first months she was sick with more than just a cold. She had a really bad cough for about a week, so I took her in to see the doctor. She ended up being diagnosed with Pneumonia. It sounds a lot scarier than it was. Lochlyn is a tough little girl, and she was still eating and sleeping like a champ, and was pretty close to being her normal self. She was prescribed some antibiotics, and recovered within a week. She absolutely loved her taking her medicine!

At the beginning of February, Josh and I took a marriage course in Calgary. We stayed at my parent’s house, and they babysat Lochlyn. It was the first time that anyone put Lochlyn to sleep at night besides Josh or I, and it was the first time I wasn’t there when Lochlyn woke up in the morning. This was probably a bigger deal for me than it was for Lochlyn. She did really well, and she loves her grandparents!

I am noticing more and more how much Lochlyn mimics me. she has started shaking her head a ton, as if to say “no”. Funnily enough, shaking her head doesn’t mean “no” to her. I couldn’t figure out why she was doing it at first, so I started paying attention to see if I shook my head a lot. I do. I shake my head to nuzzle her while we are cuddly, I shake my head while talking baby talk, and I do it while giving her eskimo kisses. I think Lochlyn shakes her head to copy me, and does it in an affectionate sort of way. Whenever I am holding her and she wants a cuddle, she presses her head into me and shakes it. So funny!

mom and baby kisses

Lochlyn has known how to make a mess for quite awhile, but she is now learning how to put things back in their proper spots. She loves pulling all of her books off of her bookshelf, and now I have caught her trying to put the them back. This makes me happy – maybe I can teach her to clean up after herself (haha yah right!). Another thing she does is take her sippy cup off of her shelf, take a sip, and then put it back. I think she takes a sip just so she can put it back after!

Another new skill that I am loving, is that Lochlyn has figured out how to tell us when she is thirsty or hungry (without crying!). She smacks her lips together when she wants to eat or drink. It is too cute, and lets me know I better feed her, or give her a drink ASAP. Since I have been weaning her off of breastfeeding, I have been worried that she might not be getting enough liquids. I love that she can tell me when she is thirsty now.

time to eat

I bought Lochlyn a shape sorter toy for Valentine’s Day a few weeks ago. When I bought it she had no idea how to put the shapes through the matching slots on the lid. Now she can put the triangle, circle, and square each through it’s matching shape. Sometimes she does need me to point out which slot each shape goes in though. It is crazy to see how much babies can learn in a matter of weeks!

Peekaboo! Last month Lochlyn was playing peekaboo by putting her hands on her head instead of over her eyes. I am happy to say she has finally mastered covering up her eyes to play. Sometimes she forgets though and covers her head instead.

walk with dad


Bedtime: I am so blessed. This little girl knows how to sleep! She usually sleeps just under 12 hours a night. Before bed I have been giving her some milk in a sippy cup, and she guzzles that right down. Afterwards, I put her pyjamas and sleep sack on (I feed her the milk naked so she doesn’t get milk all over her clothes) breastfeed her, change her diaper, brush her teeth, read a story, cuddle and say bedtime prayers, and then lay her down in her crib and rub her back for a minute or so. This seems like a long process, but she falls asleep within a matter of minutes after I lay her down, so it is totally worth it!

We did go through a rough patch with sleep this month. When Lochlyn started antibiotics for her pneumonia, she stopped sleeping well. We ended up having to rub her back until she was in a deep sleep. She also woke up at night a few times, which is hard when you aren’t used to it! I ended up bringing her to bed with me twice, and we got some good cuddle time in. I liked having her close to me when she was sick and up coughing so much.

Nap time: I don’t know when Lochlyn napping on her own  will stop feeling like a miracle. she learned to fall asleep by herself at nap time a few months ago, and it has been amazing for me! I follow a nap time routine very similar to her bedtime routine, without the milk or nursing. I lay her down in her crib nd she usually falls asleep within 10minutes. If she is still awake at the 10 minute mark, I will go in and check on her, rub her back, and leave. She rarely ever misses a nap, or cries much when I put her in her crib. Not trying to brag, or make other mom’s feel bad. I know what nap time drama is like – I have had my fair share!

Lochlyn naps twice a day. Her first nap is about two hours after she first wakes up in the morning. Her second nap is around 3 hours after she wakes up from her first nap. She usually ends up napping around 10:00 and 2:30 give or take half an hour. Her naps last anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours (told you – it’s a miracle!).

playing in crib

Nursing and Eating Solids

Nursing: I am a little sad (but mostly happy) to say that Lochlyn is almost fully weaned from nursing. She is down to one feeding at night before bed, and I am planning to drop that one in about a week. I haven’t been able to pump fora few months now, and it has made breastfeeding a bit of a challenge. I haven’t been able to leave Lochlyn with a babysitter for more than a couple hours at a time. I can’t wait until she is done breastfeeding and Josh and I can go away for a weekend! I know it will be hard for me to leave Lochlyn, but it will be so good for Josh and I too.

When I decided to wean Lochlyn, I was breastfeeding four times a day. I usually ended up nursing around 8:00 AM, 11:30 AM, 4:00 PM, and 7:30 PM. I started by dropping the 4:00 feeding, and then after 10 days, I dropped the 11:30 feeding. After two weeks I dropped the morning feeding, and that is where we are at right now. I am hoping that my milk supply will dwindle and dropping the night feeding will be easy. I am not sure that it will be though! Lochlyn still really likes nursing and I am going to miss all the cuddles.

angela lochlyn fireworks

Solids: Lochlie Broccoli loves her food. As you can tell by her growing belly, we don’t have any problems getting her to eat, and that makes me so happy! Lochlyn eats three meals a day, and a late afternoon smoothie. She doesn’t snack at all, but she sure makes up for it with her huge meals. Breakfast is her favourite, and she often has a bigger breakfast than Josh. I usually feed her eggs or oatmeal for breakfast, and she often has an adult-sized serving. Most of the time she eats whatever I am eating, with a few moderations. She still hasn’t tried most nuts/seeds, and I eat a lot of nut butter!

I still have yet to find a food that Lochlyn doesn’t like. Some days she definitely likes food more than others, but she will eat anything. Lately she likes to see what is on her spoon before she allows you to put it in her mouth. I have noticed that she likes to eat the same thing as what I am eating. The other night we had salmon, wild rice and asparagus. If I was eating rice, she only wanted rice on her spoon too. If I had asparagus, she was all about it. So funny!

I always want to include Lochlyn’s favourite foods in these posts, but that is so hard to determine what her favourites are since she eats everything. I would say some of her favourites are banana, blueberries, sour raspberries, smoothies, oatmeal, coconut curry, pumpkin, quesadillas, eggs, wild rice, cheese, zucchini, egg plant, baby carrots, tomato sauce, and the list goes on…

messy smoothie

Favorite Things

Lochlyn’s favourite toys continue to be things that aren’t actually toys. She is starting to get into everything. It was cute at first, but it is starting to get so hard to get anything done! Some of her favourite things are:

  • Eeyore. Lochlyn loves that cat. Whenever she sees Eeyore she lights up, and then proceeds to follow her around trying to grab handfuls of her fur. Eeyore actually is quite taken with Lochlyn too. If Lochlyn is playing, I can expect Eeyore to turn up before too long, and want to play too. I do have to be careful though. Eeyore scratched Lochlyn in the face the other day while I was doing something on the computer, and I felt so bad for not paying more attention! Eeyore felt bad too. Lochlyn started crying so hard. When I picked her up, Eeyore started crying to, and circled my feet, blocking my way from taking Lochlyn upstairs.

playing with eeyore in playpen

  • Cupboards. This isn’t new, but Lcholyn is getting more and more into playing in the cupboards. Her favourites are the tupperware cupboard, the cereal/baking cupboard, and the bathroom cupboard that has some of my old makeup. The other day while I was getting ready, Lochlyn found some of my old eyeliner and started drawing on her foot. I really need to just throw that out. I also need to get safety locks put on my cupboards. I think I have been saying that for a few months now.

playing in cupboard

  • Pulling the baseboard off of the walls. We live in an older house, and the baseboards have been taken off the wall one too many times. They aren’t attached very securely and Lcohlyn has figured this out,a nd likes to pull them off. This is not cool because there are sharp nails holding them in and I don’t want  her to get hurt. This si something else that needs to be taken care of!
  • Ears. I think this is always on the list, but Lochlyn loves ears. I think they are a security thing for her – like other kids like blankets. Whenever Lcohlyn is upset and crying, if you pick her up she immediately reaches for you ears, and everything starts getting better. Do all babies do this? Lochlyn also likes to cuddle and play with ears. Good thing I don’t wear earrings often, because I could see that being a big problem.
  • Pulling herself up on anything and everything. When Lochlyn plays, she looks for whatever she can find to pull herself up to standing on. AFter she pulls herself up, she gets so happy and smily, and bounces up and down. It is cute to see her so happy with herself, and I am proud of her determination in getting this. She also likes to get up on her knees and push items around the room. Laundry baskets, toys, and boxes are some of her favourites!

playing with boxes


Yes, Eeyore is in that box

  • Favorite toys: Like I said, anything that isn’t a toy. Some of her favourites include a  ziploc baggie full of hair clips. A small sample pack of baby lotion, old makeup (yuck), baby nail files, and socks. Once she finds one of these items, she carries it and crawls all around exploring. Eventually she will let go, which means that I find random little things all over the house! Lochlyn also likes her toy xylophone and mallet. The xylophone is obviously fun because it is so loud, the mallet is great to hit on just about everything, including people’s faces. Other favourite toys include her musical walker, books, and her shape sorter toy.

baby monitor play


  • Uhhh… what dislikes? I guess there are a few. Lochlyn doesn’t like waiting in her crib after she wakes up for someone to get her. She is usually happy for a few minutes, but then she starts to get pretty cranky.
  • Getting something that she shouldn’t be playing with taken away from her. Josh and I are mastering the art of replacing what she is playing with, with something safer and just as interesting. It is a talent.
  • Getting her diaper changed. This is new, and she only protests sometimes. Lochlyn used to love getting her diaper changed, but now she is getting so busy, I don’t think she wants to have her playtime interrupted. She often fusses when we change her, so I try to have a few interesting things for her to play with handy for while she is getting changed.

sunglasses play

Happy first birthday Lochlyn! It has been so amazing getting to know you. You brighten even my absolute worse days. I love you so much, and I will love you forever no matter what. I promise to do whatever I can to make your life great!

Running and Baby Woes

I don’t have a lot of time this morning, but I wanted to stop by and fill you in what I have been thinking about lately. Check out Amanda’s link up for some more Thinking out Loud action.

thinking out loud

1. I have been having issues with my knee the past week or so. I know that it is running related because every time that I run, it starts to hurt again. I have learned from a little online research that I should stay off my knee completely until it heals. Admittedly, I haven’t been doing this, but I have been taking it easy, and really paying attention to how knee is feeling. I have been icing it three times a day and stretching it regularly and it is about 100 times better than it was last week. I am hoping that it will be at 100% soon enough.

One of the hardest things I am finding about training for a half marathon is the dedication required. I work out very regularly, but I still find it hard to go for a run when life gets in the way. It is hard to find the time when I am visiting with family, travelling, or my knee is extra sore. Sometimes running has to go on the back burner, and sometimes life does. It is all a balancing act, and I am still figuring it out.

I am LOVING running more and more all the time though. I have already started thinking about when I will be able to do another race (and I haven’t even done this one yet!). Time will tell I guess, but it is so fun having a goal and training to do the best that you can with it.


2. Yesterday was the first day of lent, and Amanda mentioned giving something up in her post today. It got me thinking that I want to as well. I don’t usually observe lent. I am a Christian, but I am not Catholic, and I think giving something up for lent is more of a Catholic tradition. Still, I like the idea of it, and the spiritual significance that it holds.

I have decided to give up distracted eating. Okay, so I have talked a lot about trying to eat less distractedly, and I think overall I have improved in this area. It is something that I would still like to do better with, both for my sake and for Lochlyn’s. For lent I would like to quit eating in front of the computer, while reading, and most especially while browsing my phone. I want to be more intentional with what I eat, and how I eat it.

Lately I have found myself standing at my cupboard/fridge, and grabbing a snack while I chase after my baby, or while I am cooking dinner. I plan on slowing down, sitting down, and purposefully eating, rather than eating on the go.

Lochlyn takes forever to eat, and I often lose patience, and find myself reaching for my cell phone for entertainment, while I am feeding her spoonfuls. I don’t want to pass on this bad habit to her, and I don’t want her to have to compete with my phone for attention.

smoothie wave

I know I am a day late, but I am going to do this for lent (minus a day). I don’t plan on never eating distractedly again, but cutting it out for this season, hopefully with make me more aware of it in the long term.


3. I just wanted to whine a little bit about Lochlyn’s sleeping habits as of late. I don’t know what is up with that girl! Before she got sick a few weeks ago, she was falling asleep by herself at night, and sleeping for at least 12 hours, sometimes more. I often would have to wake her up in the morning, because she wouldn’t stop sleeping. Her naps were often 2 hours long each. She was sleeping like crazy. Even before she was sleeping this much, she would always go down at night all by herself, without crying or fussing.

Lately she does not want to fall asleep by herself, and she often isn’t sleeping well through the night. She isn’t sick anymore, so I am not sure what is going on. When I put her down in her crib at night and leave the room, she freaks out. Like not just sad crying, but very angry crying. She sits up in her crib, and bounces up and down, and screams. I think she may be learning how to have a temper tantrum. When I go back in the room to calm her down she is covered in sweat, and so upset. Poor thing, I wish I knew what was going on with her.

In the past we let Lochlyn cry a bit at night to teach her to sleep by herself. This time around it has been really hard for me to let her cry when she is clearly so upset, and this so isn’t like her. Hopefully this is just a phase and we can get over it soon.


4. One more baby related thought. I am in the process of weaning Lochlyn, and besides the whole sleep thing, it has been going really well. She is down to breastfeeding once in the morning, and once in the evening before bed. I thought I would be really sad to give it up, but it hasn’t been too hard. Not having to breastfeed so often is freeing up so much time for me, and I am really enjoying it. I plan to finish breastfeeding around her birthday, which is March 5th. It’s coming up fast!


5. I don’t have a lot of thoughts for today, but I want to get this published before Lochlyn wakes up. Also, I am hungry, but eating while typing up this post would be considered distracted eating, so I need to get this done so I can eat something!


Happy Thursday!


Are you giving up anything for lent this year?

Runners – how do you deal with running-related injuries?

Valentine’s Day Weekend

I know it’s late, but I haven’t filled you guys in on what my daily life has been like for awhile, so I wanted to share my weekend with you. Unfortunately, I feel like I am not going to be able to remember everything that happened, so it might be a more brief recap than I originally intended! (edited to add) Nevermind – this isn’t brief at all!

My Friday (because the weekend really starts on Friday!) was spent enjoying the day with Lochlyn. I also wanted to do something special for Josh for Valentine’s day, but I hadn’t planned too much, so I decided to make him his favourite childhood dessert – Death By Chocolate. For those of you that haven’t tried this before. Death by Chocolate is a trifle with layers of brownie, chocolate pudding, whipped cream, and crushed Scor bars. I used boxed brownie and chocolate pudding mixes, because it would have been so much work if I made it all from scratch!

death by chocolate

(I actually made this in an extra large sized mixing bowl. You can’t tell from the photo, but it was pretty huge!)

I did make the whipped cream from scratch, and it was so good! I definitely ate quite a few spoonfuls while I was assembling the trifle. I didn’t like whipped cream when I was a kid. I couldn’t understand why anyone would choose to use whipped cream for desserts instead of icing. After tasting that whipped cream, I think my opinion has changed! I still prefer cream cheese icing though.

Lochlyn and I also headed out to the gym together, and I wore my new Fabletics leggings. I wasn’t sure about the pattern at first, but I really like them. I have a bigger lower body in proportion to my upper body, and so typically I try to go solid and darker on the bottom, but I wanted a bit of a change with my gym clothes. These leggings were super comfy, and I am glad I chose them!


(I apologize for the crotch shot!)

After the gym, I refuelled with a smoothie while Lochlyn napped. When she woke up she had a smoothie too, and then we headed out the door to get some groceries. She is a good little shopper and is pretty content as long as I let her play with my grocery list. I bought her a new toy for Valentine’s Day, and I also bought her some baby hair elastics. Of course I had to try them out when we got home.

first ponytail

On Friday night Josh and I had talked about ordering sushi, but our favourite sushi place was closed for renovations so we skipped it and had eggs (I think?). We decided to save the sushi for another night. After Lochlyn went to bed we hung out and talked for quite awhile. It was really nice. Normally we just turn a movie on when we are hanging out, so it was cool to have some good conversation instead.

Saturday was a busy day for me. I got up fairly early to get ready for work before Lochlyn woke up. When I heard my little girl in the monitor, I went in to breastfeed her, then had breakfast and headed off to work. Lochlyn got to spend Valentine’s Day with her Daddy.

dad and lochlyn valentines

It was a long weekend here, and the store that I work at was hosting a community fundraiser event, so it was busy. I love busy days, but I left work really tired. I didn’t have a lot of time to eat dinner because we had plans to go watch the fireworks down at the beach. I don’t even remember what I ate, but I know I did it quickly, and then was back out the door.

It was fun watching Lochlyn’s reaction to the loud fireworks. We were very close, and it felt like they were going to fall on us! She didn’t seem scared, but she wasn’t exactly excited either. She just stared at them, and then when the show was over, she kept looking up at the sky for more.

family day fireworksangela and lochlyn fireworksangela lochlyn fireworks

After the fireworks, Josh, Lochlyn and I headed home for an early bed time. We are so exciting.

Sunday had me getting up fairly early again to go for a longer run. My run was amazing, the weather was beautiful, and I was able to run outside (so much better!). I ran five miles, and improved my average mile/minute time by just over 20 seconds! I am not very fast, as I am just new to running longer distances, so I was pretty happy about this. My average speed on Sunday was 10:23 minutes/mile.

After my run, I got ready for work, while Lochlyn napped and Josh went to church. Then we traded off and Josh came home and I went to work. Work was a lot slower on Sunday, but my day still went by pretty fast, and I only had a five hour shift.

Sunday night was super rushed again. I got off of work at 6:15, came home and made a quick salad, and then headed out the door to friend’s house. I ate the salad on their couch while we watched a movie and hung out with their family. They have the cutest kids ever. I wish I could post a picture for you guys, but I haven’t told them about the blog, and don’t want to post pictures of other people’s kids without asking. Their youngest son is three and he absolutely adores Josh, it is so cute to watch them play together. They oldest is seven and she loves Lochlyn. I think she will make a great babysitter in a few years!

Sunday night was pretty rough. Lochlyn woke up at 9:30pm. Then she woke up again at 1:30am, and didn’t go back to sleep until 5am. I have no idea what is going on with this girl! She usually sleeps 12 hours a night. She has been getting so upset whenever I put her down in her crib. Like hyperventilating, having a temper tantrum upset. I have never seen her get so worked up. Josh and I were thinking about letting her cry a bit again, but it is hard when she is so sad. I hope that nothing else is wrong! I finally brought her to bed with me and sent Josh to sleep in the basement. We got a good three hours of sleep cuddled up together in bed. She just does not want to be alone!

Monday was a holiday for Josh, and I didn’t have to work either. It was nice to finally have a day together without a ton of plans. We got a few things done around the house, and then we drove into Red Deer for a little family date. Menchies! Too bad Lochlyn can’t have any yet, but it won’t be long now. We are trying to avoid giving her sugar until she reaches the one year mark.

josh and lochlyn at menchies

I always get pretty boring froyo flavours. My favourites are vanilla and cake batter. They were all out of cake batter, so I decided to try tropical taro and pecan praline, with my regular vanilla. The taro was just okay, but the praline was amazing. I would definitely recommend it. Of course I had to top it off with some cheesecake pieces. I also added peanut butter cups which was a bit of a mistake, so I picked them out and ate them first. I prefer no chocolate on my froyo!

menchies froyo

When we got home from Red Deer, Lochlyn had a nap, I went to the gym, and Josh worked out in our basement. Then it was time to make dinner, and get ready for the work week.

Now that I am working on the weekends, they feel pretty jam-packed. It is hard to make plans, or even spend time together as a family. My job itself has been going really well. The other staff are great, it is an easy position, and I get to socialize a lot with other customers. I am hoping that if I start working some evenings during the week, I won’t have to work every single day on the weekend. I want to get in some family time this summer!

valentines mom and baby


What’s your favourite froyo flavour? 

Ever tried death by chocolate? Did you like it? What was your favourite childhood dessert? Mine was angel food cake. I think mostly just because of the name. Angel sounds like Angela!

Lochlyn at 11 Months

My baby girl is going to be a toddler soon. Yikes! I am not quite ready for this yet! She turned 11 months about a week ago, and I haven’t managed to get her 11 month post up until now.

I can’t believe that the next post I write she is going to be a year. I also can’t believe the difference between a newborn and an 11 month old. It is crazy how much she has changed, and how much she has learned. I am such a proud mom!

mom and baby love


Weight: We weighed Lochlyn at a Dr’s appointment right around the 11 month mark. She was 20 lbs 7 oz. She was wearing her clothes and her diaper so I am guessing she is right around 20 lbs.

Length: No idea on this one. Her 9 month clothes are all getting too short so I know she is getting taller. I would say she is probably just slightly below average for length based on past measurements.

Clothing: It is hard to believe that Lochlyn was wearing size 3-6 month bottoms a couple months ago. Now she is almost only wearing exclusively 12 month clothes. Depending on the brand a few 9 months clothes still fit her but not much. Her little belly is needing all the extra room it can get!

naked in crib


I don’t have a ton of new nicknames to share with you. I actually mainly call her Lochlyn lately since she responds best to her own name. Some of her other nicknames are:

  • Baby
  • Princess
  • Loccolli (As in Loccolli Broccoli)
  • Josh calls her “Little Girl” (no change here!)
  • Grandma calls her “Lochie” (grandpa hates it!)


  • Mom/Mama
  • Dad/Dada
  • Hi
  • Bye (pronounced “die” haha)
  • Kitty (pronounced “k” “t” – she makes the “k” sound and then the “t” sound”)

big bath toys

New this Month

My favourite new change is all the talking this girl is doing! She loves saying “hi” and “die” (bye) to people as they come and go. She also likes to chase Eeyore around the house saying, “k” “t” over and over. I feel like she may be saying a lot of other words, but I am not 100% sure. It sounds like she may say “done” and “no”, but it could be her just babbling. Either way, it is awesome, and I can’t wait for her to start talking even more.

Lochlyn started waving at the beginning of January, but this month she has started waving a ton. She waves “hi and “bye” to everyone, and even waves at Josh and I whenever we leave the room. She also waves at Eeyore whenever she sees her. She waves when she hears someone say “hi” or “bye” over the phone too, so cute.

She also likes to play peekaboo now. Except she hasn’t quite figured it out yet. She puts her hands on top of her head instead of covering up her eyes. We go along with it anyways, so fun.


I think I say this every month, but Lochlyn is getting into everything! She loves opening the cupboard doors and pulling everything out! Her favourite cupboards are the bathroom, and the tupperware cupboard in the kitchen. She scatters everything all over the floor, and then picks it up and crawls with it all over the house. I find stuff everywhere! I guess it keeps her occupied so I can get some things done – but it leads to quite the mess!

Lochlyn has been trying to pull herself up to standing for quite a long time now, but this month she has really started focusing on it. She pulls herself up to her knees, and even gets one foot underneath herself, and then chickens out and goes back to sitting. She will pull to her knees on everything she can find, and especially loves the stairs. She is not the daredevil at all! I guess she takes after her mom that way!

table pull-up

I tried putting Lochlyn in the baby swing this month. She was not happy with me at all. She looked very unhappy for the first few minutes, and then full out started crying. I guess we will have to keep trying that one with the hopes that she will like it when she gets older!

One of Lochlyn’s favourite ways to play is removing objects/toys from a container. She is also starting to figure out how to put the objects back in the container after. I can’t wait to she figures this out so she can clean up all the messes she is making! (haha yah right!).

Another new thing this month that Lochlyn is learning is sharing. I wanted to start this one young, so I have been teaching her. When she is holding onto a toy, I will say please, and then take the toy from her. When I have the toy, I will say thank you and get excited. Now most of the time she hands me the toy all on her own. She usually expects me to give it back to her though!


Bedtime: Bedtime went so awesome for Lochlyn this month (it isn’t so awesome now, but technically I am writing this post late, so we won’t go there). She goes down all by herself after nursing and following her bedtime routine. She doesn’t cry, or fuss at all, and she sleeps through the entire night. I would say on average she sleeps about 12 hours. Perfect.

crib sleep

Nap time: I still can’t believe I can write this, but Lochlyn is still falling asleep at nap time on her own! She usually falls asleep within the first few minutes after putting her down. If she hasn’t fallen asleep in 10 minutes, we go into her room, and rub her back or belly for a minute or so to calm her down, and then leave again. She usually doesn’t cry at nap time, but the odd time she does fuss a bit.

Lochlyn has two naps a day. The first one is about two hours after she wakes up, which ends up being around 10:00am. The second one is three hours after she wakes up from her first nap. This varies quite a bit but ends up being around 2 or 3 o’clock in the afternoon. I would say that typically her first nap is around 45 minutes, and her second one is an hour and a half, but it does vary quite a bit.

Nursing and Eating Solids

Nursing: I dropped a feeding this month. Lochlyn now nurses 3 times a day, when she wakes up, around lunchtime, and before she goes to sleep. I am planning to have her weaned right around the one year mark, so I will be dropping another feeding soon.

She was a little upset when she woke up and I didn’t nurse her right away. It has been her routine since she was born, that when she wakes up, I would nurse her and then she would play. I understand how it would be a little confusing for her. She still gets a bit upset when she doesn’t get to breastfeed, but i would say that she is adjusting pretty well. I have been giving her a smoothie right when she wakes up from her second nap instead of nursing. She loves smoothies so this seems to be a good distraction!

purple smoothie face

Besides that, nursing has been going awesome (maybe too awesome?). She is still very interested in it, and nurses very well. She hasn’t been biting at all, and she is starting to get a little bit quicker at it. Stop being so good Lochlyn – you are making it harder for me to wean you off!

I forgot to mention this in Lochlyn’s 10 month update, but I actually stopped taking Domperidone after Christmas. I was on the prescription to help increase my milk supply since Lochlyn wasn’t gaining weight fast enough when she was younger. My doctor recommended i stay on the prescription just to be safe. I stopped taking it as I was planning to wean Lochlyn off soon, and remembering to take it four times a day was annoying for me. I didn’t notice a change in my supply at all after stopping, but this is pretty hard to measure so I am not 100% sure about that.

Solids: I have been blessed with such a good eater. I still have yet to find a food that Lochlyn doesn’t like. She has never even spit anything out. She eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner with her dad or I, and she usually eats the same thing as what we are eating, or a version of it. I am having a harder and harder time keeping track of her new foods. I may leave this section out of next month’s post!

happy eater

New foods this month are:

  • Cornmeal
  • Cucumber
  • Bell Peppers
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Mushrooms
  • Tomatoes
  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Goat Cheese
  • Nutritional yeast
  • Curry
  • Cantaloupe

It is hard to tell what Lochlyn’s favourite foods are. She loves fruit and vegetables. She also loves anything coconut curry! Smoothies continue to be a favourite, and she gets one everyday for her afternoon snack. She also really likes red meat, fish, goat cheese, and soup. She still loves her oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast, and avocado for lunch too, but I am trying to vary her meals more.

happy eater

Favorite Things

Attention! Lochlyn is not shy. She doesn’t understand when people don’t pay attention to her. We went to the eye doctor not long ago, and no one in the waiting room was looking at her. She was starting at everyone and trying to get them to look at her. Silly girl. Besides always being the centre of attention, some of Lochlyn’s other favourites are:

  • Her kitty. Lochlyn loves Eeyore, and I think that Eeyore is starting to love Lochlyn. I can’t keep them away from each other. Eeyore always ends up wherever Lochlyn is playing, even when I try to keep her away. Lochlyn tends to back Eeyore into a corner, and then grabs handfuls of her fur, and smacks her across the face. I would say poor cat, but Eeyore brings it on herself. She won’t stay away! Lochlyn plays in her playpen a lot while I make dinner, and no matter how many times I pick Eeyore up, and get her out of the playpen, she always ends up back in there with Lochlyn!
  • Attempting to pull herself up on everything. As I already mentioned, she doesn’t make it to her feet, but she loves to pull herself up to her knees. She spends playtime mostly going from one thing to the next and pulling herself up to knee height. She then rocks back and forth for awhile and then sits back down. One day you will get it baby!

standing in crib

  • Ears. I have mentioned this quite a few times before, but Lochlyn has an ear obsession. It almost seems like a comfort thing to her when she is sad. I pick her up and she goes right for my ears, and holds on for dear life.
  • The bathroom. Lochlyn loves to play in the bathroom. Everything I leave the door open, she is in there right away. There is so many fun things for her to get into. She loves to pull herself up on the tub and look in. She likes to watch the clothes in the washing machine, and get into the lint from the dryer. The bathroom garbage is all kinds of fun, and did I mention the bathroom cupboard? I always try to keep this door closed for obvious reasons!
  • That brings me to Lochlyn’s next favourite thing. Cupboards. I already talked about this, but she loves to open cupboard doors, and pull everything out. I bought some safety locks, but I haven’t installed them yet. I need to get on that for my own sanity!
  • Waving. I already mentioned this too, but Lochlyn loves waving “hi” and “bye” to everyone. She even waves bye to random strangers when we are doing errands!

jolly jumper wave

  • Favorite toys: This is a tough one. I would say one of her favourites right now is her books. She loves reading and could read the same book over and over again with one of us. She likes to go to her bookshelf and pull all her books off and then sit in the middle of them and read them. It is so cute because some of the books have actions that go along with each of the pages. When she gets to a page with an action (eg. waving goodbye) she will sit and do the action by herself. Aww. Lochlyn also still loves playing with everything that isn’t supposed to be a toy. Her favourites include her hair clips (not allowed to play with these since they are way too small), water bottles, spoons, tampons, tupperware, paper, and pretty much anything you leave lying around on the floor.

playing with tampons



  • Last month I wrote on here that Lochlyn disliked not getting attention. This isn’t a dislike at all, but I wanted to mention somewhere that this is no longer the case. Lochlyn is happy to sit in her playpen by herself and play. I have left her in there for over an hour before while I am cleaning and she doesn’t mind at all! Anyways, back to dislikes …

playpen play


Blurry photo, but so happy!

  • Getting her face cleaned/wiped after eating.
  • Waking up all alone and having to wait for someone to come in to get her.
  • … And that’s it. I really do have such an easygoing baby.

credit card play

Happy 11 months baby girl! You are the biggest blessing to me, and to everyone you meet. I love you and I can’t wait to watch you grow and learn!

Everything but the Kitchen Sink…

Happy Thursday, and happy almost Friday! It’s time for another post dedicated to Thinking out Loud! Thank you Amanda for hosting!

thinking out loud

1. I am starting to understand why runners are always talking about how much they eat. Admittedly I used to find fit and thin people going on about how they eat everything a bit annoying. I didn’t really believe that they were eating a ridiculous amount of food, and thought it was an exaggeration. Now I am starting to get it. Since I started upping my mileage, I have been so hungry! I can eat until I am completely full, and a couple hours later, I am starving again. I also have been eating more carbs than I think I ever have in my life. My body just can’t get enough of them. I can’t even imagine what full marathon training would be like, if this is how I feel training for a half!

I was actually feeling a little bit guilty about the amount of food that I was eating, and then I started thinking about how hard I have been working out lately, not to mention the fact that I am still breastfeeding, which burns lots of extra calories. As you may know, I have suffered from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea in the past (absence of menses) from exercising too hard and not eating enough. This was really hard for me and I never want to go through it again, so I need to make sure I am eating more than enough to fuel my workouts. Bring on all the food! That being said, I want to make sure I don’t overdo it on less nutritional food, as I have noticed that it affects my energy levels and performance.

I know I talk about intuitive eating all the time, but sometimes I still need to remind myself that eating isn’t bad, or something that I should feel guilty about. I need to eat lots to keep my body healthy!

mom and baby omelet

2. Speaking of health – Lochlyn is sick again! I feel like I am always telling you guys my baby girl is not feeling well. We went to the doctor yesterday since she has been coughing up a storm. Turns out she has a mild case of pneumonia. The doctor reassured me that it sounds a lot worse then it is. Lochlyn has still been eating well and is very active, so my doctor wasn’t overly concerned. My baby girl is on antibiotics right now, and I am hoping she recovers soon!

dr's office


Patiently waiting to see the Dr.

It took Lochlyn over two hours to fall asleep last night, I felt so bad for her. Usually she goes down in less then five minutes, but last night she was so upset. I tried everything I could do to comfort her, and eventually I ended up bringing her to bed and sending Josh to the couch. She fell asleep pretty quick cuddled up next to me. I have to admit I liked having her close so I could keep an eye on her and soak in all the cuddles.

3. I had an epiphany yesterday! I was eating a huge salad for lunch, and thinking that my salad was missing something. This was crazy since it already included about 500 different ingredients. As i was eating it I came to the conclusion that it needed something salty and crunchy, so I added some salted sunflower seeds. This made my salad perfect! Anyways, what got me thinking was the fact that I like my salads with absolutely everything I can think of added to them. They are so much more interesting this way, and I love all the different textures and tastes. I pretty much added everything but the kitchen sink to my salad.

kitchen sink salad

My salad was much bigger than this. I snapped the photo after picking out and eating all the kale and spinach.

Then I realized that was why massive and random salads like this were called kitchen sink salads! They have everything but the kitchen sink! I have been pondering the name kitchen sink salads for probably a year now. Finally get it.

4. I think my baby girl loves smoothies almost as much as me. I have been cutting down on the nursing sessions, and replacing her late afternoon feeding with a smoothie. She cries when she wakes up and doesn’t get to nurse, but the smoothie distracts her pretty quick. She especially loves when I let her hold the cup herself!

smoothie baby unnamed-22

5. I realize that most of my thoughts today are about Lochlyn, but I do spend 90% of my time with her, so I think the makes it acceptable. My baby has turned into quite the little handful lately. She follows me all over the house and wants to be as close to me as possible. One of the only things that distracts her from following me around is opening all the cupboards and seeing what she can pull out. We have to be extra careful because I haven’t put locks on our cupboard doors yet (need to get on that) and some to them have things she shouldn’t get into. Sometimes I let her play with what she finds as long as I can keep an eye on her. Yesterday she found the best toys ever:

playing with tampons

6. I think that’s a wrap. I need to go and get in the shower to wash off the remnants of my run before Lochlyn wakes up.

Have a great day!


Any weird eating habits when it comes to salads? I eat my salads from the bottom up. I eat the greens first, then the veggies, and save all the delicious extra toppings until last.

Mom’s – what is weirdest/funniest thing you have caught your little ones playing with?



A Day in the Life #3

It is hard to believe it is Monday already. Working on Saturday and Sunday really makes the weekend fly by. I would recap my weekend for you guys, but it wasn’t an exciting one, and I didn’t really take much for pictures. I spent the evenings hanging out with my family, and the days working. I also went for a long run on Sunday morning. Long as in four miles, but that is the longest run I have gone on yet for half marathon training. I was a little bit nervous about running that far, but it actually felt pretty easy. I wore a fuel belt full of water to get used to running with the weight, and I improved my average speed per mile by 10 seconds. Also, it was super slippery outside and I had to take it slow in quite a few areas, so I was really happy with my time.

blurry run


Blurry run photo – I didn’t stop to take it!

Anyways, since I am not going to share much about my weekend, I thought I would share my “Day in the Life Post” that I meant to post on Friday. As I mentioned on the weekend, life got in the way, and I didn’t end up posting. This is an example of a fairly typical Thursday for Lochlyn and I.

4:50 – Josh nudges me in bed to let me know my alarm is going off. I am a deep sleeper and he usually hears it first. I reach over and press the snooze button. Anything before 5:00 is too early.

5:00 – My alarm goes off again. I drag myself out of bed, and remember that I am getting up to go for a run. I get excited (I’m a weirdo) and feel slightly more awake. I get ready to go, start the truck to let it defrost a bit, and grab half a banana to snack on.

5:30 – I leave my warm, cozy house and drive in the dark to the gym.

5:40 – I run on the treadmill at the gym for three miles. Since I have been feeling like I have a bit of the cold, I take it fairly easy. I ran at a speed of 5.5 and an incline of 0.5. I think my pace was 10:54/mile. This seems to be a fairly easy/comfortable pace for me.

6:30 – I get home form the gym and immediately make a cherry smoothie and then top it with the last of the Maple Sesame Granola. If you haven’t noticed yet, I have a smoothie every time after I work out. I love them, I crave them after workouts, and they never get old for me.

cherry granola smoothie

I drank my smoothie while I stretched and then foam rolled. While I did this I watched the beginning of When Harry Met Sally. I had actually never seen it before.

foam rolling

7:00 – I get my butt up off my yoga matt, turn off the movie, and start writing Thursday’s post. Sometimes I have to motivate myself to blog, other days I am so excited to write. Either way, I almost always end up enjoying it. If I’m not feeling it, I just don’t do it (as you can probably tell by the lack of posts some days).

8:00 – I publish the post. Lochlyn is still sleeping so I quickly hop in the shower before she wakes up. She normally wakes up around 8:00.

8:15 – I get out of the shower and dry off. Then I realize I haven’t booked Lochlyn in with childcare at the gym yet for Friday. I have to book the day before, and Fridays tend to be busy, so I call to book her in. Afterwards, I clean up my smoothie mess and check the recipe that I plan on making in the crockpot for dinner that night.

8:30 – Lochlyn starts stirring. I top up my water and go in to nurse her. She isn’t fully awake, but I find that if she sleeps in too long she misses her first nap. I nurse my groggy girl and then change her diaper.

9:15 – Breakfast time! Even though I had a smoothie not too long ago, I find I am pretty hungry. Banana, egg white oatmeal for me, topped with peanut butter. Lochlyn is having oatmeal, parsnips, carrots, apple and greek yogurt.

mom and baby oats

9:30 – Lochlyn and I eat our breakfast together. She takes forever to eat, so while I am waiting for her to finish I make a pot of coffee and tidy up the kitchen

breakfast smiles

10:00 – My baby girl is done eating. I clean her up, and take her upstairs to do laundry and have a quick cuddle before it’s nap time.

10:15 – I go through Lochlyn’s nap time routine and then put her down for her first nap of the day. She falls asleep right away.

10:30 – While Lochlyn naps I make Crockpot Vegetable Korma for dinner. It was pretty easy to make but it took me awhile since I had to be ninja quiet so Lochlyn didn’t wake up.

11:00 – Dinner is all prepped and ready to go. I take a load of laundry downstairs to fold in front of the movie I started earlier. I am still feeling a bit sick and plan to relax and take it easy today. I also enjoy the coffee I made earlier.

11:30 – My mom calls to have a chat, so I turn off the movie and talk to her for a bit.

11:45 – Lochlyn is awake. I head upstairs to nurse her.

12:30 – After breastfeeding it is time for lunch. I have some leftovers from a wild rice and turkey sausage casserole I made a couple nights ago. Lochlyn has avocado, green beans and sweet potato.

1:00 – I clean up our lunch mess and the mess I made while getting dinner into the crockpot. I also tidy up the main floor as I plan to vacuum and there are toys everywhere!

1:15 – It’s vacuuming time. Lochlyn plays in her playpen and watches me vacuum like a crazy person. We have laminate flooring and I have to move all the furniture and vacuum under everything or it gets crazy dusty. It takes me awhile and is a lot of work! When I am almost finished Lochlyn starts to get fussy in her playpen. I pick her up and carry her while I finish the last of the vacuuming. This is no easy task – she is getting so big!

playpen wave


She is waving for the camera here

2:00 – It is beautiful and sunny outside so I decide to take Lochlyn for a quick walk before nap time. I am still in my pyjamas (don’t judge!), so I rush around the house like a crazy person getting changed and getting Lochlyn ready to go. We don’t have much time before her nap so I keep her in her pyjamas and just throw a jacket on her. I don’t even bother to change her diaper, which hasn’t been changed for a couple hours (again, don’t judge!).

2:10 – Lochlyn and I leave the house to go for a quick walk around the block. I want to be home by 2:30 to get her ready for her afternoon nap. We walk through a park by our house, and as I am on the way home, I notice that Lochlyn is nodding off. By the time we are on our street, Lochlyn is sound asleep. Since she has been sick lately, I don’t have the heart to wake her. I know she needs all the rest she can get. I decide to keep walking, so we start to head towards the lake by our house. A couple blocks in she starts to wake up, so we turn around and head home. A block from our house, Lochlyn is sleeping again! I debate taking her home and trying to put her down in her crib, but it is so hard to get Lochlyn to do back to sleep once you wake her up.

warm winter walk

In the end I decide to just keep walking with her. She ended up sleeping in her stroller for over an hour and 20 minutes! It was great to enjoy the fresh air and warm weather, but I hadn’t planned to walk that long and I was unprepared. I had no water, and not the best shoes on. Also I had wanted to take it easy that day since I was getting over a cold. Lochlyn didn’t even have mittens or a toque on. Oops!

beautiful winter walk

3:45 – Lochlyn woke up around 3:30, so I quickly headed for home. Once we got there I changed Lochlyn out of her diaper that should have been changed two hours before. Sorry baby! I also quickly threw a salad together to snack on. All that exercise made me hungry!

4:00 – I nursed Lochlyn and watched more of When Harry Met Sally. I think I liked this movie? Kind of? It was a little too much of a chick flick for me, but it was cute. I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of Billy Crystal though.

4:25 – Lochlyn didn’t eat that well so I pumped afterwards. I sat in the glider chair in Lochlyn’s room and she played at my feet. Lately she wants to be as close to me as possible at all times. I love it.

lochlyn playing at my feet

4:45 – I finished pumping, and I pulled out the mop to finish cleaning the floors before Josh got home. Lochlyn played in her playpen again so she wasn’t crawling all over the wet floors. I pulled Lochlyn out of her playpen while I waited for each section of the floor to dry and we played peekaboo and “Ride the Horsey” together.

5:30 – Just as I finished mopping, Josh got home from work. I put some salmon in the over for dinner. The vegetables I made earlier seemed like they would be really flavourful so I just added some dill and lemon to the salmon and kept it nice and simple.

5:45 – Josh, Lochlyn and I all hang out and Josh and I talk about our days.

6:15 – Dinner is ready. We are having leftover brown rice, the Vegetable Korma I made earlier, and baked salmon. Everything is good, but the Korma really stole the show. I highly recommend this recipe. I used less of the spices and salt, and it still had so much flavour. Josh isn’t a big fan of curry or vegetables and he loved it, and Lochlyn wouldn’t stop eating it. She has since devoured a ton of the leftovers too! After dinner we tidy up the kitchen together.

easy slow cooker norma



6:45 – I head upstairs with Lochlyn while Josh finishes the dishes, and we tidy up her room and play (which simultaneously messes up her room again!).

7:00 – I quickly take some laundry out of the wash and put away what I fold early. I also get myself ready for bed. I like to do this early before Lochlyn goes to sleep so I don’t have to worry about being extra quiet later.

7:30 – I change Lochlyn, and get her pyjamas and sleep sack on.

7:45 – Breastfeeding time and then Lochlyn and I go through her bedtime routine and I put her to bed. She falls asleep almost right away.

8:30 – I head downstairs and say goodnight to Josh. He is watching youtube videos on the computer I think? I can’t exactly remember.

8:45 – I climb into bed and read for a few minutes before turning off the light. It is an early night for me, but I am trying to get lots of sleep to help me fight this cold.

That was my day. Pretty standard Thursday except for that super long walk thrown in there. I am glad that we got out, the weather has been so beautiful, I need to enjoy it while it lasts. My cold is gone now, so maybe the fresh air did me some good!


What is the weather like where you live? 


New Shoes and Sick Baby Blues

Happy Thursday everyone! I have lots of random things to share with you today, so I am linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for some Thinking out Loud action.

thinking out loud

1. I bought new running shoes on Tuesday. It is about time. I have been running in minimalist-style shoes designed for weight-lifting and my knee has been getting really sore. My old running shoes are WAY too small now that I have had a baby. My feet have grown about 1 shoe size, and I think the shoes were a little on the small side to begin with because they are 2 sizes smaller than the shoes that I bought.

I had a pretty hard time finding the right shoes, Lochlyn and I drove into Red Deer together on Tuesday after lunch. I had plans to buy shoes from Sport Chek since I had a $150 gift card to use up, but I was not impressed with their service. It was hard enough finding a salesperson to help me, but the one that eventually did ended up not know a thing about running shoes. To make matters worse, he pretended he knew what he was talking about, and recommended some completely wrong shoes for me. After trying on a couple shoes, and googling his recommendations for more information, I decided Sport Check may not have been the best idea.

I ended up using my gift card to buy a foam roller, and headed to The Running Room in hopes of more knowledgeable staff. I was nervous because it was past Lochlyn’s nap time, and I didn’t know how she would hold up going to another store, but she did great. There were no other customers in the store, and I got great service. One of the employees even held Lochlyn and played with her the whole time while I tried on shoes. (She used to be a childcare worker so she knew what she was doing). Anyway, I ended up getting Saucony Triumph Iso shoes, and so far I really like them. I ran in them for the first time this morning, and at the moment I have no knee pain!

saucony triumph iso

2. Lochlyn has been feeling under the weather again. She has had a fever and a runny nose on and off for the past week.This is the first time she has had a fever and I felt a little bit nervous about it. I ended up calling a nurse to ask for some advice, and told me not to do anything at all unless Lochlyn gets other symptoms. This made me feel better until she said that it didn’t matter how high Lochlyn’s fever got, it wasn’t a big deal unless other symptoms showed up. I think that if Lochlyn’s fever got high enough I would take her to the hospital. Maybe I am paranoid, but I want my baby to be safe.

standing in crib

At first I actually thought Lochlyn might be teething, but yesterday my nose started getting really runny too. I feel fine except for a little stuffed up, but it is still frustrating. This year seems to be the most sick I have ever been. I think I keep picking up sicknesses from Lochlyn, so I guess I need to get used to it.

3. This week I am planning to add a longer run in for half marathon training. I have been running three miles three times a week. My longer run is only going up to four miles, but that is long for me, and I don’t want to be sick for that. The past two weeks have felt really good with running. I have incorporated some hill training and progressive runs in and I have finally been feeling like I could run farther than three miles without dying. Today’s three miles was a little bit harder, and I am thinking that it could have been because I have caught Lochlyn’s cold. So frustrating! I actually don’t feel sick at all except for having a stuffed up head, and I don’t want to miss out more of training. Any advice from runners out there? How do you adjust your training when you aren’t feeling great? How sick do you have to be to decide to miss a run?

4. My cleaning schedule has been going awesome this week. I am hoping that I can keep up with it and have a tidier house. I have had more time to clean this week since we haven’t been going to the gym during the day as Lochlyn is sick. I have also found that using the crockpot more really helps. I can make dinner while Lochlyn is napping, so that in the early evening I can clean up a bit before Josh gets home.

5. As you probably know, I started work last weekend, and it actually went pretty good. The shop was slow, which made my day drag on, but besides that I didn’t mind it at all. I thought I would be sad leaving Lochlyn, but I am happy leaving her with Josh and I know they will have a good time together. My main worry is that I am going to be scheduled to work every single weekend. I had asked to work two weekends a month, but my boss has said that with the way that she schedules, that could get too complicated. I am hoping that we can figure something out, because working every weekend is not going to fly. I need some time with my family!


josh and lochlyn on old futon

6. Lochlyn slept for 2 hours and 40 minutes yesterday. That is the longest nap she has ever had … ever! I think it must have been because she is sick, and I am sure she needed the rest. I actually started to get worried about her because she never sleeps that long. I was thankful that I had a video monitor so I could check on her and make sure she was okay!

7. Have you guys ever heard of Gina’s Shape up programs? She offers a free program twice a year (winter and summer) that includes a work out program, and lots of inspiration. I followed the Summer Shape-Up plan this year and I really enjoyed it. It isn’t my preferred style of workouts (too much jumping around and not enough heavy lifting) but it was good to shake up my normal routine. The Winter Shape-Up is starting January 26th. If you are looking for a new exercise program, or getting bored with your current one I suggest you check it out! The Shape-Up program lasts four weeks, and each week is different and has different work-outs.

I am mentioning this because one of my favourite parts about participating in the Summer Shape-Up program, was the meal plan. Anne from Fannetastic Food puts together a FREE meal plan to go along with the Shape-Up programs. I followed the meal plan in the summer, and it really changed the way that I eat. It challenged so many of my “food rules” in a good way. Anne is a registered dietician, and her meal plans offer lots of healthy ideas.  It was a great way to get my out of my eating comfort zone and get me to try new things. It also really helped me learn to eat intuitively, by breaking through some of those food and diet rules that I had in place without even realizing it. Anne’s meal plans offer easy and healthy snack ideas, and quick and delicious meal recipes. These meals plans aren’t a diet. They don’t tell you how much to eat, or when to eat. Portion sizes are sometimes recommended, but you can each as much as you need to, whenever you need to – that’s my kind of plan!

edamame salad

I have been in a bit of a breakfast and lunch rut lately. Lochlyn and I tend to eat the same things everyday. For breakfast I have banana egg white oatmeal and lunch tends to be whatever I can find in the fridge, and is never really what I feel like eating. I am thinking about following the meal plan for the Winter Shape-Up program just to get some variety back in my meals. I won’t be following the work-out plan, but I will be saving it in case I want to try it later! I am hoping to do my grocery shopping tomorrow, and I really hope the meal plan comes out in time for me to pick up what I need!

banana oatmeal

8. I am going to leave you all with a picture of Lochlyn because I think she is adorable, and I have a question for you …

favorite game


Lochlyn is playing her new favourite game. Can you guess what it is?

Have you ever tried the Shape-up programs and/or the meal plan that goes with it? What did you think?