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Life in Limbo

I am writing this post on Sunday morning before most of the world is awake. Normally on Sunday mornings I go for a long run. My favourite run of the week. After the run I come home, and rush to get Lochlyn and I ready, and then meet Josh at church. Now that I can’t run, my Sundays are a little bit different.

blurry run

Actually life in general has been a bit different lately. I kind of feel like my family and I are in this limbo stage just waiting for life to actually happen. There are a lot of things contributing to this, and I know not being able to run, or exercise a whole lot at the moment is only one of them. I love being active, but with my sore knee my activity has been limited to the recumbent bike (not so fun), the exercises my physio has given me (also not the funnest), and the few upper body strengthening exercises I have found I can do without hurting my knee or putting any pressure on it.

Josh and I almost went to look at a new house yesterday. I guess it was a very old house that would be new to us. We currently live in a townhouse, and we would love to move to a detached home someday. Now isn’t the right time, as our mortgage is still higher than what we could sell our house for. It is something that we have been thinking a lot about, and we want to start fixing up our current home so that when we find the perfect place, we are ready to move.

We have been pretty short on funds since my mat leave ended and I have been thinking about creative ways I could make an income from home. Last week a copywriting job came up at a really awesome company that I would love to work for and I was really tempted to apply. It was a full-time office job, which would be a huge change for us. After a lot of thought I didn’t end up applying. I am pretty set on working part-time hours or working from home. Still, that job did get me thinking about some other opportunities.

Another thing that makes me feel kind of in limbo? Thinking about having another baby. As I mentioned on Thursday, our original plans were to start trying for another baby in the fall. I am just not feeling ready yet, but the fact that I am thinking so much about it makes me know that it won’t be too long until I am ready. I have actually been considering how to redecorate the little nursery for the next one, and how to decorate Lochlyn’s “big girl” room. I almost feel like I am nesting, but not actually pregnant yet. Weird.

With all these things lingering just on the horizon, I am finding it so hard to live in the moment and enjoy where life is at right now. I am very goal-oriented, and I love making plans, but I just am having a hard time planning life at the moment. With my half-marathon done (sorta), and no new running goals in sight, I am feeling a bit unmotivated. Life in general feels a little bit blah. I really don’t want this summer to pass by before I take the time to enjoy it.

lochlyn mom swing

I am living my dream life here and now, even if I can’t run or be very active. Even if I don’t have the perfect house, or a lot of money, or a new baby to plan for. I have the most amazing and loving family, and we have everything that we need.

josh and lochlyn at race


Tomorrow is Intuitive Tuesday, and I am going to be sharing how being in this “limbo stage” of life has changed my eating habits. Hint … it hasn’t been for the better!


New Neighbors…

I don’t have a ton of time, but I wanted to stop in quick and update you on our weekend happenings.

Before I do that, I also want to say Happy Easter! I can’t believe I forgot to wish you all a Happy Easter on Friday. Easter is usually a pretty big deal around here, and this year we almost missed it. Life has been crazy. We didn’t do anything special to celebrate, which I am sad about, but with Lochlyn and I being sick last week, I didn’t have time to plan much.

My weekend started on Thursday, when I was up most of the night with the stomach flu. I am hoping that I caught it from Lochlyn. It sucked, but I am so glad that it was only a 24 hour thing. Could have been so much worse.

Friday was mostly spent napping, relaxing, and hanging out with Lochlyn. Josh was home from work for Good Friday, so I guess if I had to get sick, Thursday night was a good time to do it. I planned on an early bed time for Friday night, since I still wasn’t feeling 100% and I had to work Saturday morning. I am sure glad that I was in bed before 10, because I woke up before 5am and didn’t get back to sleep.

We met our new neighbours on Friday during the day. They just bought the townhouse next to us. They aren’t moving in for another month, but they brought a mattress and stayed at their new place for the long weekend. They were so loud. They stayed up all night in their backyard having a fire and listening to loud music. After being awake for almost an hour I went over and asked them to turn the music down, which worked for all of about 5 minutes and then it was loud again. I was really surprised to find that there were only two of them there. How could they make so much noise and stay up all night? They woke Lochlyn up at 6:30am. I was so frustrated and so so grumpy, especially since I was trying to rest up after being sick and I had to work in the morning.

Saturday morning I felt pretty awful. I had the worst headache ever and was pretty achy. I headed into work and didn’t end up feeling better until I took a couple tylenols in the afternoon. I try to avoid taking tylenol/advil/whatever unless I absolutely have to. I am not really sure why I do this, I just prefer not to take it. After the tylenol, I felt a lot better and enjoyed the rest of my work day.

I came home on Saturday to dinner already made. So awesome. Josh cooked pasta with ground turkey and it was amazing. After Lochlyn went to bed, Josh and I stayed up for a bit and chatted about what we were going to do if our neighbours woke us up again. Then we called it an early night since we were both seriously lacking on sleep and didn’t know how the night would go.

smiles with trail mix

Good thing we went to bed early. At around 1:00 am our neighbours headed back outside for another fire and started getting pretty loud. They didn’t wake me up until 3:00am, but when they did, I called the RCMP right away. I am so glad I did because the RCMP were over there within 20 minutes, and gave them one warning. If they get another noise complaint, they get fined. I still heard our neighbours moving around in the house, and heading outside to smoke (a lot), but the music and loud talking was gone, and that made me happy. Unfortunately, I was pretty awake and worked up about the whole situation, and I didn’t get back to sleep until 5am. I woke up 7 to get ready for my long run before church. I headed out for my run just after 8am, and our neighbours were still awake. Either they only slept for a couple hours, or they didn’t sleep at all. They packed up all their stuff and were gone within the next couple hours. They had a fairly long drive to get home.

So weird. I don’t understand people,  I love sleeping.

I decided to be grateful that calling the RCMP worked to keep the noise down. I didn’t want to be grumpy about the situation and let it ruin my day. I got ready for my runs and headed out with the goal to not worry about time and simply enjoy it.

I put away my phone (I don’t have a Garmin, so I’ve been using RunKeeper) and just turned the volume up on the app, so I could hear updates every so often, without keeping a close eye on my pace. It was a beautiful crisp morning, and there was hardly anyone up and about. Since Lochlyn was sick the week before, my workouts were pretty lacking. I also wasn’t sure I was 100% recovered, and I was missing sleep, so I didn’t want to push myself too hard.

About half way into my run, I realized that I was making really good time. My average pace was awesome and I was feeling really good. I decided to try to push myself the last couple miles and see if I could set a new personal best. Guess what?

8 mile run

I did!!! I had yet to have a run with an average pace that was sub 10 minutes. This was my second time running 8 miles and the first time my pace was 10:04. I was really happy with this pace, and hoped to eventually knock it down to 10:00. I beat my goal by 5 seconds! Without even trying for the first half! I was pretty excited. It is crazy that three months ago I had a hard time running 3 miles at a pace of 10:55, and now I am running 8 miles at 9:55 and not feeling like I am dying for the last few miles. It is amazing how well training works, and how fast your body can adapt to it.

I think that part of the reason why I had such a great run was that I paid more attention to my nutrition, used fuel during the run, and didn’t work out for a couple days before since I was sick. This run certainly made my look forward to my 10k race next weekend. Bring it!

After my run I jumped in the shower, and got ready really quick while Lochlyn napped. Then we headed out the door to go to church. There was no one in the nursery, so I ended up staying in there and playing with Lochlyn, while I caught up with a mom friend I haven’t seen in a while. Josh and I stayed late after the service visiting with people and showing off our baby. I wish I took a picture, since Lochlyn had the cutest dress on for Easter, but my pictures were seriously lacking this weekend. After church, we came home and had lunch (I had a massive salad) and then everyone had a nap.

I wish I could say we did something exciting for Easter but we did not. Easter dinner for us was smoothies since we weren’t too hungry. Well … Lochlyn was hungry. She ate two bowls of leftover pasta, half a banana and half of my smoothie.

After dinner, we headed over to a friend’s house for a quick visit and then had another early bed time. Our new neighbours were gone and we all slept so good. Sleep is the best.


What would you have done to deal with our bad neighbours?

On a more positive note, how did you celebrate Easter?

I Love Planning Meal Plan!

Happy Friday/Saturday/whatever day you are reading this! I haven’t been around on the blog too much lately. This was a weird week for me. Not that anything out of the ordinary happened, but I have been in a weird mood. I think part of it is it has been overcast and gloomy and cold. Last week we had beautiful spring weather, and this week, the sun seems to be MIA. I have been feeling tired, and a little bit depressed. Half marathon training got a lot more intense last week too, and my body has been feeling it. Also, I haven’t been breastfeeding the past week and a half, and my boobs are sore! I thought the engorged feeling would only last a couple days, but it seems like it never ends. I quit  breastfeeding over a couple months, so I didn’t think I would have to deal with being so sore. I can’t imagine quitting all at once. Ouch!

This past week I have been in major planning mode. I have planned out our summer, and planned out a new work schedule for myself since the old one wasn’t working for me. I also wrote this meal plan earlier in the week, because I just felt this need to plan, plan, plan. Sometimes the organizer in me just can’t get enough of planning. I am a weirdo.

first stroller run

This meal plan was mostly inspired by Budget Bytes (thanks for the recommendation Jessica!). I have never made any of their recipes so I am hoping they are good! I have decided to start only working Saturdays, instead of the whole weekend, and saving money on groceries would really help our budget. I am going grocery shopping today. Hopefully the bill isn’t so steep. Josh also did a Costco trip this week, so I mostly just need to pick up fruit, veggies, and milk.


Breakfast Ideas

Lunch Ideas

heavenly hummus wrap

Dinner Ideas


Hope you have a great weekend!


What are some of your money saving tips for doing groceries?

Are you a planner or a doer or both? I am so much more a planner. Planning is my way of procrastinating actually doing anything!

Next Weeks Plan: Sleeping and Eating

I am back to sleeping way too much again! Actually I alternate between not sleeping a whole lot when I wake up early to go for a run, and sleeping too much on my non-running mornings. Today I was planning to wake up early and do a strength work-out, but I couldn’t drag myself out of bed. My legs have been feeling super tired lately, and as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I have been getting bored of strong lifts. Khushboo shared a really great post the other day about the negative affects of cortisol (the stress hormone) on your body, and over-training. It made me think I need to give my muscles a bit of a break. Doing heavy squats three days a week, and running or doing some other cross training five days a week hasn’t been easy.  I made a last minute decision to sleep in (again!).

It is supposed to be really nice out today, so I think I will take Lochlyn for a quick and easy jog in the stroller this afternoon. I have yet to try out our jogging stroller, but I have heard that running with a stroller is hard work!

christmas market walk

I have our meal plan ready to share with you all today. I went a little bit crazy on Ree Drummond’s website this morning. I have yet to make a recipe of hers that Josh and I both didn’t love, so a ton this week’s recipes come from her site! I also went a little bit cheese-crazy. I have been craving melty, delicious cheese this past week, so I decided to listen to my body, and make it the theme of this week’s recipes. I am actually lactose intolerant, but I have been finding that I can eat high-quality cheeses, and yogurt with little side effects. My stomach doesn’t usually handle dairy, and neither does my skin, but I have been doing pretty good on the break-out front, and my stomach has been awesome. I will let you know what happens after this week’s cheese-fest though.

Lochlyn has been eating pretty much everything the same as us now. She even tried peanut butter yesterday! The only thing on the menu this week that she won’t be eating is the shrimp from the Coconut Shrimp Curry recipe. She will have the rice with curry sauce of course since she loves it, I will just take some out for her before I add the shrimp. She will have it with leftovers from another night. Leftovers are the best!

no leftovers

No leftovers when this girl is done. She licks that bowl clean!

Breakfast Ideas

Lunch Ideas

Dinner Ideas

Lochlyn’s New Foods

  • Chia seeds
  • Honey

Have a great weekend!


Please share your favourite websites for finding new recipes with me! 

What’s your favourite pre-run meal (if you are running 7-10 miles)?


Lochlyn’s Birthday Weekend

We had such a great weekend celebrating Lochlyn’s birthday, but I am so tired! This time change is not my favourite. We set our clocks forward one hour yesterday. That means that 6:00 AM becomes 5:00 AM. It also means that today I decided to sleep in for an extra hour. I am hoping that Lochlyn follows suit.

I took the weekend off from work for Lochlyn’s first birthday. Even though she turned one on Thursday, we decided to celebrate with friends and family on the weekend. We had a great time and I think that Lochlyn did too! Unfortunately, I didn’t take very many pictures and I am relying on my parents to send me theirs. I will share what I have, and you may see more once I get them.

lochlyn playing on floor

Friday night involved groceries, tidying up the house, and an early bed time for all of us. On Saturday morning I got up bright and early and got ready before Lochlyn was awake. Once she woke up, I got started on a big birthday cake, and a little vanilla smash cake for her. They turned out really great. it was also ambitious of me to make both cakes the day of her little party!

After Lochlyn’s first nap on Saturday, Josh and I took her into Red Deer to go to the wave pool. She loved watching all the bigger kids playing, and wanted to join in! She also liked floating down the lazy fiver and splashing in the shallow end of the pool. We haven’t taken her swimming for a long time, and it was a lot of fun!

yellow bikini

I didn’t take my camera into the pool, but here is a shot from the change room! I had to show off her little bikini

After the pool, we came home and put Lochlyn down for her second nap. Then it was a mad rush to tidy up the house and get it ready before my parents, and some friends of ours came over to celebrate. It wasn’t a big party, but it was perfect for us. We hung out and watched the kids play for a bit, and then it was time for cake!

ready for cake

It took Lochlyn a few minutes to get into it, but she loved her cake! I haven’t given her any sweet treats up to this point, so it was all new for her. The cake ended up all over her, and a good portion went into her mouth as well. I am glad I didn’t plan this right before bed, because I don’t think she could have slept with all that sugar!

funny cake picture

After cake Lochlyn opened some presents, and all the kids played with them. She got lots of books and shoes, which I was excited about. She also got some interesting toys and a really beautiful dress. She is such a lucky girl!

driving to pool

After our friends left, my parents and Josh and I ordered in take out from the Thai restaurant in town. I didn’t get any pictures, but it was really good. I love Thai food.

After dinner, we put Lochlyn down for the night and then Josh and I decided to take advantage of free babysitting since my parents were staying over, and went to a movie. I am not a night person, and the movie didn’t start until almost 10:00. This is super late for me. We watched Focus, and I wasn’t into it at all. I ended up sleeping through a good chunk of it. I would rather sleep then watch a bad movie, even if it is in the theatre.

We all slept in on Sunday morning, and then I had plans to go for a run. It was supposed to be a 5k race weekend for me, but there weren’t any races going on nearby (except for a half marathon), so I opted to run alone. I did try to keep my pace up as much as I could, and ended up finishing 5k in 27:44. I was happy with this speed, since my run felt HARD! I was expecting it to be easy, since I have been running 10K for my longer weekend runs the past couple of weeks. I think eating so much junk food on Saturday had something to do with it. I guess birthday cake icing isn’t the best running fuel. Staying up late on Saturday night probably didn’t help either. Lesson learned I guess.

I ended up with sniffles and couldn’t stop sneezing on Sunday evening and I am still sniffling as I type this up today. I am really hoping I am not getting a cold, but I guess that could have contributed to my hard run on Sunday too.

After my run, I came home and got ready, then we all had lunch and headed outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. We took Lochlyn to play at a nearby park, and then walked down to the lake before it was nap time for the little one. She started to get fussy so we headed home, put her down, and said good bye to my parents.

playing on swing


Poor Lochlyn had the sun in her eyes!

The rest of Sunday involved lots of relaxing, and a super early bed time. I guess one thing that is nice about the time change is I can go to bed at what used to be 8:00, and it is actually 9:00 (does that make sense?). I am definitely planning to go to bed early again tonight. I love sleeping.

Lochlyn had such a perfect birthday weekend. I am so thankful that we have such great friends and family to share it with. She is definitely a loved little girl!


What was the highlight of your weekend?

Are you a night person or a morning person?

Birthday Fun and Meal Plan

I have next week’s meal plan to share with you guys, but before I do, I wanted to fill you in on our day yesterday.

It was Lochlyn’s first birthday, and I was so excited. We have plans to celebrate this weekend, but I still wanted to make her actual birthday special for her. It was actually pretty difficult to come up with fun things to do with her. There isn’t a ton of places around here that a one-year-old would enjoy. We live in a smaller town, and the closest city isn’t the most cultural, so our options were limited.

I woke up way before the sun did, and got my run in before Josh went to work. I wanted to have the whole day free to spend with my little one. Once she woke up, we had big bowls of oatmeal for breakfast, then hopped in the shower before it was nap time. I typed up Lochlyn’s 12 month update while she napped, and then it was time to have some fun!

birthday oatmeal

We headed into Red Deer to check out an indoor playground/coffee shop called Cafe ‘o Play. It is a play area for kids aged 0-6, with tables lots of chairs surrounding it to eat, or sit and chat and have a coffee. Josh met us on his lunch break too, and Lochlyn was so happy to see him. Lochlyn and I had paninis and I also ordered a coffee. After lunch we played up a storm. I think Lochlyn had a lot of fun. I know I had fun playing with her!

cafe o play with dad

I accidentally left my phone in the car, so I had to borrow Josh’s to take photos. When he left I had no idea what time it was. We stayed a played for awhile longer, and then I felt like we had to get going because we had a couple more stops before nap time.

cafe o play truck

I ran into The Running Room quickly to pick up some fuel for some longer runs I have coming up. I ended up going with GU, since it seems to be the most popular and I have heard good things about it. Also, it is the fuel being offered at my race, although I am thinking I will probably bring my own.

After the Running Room, Lochlyn and I visited the pet store. I wanted to take her to a petting zoo this weekend, but there is nothing open around here until May at the earliest. It is way too cold for animals I guess. The petstore seemed like the next best option. Lochlyn was of course infatuated with the cats. I was disappointed they didn’t have any kittens, but we spent a good amount of time watching older cats laze about, and Lochlyn was thrilled. She couldn’t stop waving at them, and saying “kitty” and smiling. Silly girl loves her kitties.

lochlyn at pet store


The birds weren’t quite as interesting

I wanted to check out a different pet store to see if we could find kittens to play with, but I ended up getting a bit lost on the way. I am horrible with directions so this isn’t surprising, or frustrating for me since it happens regularly. Lochlyn started fussing and I realized that it was almost nap time, so I made the decision to head home instead of trying to find it. We can always go another day!

Lochlyn made it home without any tears, and then had a super long nap. When she woke up she had her usual smoothie, and then played in her playpen while I made dinner. Eeyore got in a lot of trouble because she scratched Lochlyn’s face while they were playing. She spent some time in her kennel after that one.


Super blurry photo, but you can see where Eeyore scratched her 

After dinner, Lochlyn opened her present from us, and then we skyped with Josh’s parents and opened her present from them. Before we knew it, it was time for bed, and Lochlyn crashed hard. It was  a busy day for her!

birthday present present

On the agenda today is hitting up the gym, and the dollar store, and then making birthday cake! I can’t wait to celebrate with friends and family this weekend!

On a completely different note, here is what is on the menu for this week…

Breakfast Ideas

Lunch Ideas

Dinner Ideas

Smash Cake: DIY Smash Cake

Birthday Cake: Vanilla Birthday Cake with Old-Fashioned Vanilla Buttercream

Snack Ideas

  • I  need to re-make some dark chocolate no-bake cookies so I can share the recipe with you. Josh and I kind of ate them all before I could get some good pictures. They are that good!

Also, stayed tuned, because I am planning to announce the Beauty in Christ giveaway winner early next week. If you haven’t entered yet, you can do so here.


 Is declawing your cats as inhumane as I hear it is? Eeyore won’t stop scratching Lochlyn!

Homemade of store-bought birthday cake? I usually end up making pie because it is Josh’s favourite. He is still trying to convince me to make Lochlyn a birthday pie, but it isn’t going to happen!

Back to Blogging!

Long time no see! I haven’t actually fallen off of the face of the planet, I just wasn’t feeling the whole blog thing last week. I ended up getting mastitis, which is an infection often caused by breastfeeding. I was tired, and not feeling too great for most of the week and felt more like sleeping than blogging.

I am almost back to my usual self now, which is great because I have a lot planned for this week. Lochlyn turns 1 on Thursday and I am so excited!

sunglasses babe

I still have to do a few things to plan for her birthday celebration. We ended up deciding not to have a big party for her (we aren’t big party people) so instead we are having a couple people over, and we want to take her to do something fun! On Saturday we are going to go take her to the wave pool, but we want to make plans on Sunday too. Any ideas for fun things we can do with a one-year-old? Keep in mind the that it is cold and snowy here. There isn’t too much we can do outside!

view from work

Today I plan on going to a baby clothing swap in the morning (so excited, I love baby clothes!). In the afternoon I will be at the gym, and this evening will be the usual cooking dinner and cleaning up. I need to start getting the house ready for this weekend!

I started typing up this week’s meal plan on Friday, but it didn’t get published, so here it is today. We are still trying to spend less money on groceries, but this week I wasn’t too successful. Why is food so expensive?!

Breakfast Ideas

Lunch Ideas

Dinner Ideas

Snack Ideas

  • Fudgy dark chocolate no-bake cookies (recipe coming soon!)
  • Smoothies

Lochlyn’s New Foods

  • Celery
  • Egg whites
  • Sunflower seeds

Meal Prep

  • I wasn’t feeling the meal prep this weekend. Hopefully I will get a chance to chop some veggies today
  • I did make some no-bake cookies on Saturday – they literally take less then 10 minutes to make!


Any ideas for fun things to do with a one-year-old?




Valentine’s Day Weekend

I know it’s late, but I haven’t filled you guys in on what my daily life has been like for awhile, so I wanted to share my weekend with you. Unfortunately, I feel like I am not going to be able to remember everything that happened, so it might be a more brief recap than I originally intended! (edited to add) Nevermind – this isn’t brief at all!

My Friday (because the weekend really starts on Friday!) was spent enjoying the day with Lochlyn. I also wanted to do something special for Josh for Valentine’s day, but I hadn’t planned too much, so I decided to make him his favourite childhood dessert – Death By Chocolate. For those of you that haven’t tried this before. Death by Chocolate is a trifle with layers of brownie, chocolate pudding, whipped cream, and crushed Scor bars. I used boxed brownie and chocolate pudding mixes, because it would have been so much work if I made it all from scratch!

death by chocolate

(I actually made this in an extra large sized mixing bowl. You can’t tell from the photo, but it was pretty huge!)

I did make the whipped cream from scratch, and it was so good! I definitely ate quite a few spoonfuls while I was assembling the trifle. I didn’t like whipped cream when I was a kid. I couldn’t understand why anyone would choose to use whipped cream for desserts instead of icing. After tasting that whipped cream, I think my opinion has changed! I still prefer cream cheese icing though.

Lochlyn and I also headed out to the gym together, and I wore my new Fabletics leggings. I wasn’t sure about the pattern at first, but I really like them. I have a bigger lower body in proportion to my upper body, and so typically I try to go solid and darker on the bottom, but I wanted a bit of a change with my gym clothes. These leggings were super comfy, and I am glad I chose them!


(I apologize for the crotch shot!)

After the gym, I refuelled with a smoothie while Lochlyn napped. When she woke up she had a smoothie too, and then we headed out the door to get some groceries. She is a good little shopper and is pretty content as long as I let her play with my grocery list. I bought her a new toy for Valentine’s Day, and I also bought her some baby hair elastics. Of course I had to try them out when we got home.

first ponytail

On Friday night Josh and I had talked about ordering sushi, but our favourite sushi place was closed for renovations so we skipped it and had eggs (I think?). We decided to save the sushi for another night. After Lochlyn went to bed we hung out and talked for quite awhile. It was really nice. Normally we just turn a movie on when we are hanging out, so it was cool to have some good conversation instead.

Saturday was a busy day for me. I got up fairly early to get ready for work before Lochlyn woke up. When I heard my little girl in the monitor, I went in to breastfeed her, then had breakfast and headed off to work. Lochlyn got to spend Valentine’s Day with her Daddy.

dad and lochlyn valentines

It was a long weekend here, and the store that I work at was hosting a community fundraiser event, so it was busy. I love busy days, but I left work really tired. I didn’t have a lot of time to eat dinner because we had plans to go watch the fireworks down at the beach. I don’t even remember what I ate, but I know I did it quickly, and then was back out the door.

It was fun watching Lochlyn’s reaction to the loud fireworks. We were very close, and it felt like they were going to fall on us! She didn’t seem scared, but she wasn’t exactly excited either. She just stared at them, and then when the show was over, she kept looking up at the sky for more.

family day fireworksangela and lochlyn fireworksangela lochlyn fireworks

After the fireworks, Josh, Lochlyn and I headed home for an early bed time. We are so exciting.

Sunday had me getting up fairly early again to go for a longer run. My run was amazing, the weather was beautiful, and I was able to run outside (so much better!). I ran five miles, and improved my average mile/minute time by just over 20 seconds! I am not very fast, as I am just new to running longer distances, so I was pretty happy about this. My average speed on Sunday was 10:23 minutes/mile.

After my run, I got ready for work, while Lochlyn napped and Josh went to church. Then we traded off and Josh came home and I went to work. Work was a lot slower on Sunday, but my day still went by pretty fast, and I only had a five hour shift.

Sunday night was super rushed again. I got off of work at 6:15, came home and made a quick salad, and then headed out the door to friend’s house. I ate the salad on their couch while we watched a movie and hung out with their family. They have the cutest kids ever. I wish I could post a picture for you guys, but I haven’t told them about the blog, and don’t want to post pictures of other people’s kids without asking. Their youngest son is three and he absolutely adores Josh, it is so cute to watch them play together. They oldest is seven and she loves Lochlyn. I think she will make a great babysitter in a few years!

Sunday night was pretty rough. Lochlyn woke up at 9:30pm. Then she woke up again at 1:30am, and didn’t go back to sleep until 5am. I have no idea what is going on with this girl! She usually sleeps 12 hours a night. She has been getting so upset whenever I put her down in her crib. Like hyperventilating, having a temper tantrum upset. I have never seen her get so worked up. Josh and I were thinking about letting her cry a bit again, but it is hard when she is so sad. I hope that nothing else is wrong! I finally brought her to bed with me and sent Josh to sleep in the basement. We got a good three hours of sleep cuddled up together in bed. She just does not want to be alone!

Monday was a holiday for Josh, and I didn’t have to work either. It was nice to finally have a day together without a ton of plans. We got a few things done around the house, and then we drove into Red Deer for a little family date. Menchies! Too bad Lochlyn can’t have any yet, but it won’t be long now. We are trying to avoid giving her sugar until she reaches the one year mark.

josh and lochlyn at menchies

I always get pretty boring froyo flavours. My favourites are vanilla and cake batter. They were all out of cake batter, so I decided to try tropical taro and pecan praline, with my regular vanilla. The taro was just okay, but the praline was amazing. I would definitely recommend it. Of course I had to top it off with some cheesecake pieces. I also added peanut butter cups which was a bit of a mistake, so I picked them out and ate them first. I prefer no chocolate on my froyo!

menchies froyo

When we got home from Red Deer, Lochlyn had a nap, I went to the gym, and Josh worked out in our basement. Then it was time to make dinner, and get ready for the work week.

Now that I am working on the weekends, they feel pretty jam-packed. It is hard to make plans, or even spend time together as a family. My job itself has been going really well. The other staff are great, it is an easy position, and I get to socialize a lot with other customers. I am hoping that if I start working some evenings during the week, I won’t have to work every single day on the weekend. I want to get in some family time this summer!

valentines mom and baby


What’s your favourite froyo flavour? 

Ever tried death by chocolate? Did you like it? What was your favourite childhood dessert? Mine was angel food cake. I think mostly just because of the name. Angel sounds like Angela!

One Sick Husband

Good morning and happy Monday!

Now that I am working weekends, Mondays are a good day for me. I like having a routine, and Monday is a good day to get back into it. This weekend was completely uneventful for us, but crazy busy for me. Working weekends means that I don’t have much time to do anything else. It is going okay for now, but I know that working every single Saturday and Sunday isn’t something that I want to be doing long term.

On Friday evening I did groceries, came home and had dinner, and did the laundry. Then I put Lochlyn down for the night. Josh and I ended up going to bed pretty early that evening. He wasn’t in the greatest mood, and I was feeling especially tired.

Saturday morning started bright and early, since Josh ended up with the flu. I was in a rush trying to take care of him, and get ready for work. Usually on Saturdays Josh helps with Lochlyn so I don’t have to get up so early. This Saturday I tried to do everything I could to help with her so that he could rest. I rushed off to work at 9:30, but ended up only working a few hours. Josh was really not doing good so I came home to take care of Lochlyn.

cute sleeper baby

The rest of my Saturday involved trying to clean up the house while playing with my little one. This isn’t easy to do since she is into everything lately!

toilet paper play

It wasn’t cool that Josh was so sick, but I enjoyed the extra time with my baby.

Saturday night looked pretty much the same as Friday. I called it an early night and went to bed after putting Lochlyn down. Good thing too, since I was up most of the night. Josh was sick a few times in the night, and I got so worried and worked up that I couldn’t sleep. He slept like a baby the rest of the night of course! I think I got two or three hours of sleep, and he probably got 10 or 12. It figures. Lochlyn was also coughing all night. She didn’t wake up, but I could hear her and I felt so bad for her. She woke up in the morning all stuffed up with a cold. I feel like one of us is always sick – we can’t catch a break! I am so glad that she hasn’t gotten Josh’s flu.

lochlyn sleeping

On Sunday morning Josh seemed a lot better. I got up extra early since I couldn’t sleep, and prepared all of Lochlyn’s meals for the day so he wouldn’t have to. Then I woke Lochlyn up, nursed her, and fed her breakfast before doing some chores and putting her down for a nap. Once she was down I rushed to the gym to get my run in before she woke up. Then I came home, showered, nursed Lochlyn again, got ready, and headed off to work.

I didn’t get home from work until 6:30, so I quickly made eggs and avocado toast for dinner, did the laundry (I do laundry every night), and got my little one off to bed. I was exhausted by the time she was asleep so I went to bed myself.

My alarm went of at 4:45 this morning to head to the gym. After pressing snooze only once I managed to get up and get dressed, but then I talked myself out of going and headed back to bed. I was really tired and decided it would be better for me to get some extra sleep. I could always go to the gym later today if Lochlyn’s cold is doing better.

Josh got up at 5:15 to go to work, but ended up coming back to bed at 5:45.He decided to take the day off. I got really grumpy because he came back to bed and woke me up. He brought the cat with him, who wandered around our room whining and getting in to everything. I ended up being completely awake, so I got up to write this post. So much for getting extra sleep. I get so grumpy when I am woken up!

I am really bad with having sympathy for sick people. I am okay for a day or two, but once people are on the recovering end, I am awful at taking care of them, or having any patience. This is something I need to work on.  I think I have only taken four or five sick days in my thirteen years of working life. I realize this isn’t normal and that most people take days off to recover after being sick. I place high expectations on myself, and because of this, I tend to expect the same from other people.  For example, I was at the gym running two days after I had the stomach flu a month ago – not the best choice, and it was definitely a hard workout!

I have to admit, it is hard for me to have Josh at home watching movies and relaxing while I am rushing around and have so much to do because I spent the weekend taking care of him. Don’t get me wrong, if he was as sick as he was on Saturday, there would be no way I would want him to go to work. I struggle when it is that grey area where I know he could work fine, but he still isn’t 100% back to normal. I would be the worst nurse ever! I need to get over this little issue of mine before Lochlyn gets older. I don’t want to place my high expectations on her. I am really happy that Josh is feeling better, I just need to focus on the positive I guess!

I do feel less grumpy now that I have gotten all of that out! On the agenda for today is getting my house tidy after this weekend (cleaning seems to always be on the agenda!), and hitting up the gym if Lochlyn is feeling better. I also plan to make some yummy soup for dinner for Josh.

My goal for today is to be more understanding and patient with Josh and not be grumpy about him staying home and relaxing. My other goal is to take pictures of something other than Lochlyn. As you can see by this post, she is the only one I snapped photos of this weekend! I will give myself bonus points if my pictures aren’t blurry!


Are you good at taking care of sick people? Do you have patience with them? 

Have you been sick a lot more than normal this year, or is it just me?

New Shoes and Sick Baby Blues

Happy Thursday everyone! I have lots of random things to share with you today, so I am linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for some Thinking out Loud action.

thinking out loud

1. I bought new running shoes on Tuesday. It is about time. I have been running in minimalist-style shoes designed for weight-lifting and my knee has been getting really sore. My old running shoes are WAY too small now that I have had a baby. My feet have grown about 1 shoe size, and I think the shoes were a little on the small side to begin with because they are 2 sizes smaller than the shoes that I bought.

I had a pretty hard time finding the right shoes, Lochlyn and I drove into Red Deer together on Tuesday after lunch. I had plans to buy shoes from Sport Chek since I had a $150 gift card to use up, but I was not impressed with their service. It was hard enough finding a salesperson to help me, but the one that eventually did ended up not know a thing about running shoes. To make matters worse, he pretended he knew what he was talking about, and recommended some completely wrong shoes for me. After trying on a couple shoes, and googling his recommendations for more information, I decided Sport Check may not have been the best idea.

I ended up using my gift card to buy a foam roller, and headed to The Running Room in hopes of more knowledgeable staff. I was nervous because it was past Lochlyn’s nap time, and I didn’t know how she would hold up going to another store, but she did great. There were no other customers in the store, and I got great service. One of the employees even held Lochlyn and played with her the whole time while I tried on shoes. (She used to be a childcare worker so she knew what she was doing). Anyway, I ended up getting Saucony Triumph Iso shoes, and so far I really like them. I ran in them for the first time this morning, and at the moment I have no knee pain!

saucony triumph iso

2. Lochlyn has been feeling under the weather again. She has had a fever and a runny nose on and off for the past week.This is the first time she has had a fever and I felt a little bit nervous about it. I ended up calling a nurse to ask for some advice, and told me not to do anything at all unless Lochlyn gets other symptoms. This made me feel better until she said that it didn’t matter how high Lochlyn’s fever got, it wasn’t a big deal unless other symptoms showed up. I think that if Lochlyn’s fever got high enough I would take her to the hospital. Maybe I am paranoid, but I want my baby to be safe.

standing in crib

At first I actually thought Lochlyn might be teething, but yesterday my nose started getting really runny too. I feel fine except for a little stuffed up, but it is still frustrating. This year seems to be the most sick I have ever been. I think I keep picking up sicknesses from Lochlyn, so I guess I need to get used to it.

3. This week I am planning to add a longer run in for half marathon training. I have been running three miles three times a week. My longer run is only going up to four miles, but that is long for me, and I don’t want to be sick for that. The past two weeks have felt really good with running. I have incorporated some hill training and progressive runs in and I have finally been feeling like I could run farther than three miles without dying. Today’s three miles was a little bit harder, and I am thinking that it could have been because I have caught Lochlyn’s cold. So frustrating! I actually don’t feel sick at all except for having a stuffed up head, and I don’t want to miss out more of training. Any advice from runners out there? How do you adjust your training when you aren’t feeling great? How sick do you have to be to decide to miss a run?

4. My cleaning schedule has been going awesome this week. I am hoping that I can keep up with it and have a tidier house. I have had more time to clean this week since we haven’t been going to the gym during the day as Lochlyn is sick. I have also found that using the crockpot more really helps. I can make dinner while Lochlyn is napping, so that in the early evening I can clean up a bit before Josh gets home.

5. As you probably know, I started work last weekend, and it actually went pretty good. The shop was slow, which made my day drag on, but besides that I didn’t mind it at all. I thought I would be sad leaving Lochlyn, but I am happy leaving her with Josh and I know they will have a good time together. My main worry is that I am going to be scheduled to work every single weekend. I had asked to work two weekends a month, but my boss has said that with the way that she schedules, that could get too complicated. I am hoping that we can figure something out, because working every weekend is not going to fly. I need some time with my family!


josh and lochlyn on old futon

6. Lochlyn slept for 2 hours and 40 minutes yesterday. That is the longest nap she has ever had … ever! I think it must have been because she is sick, and I am sure she needed the rest. I actually started to get worried about her because she never sleeps that long. I was thankful that I had a video monitor so I could check on her and make sure she was okay!

7. Have you guys ever heard of Gina’s Shape up programs? She offers a free program twice a year (winter and summer) that includes a work out program, and lots of inspiration. I followed the Summer Shape-Up plan this year and I really enjoyed it. It isn’t my preferred style of workouts (too much jumping around and not enough heavy lifting) but it was good to shake up my normal routine. The Winter Shape-Up is starting January 26th. If you are looking for a new exercise program, or getting bored with your current one I suggest you check it out! The Shape-Up program lasts four weeks, and each week is different and has different work-outs.

I am mentioning this because one of my favourite parts about participating in the Summer Shape-Up program, was the meal plan. Anne from Fannetastic Food puts together a FREE meal plan to go along with the Shape-Up programs. I followed the meal plan in the summer, and it really changed the way that I eat. It challenged so many of my “food rules” in a good way. Anne is a registered dietician, and her meal plans offer lots of healthy ideas.  It was a great way to get my out of my eating comfort zone and get me to try new things. It also really helped me learn to eat intuitively, by breaking through some of those food and diet rules that I had in place without even realizing it. Anne’s meal plans offer easy and healthy snack ideas, and quick and delicious meal recipes. These meals plans aren’t a diet. They don’t tell you how much to eat, or when to eat. Portion sizes are sometimes recommended, but you can each as much as you need to, whenever you need to – that’s my kind of plan!

edamame salad

I have been in a bit of a breakfast and lunch rut lately. Lochlyn and I tend to eat the same things everyday. For breakfast I have banana egg white oatmeal and lunch tends to be whatever I can find in the fridge, and is never really what I feel like eating. I am thinking about following the meal plan for the Winter Shape-Up program just to get some variety back in my meals. I won’t be following the work-out plan, but I will be saving it in case I want to try it later! I am hoping to do my grocery shopping tomorrow, and I really hope the meal plan comes out in time for me to pick up what I need!

banana oatmeal

8. I am going to leave you all with a picture of Lochlyn because I think she is adorable, and I have a question for you …

favorite game


Lochlyn is playing her new favourite game. Can you guess what it is?

Have you ever tried the Shape-up programs and/or the meal plan that goes with it? What did you think?