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Confession Time … and a Meal Plan

It’s Friday! I am actually excited about the weekend since I don’t have to work. I guess there are some good things about having an injured knee. My bank account isn’t too happy though. No paycheques + tons of physio = not so much money. Even though I only work one or two days a week, I am missing that little bit of extra cash I am bringing in, plus physio isn’t cheap. My parents did help me out a lot with paying for all the physio appointments (thanks guys!), but I didn’t expect to still be going. I am hoping to only have a couple more sessions left. I will miss it though, it is super relaxing.

Josh and I don’t have much on the agenda for this weekend. I think we will end up doing a lot of chores around the house, and in our backyard. We are currently working on landscaping the yard because, embarrassingly, it looks like this at the moment:


I also need to work on getting the house clean. It is pretty messy right now since I have been working at resting my knee when I am not chasing after Lochlyn. Josh’s mom is coming to visit in a week, and I don’t want her to have to stay the mess that is our home. I also need to clean out my truck because the inside hasn’t been cleaned since before Lochlyn was born. I guess it is confession time or something.

Anyways, happy Friday, and I hope you all enjoy the weekend. Here is my meal plan for the week!

lochlyn orange almond pudding

Breakfast Ideas

  • 5-minute Oatmeal Power Bowl
  • Apple pie Chia Seed Jam Parfait
  • Lot’s of eggs – I am normally a sweet breakfast person, but last week I found that all I wanted in the morning was savoury and eggs have sounded amazing! The two sweeter breakfasts I planned for last week are on this week’s plan since I haven’t got to the yet.

Lunch Ideas

Dinner Ideas


What are you up to this weekend? 

How often do you clean out your vehicle? I have actually never cleaned out my vehicle before. Josh used to do it for me, and I guess now no one does it. Time for me to learn!

Meal Ideas for May 25th – 29th

Wow I haven’t been around for a long time. I need to get this computer fixed, as right now, it makes blogging a little bit unpleasant. I have had a crazy week, and I need to tell you guys about it, so expect a little explanation post coming soon. Also expect a recap of my first half marathon ever. I can’t believe I haven’t shared that yet.

lochlyn mom swing

Here is the meal plan of the week. My oven died a few days ago, so this meal plan is doesn’t require anything to be baked. Good thing we have the barbecue going. I already miss my oven a ton!




This meal plan is a little late, but better late than never right? Happy Monday everyone!


What are your favourite grill recipes?

A Veggie-Filled Meal Plan

Here is my super ambitious meal plan for the week. It is ambitious because the lunch recipes require a little more work than I am used to, but I am going to give it a go. I am getting bored of my usual salad, or eggs, or hummus wrap for lunch, and wanted to switch it up a bit. I ventured over to Peas and Crayons to find some recipes, and was inspired by all the colourful veggies.

I am also hoping to get some baking done this week. Josh is going on a guy’s camping trip next weekend and I would love to send him with some treats. My parents will be visiting while he is gone, and it would be nice to have a little extra on hand to offer them too. Here is hoping I get to it! I am thinking muffins, or banana bread, or something else equally delicious.

Breakfast Ideas

Lunch Ideas (brought to you by Peas and Crayons!)

Dinner Ideas

Snack Ideas


That’s it for this week. My weekend plans include resting, relaxing and extra foam rolling. Why? Race day on Sunday! Happy long weekend everyone!


What are your plans for this weekend?

Indoor Playground and Meal Plan

It’s the weekend everyone! I would celebrate except that I have to work until after 10:00 tonight, so I am not the most excited. Weekends tend to be busier for me than the week. It is nice to have Josh around more though, since he has the weekend off.

Yesterday Josh, Lochlyn, and I drove to Calgary for a quick visit my father-in-law. He was visiting family in Lethbridge, and flew into Calgary and was renting a car and driving to Lethbridge to visit them. We decided to take advantage of him being so close, and made plans to meet up with him.

Josh and his dad are always joking with each other. For real, they rarely ever have a serious conversation. Josh is like that with a lot of his friends, and probably the worst with his Dad. Josh made plans to meet his dad at an indoor playground called Treehouse, so that Lochlyn could play for a bit after being in the car for so long. I guess Josh’s dad thought that Josh was joking about even this. After my father-in-law’s plane landed he texted us to let us know he had made it and asked where Josh was meeting him. When I and told him we were almost at Treehouse, he was so confused. Maybe Josh needs to emphasize when he is actually being serious since he is ALWAYS joking.

josh juggling


Pretty sure the play areas is supposed to be of toddlers only Josh!

When Josh and I were dating, I had such a hard time telling if he was joking or not when he was texting me. I totally know where his dad was coming from.

Treehouse turned out to be so much fun. It is a 12000 foot play space and cafe, with tons of different sections to discover. We mostly stuck to an area called the “toddler room” that had a big ball pit, tons of different toys, and a play area that Lochlyn could climb, with a big slide. We also visited another room that had different activity tables and a reading corner full of books. It also had a giant chalk board to draw on.

treehouse slide

It was fun watching Lochlyn interact with other kids, and discover the new environment. I love watching her in these type of situations because she acts differently than she does at home. In new situations she is very cautious, and likes to watch and observe others before she joins in the fun. She sounds a bit like her mama I think!

treehouse rocking snail

It was great seeing Lochlyn’s grandpa too. It is hard having family live so far away (they live in Brandon, Manitoba). We only get the chance to see them a few times a year.

jim walking lochlyn

Today the only thing I planned to accomplish before work was to make today’s meal plan. And I guess I need to shower and brush my teeth! I was up at 7:00, so I had plenty of time. The meal plan is almost an exact repeat from April 3rd’s meal plan. The reason being – it’s half marathon week! Sunday is when I actually run, but this week I wanted to stick with the meal plan I used before my 10k. It was easy, and delicious, and I didn’t have any stomach issues.

Breakfast Ideas

Scrambled eggs with spinach and sweet potato
Egg white pancakes
Egg Sandwich
Banana Egg White Oatmeal

Lunch Ideas

Turkey Sandwich with tons of veggies
Bean/grain salad
Hummus wrap
Egg salad sandwiches

Dinner Ideas


Hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend!

Computer Virus and Meal Plan

My computer has a virus or some adware malware problem, or something. If there are any random links throughout this post (besides the meal plan portion) DO NOT CLICK ON THEM. I thought this wasn’t supposed to happen to macs – but it is happening! I need to call Apple and get them to fix it as I don’t have a lot of patience. I am really hoping it won’t cost a ton because we already spent the small bit of ton that we had on our truck since we desperately needed new tires.

Anyway, every time I sit down to write my meal plan at the end of the week, I look back and wish that I had found the time to write up a couple more posts. I love blogging, but lately I have had a really hard time balancing it with family, work, cleaning, running and stretching, and admittedly, my Netflix addiction. My computer virus isn’t helping the situation. It keeps messing with my Internet, sometimes making posts pretty difficult to write. I am hoping that I find the time to blog a bit more often. I really love it and I have lots of ideas for posts I want to write.

This week was pretty low key and a bit boring for Lochlyn and I. Lochlyn has a bad cough, so we mostly stayed home. The highlight of the week so far was running into a friend at the park yesterday. Not the most exciting highlight, but I am starting to go a little crazy being home all day, so it was awesome to see a familiar face. Another highlight would be the bag of peanut M&Ms that I demolished. I normally wouldn’t consider food a highlight, but this week was so uneventful!

playing at park

I didn’t take any pictures yesterday, but it pretty much looked like this with a different outfit!

A not so great point from my week is that my knee has been bothering me. I feel like every time I run, it is taking longer and longer to recover. I have 16 more days to go until my half marathon, so I am hoping it will hold up! I think I will start tapering my runs a lot sooner then originally planned, so that it feels better on race day.

Okay, the real point of this post is this week’s meal plan. So let’s get to it…




I have been posting breakfast and lunch ideas on my meal plans as well, but I feel like they are getting pretty repetitive. Latley, I haven’t been taking the time to prepare much, so meals have been whatever is easy, and fast, and sounds good. I am going to keep it as that, and not worry about planning them out for the time being. I am just feeling a little unmotivated in the kitchen.

I do plan to make this Chocolate Zucchini Bread for Josh to take to work this week. I will definitely have to make extra for Lochlyn and I!


Any Mac experts out there? HELP! 

What was the best homemade meal you had last week?

April 24th Meal Plan

If you are a regular reader around here, you may have noticed that I have been a lot less present on the blog lately. I always have good intentions to write posts, but life has been getting in the way. I guess it is more like I have been choosing other things instead of blogging. Lately my choices have been running, working, cleaning, laundry, and watching Netflix.

Half marathon training is in full effect now. This weekend I run 10 miles, which is the longest distance I will be running before my race. My half marathon is on May 17th, so I still have three long runs left – I will be alternating 10 mile and 9 mile runs until it gets here.

My short runs are now 5 miles long. This may not sound long to an experienced runner, but it feels long to my tired legs. I am spending almost 2.5 hours running a week, and doing another 2 hours of cross training and almost 2.5 hours of strength training. I am happy that all this training will only be happening for a few more weeks. I can’t imagine training for a full marathon! Not that I am complaining – I am pretty excited!

Enough running talk – I wanted to stop in today with a meal plan for the week. I didn’t get to sharing one last week. Teething (Lochlyn is getting four teeth at once) + 2 days of extra work + all the running = one way too tired mama. I missed having a meal plan, and want to bring it back. Meals the past week weren’t the greatest.

lochlyn eating spoon

Breakfast Ideas

  • Wholewheat Blueberry Pancakes with chopped strawberries
  • Green smoothie and toast
  • Apple cheddar omelette (Lochlyn loves this!)
  • Overnight oats
  • Egg white oatmeal
  • Egg Scramble with all the leftover veggies, rice, and whatever else i can fin din the fridge!

Lunch Ideas

I seriously haven’t had much of an appetite at lunch time lately. Nothing just sounds all that good. I have mostly been eating hummus wraps but I would like to change that. The thing is, I haven’t been feeling like taking the time to prepare anything. I had a really hard time even finding recipes that appealed to me. I typically try to eat meat-free at lunch to save a little cash. Ideas?

  • Warm tofu salad with feta
  • Edamame hummus salad

Dinner Ideas


  • veggies and hummus/tzatziki
  • smoothies
  • I want to whip up a batch of muffins – maybe I will find the time!

And that’s a wrap. I am super hungry. I am going to go make some breakfast. I have some super ripe bananas sitting on the counter that need to be made into some egg white oatmeal ASAP.

eating funny face lochlyn

Have a great weekend!


I need some lunch ideas – please inspire me!

Runners that use Gu to fuel long runs/races – What is your favourite flavour? I am trying to figure out what flavours to use for my half. So far I am liking Espresso Love and Caramel Macchiato. This surprises me as I thought I would be all about the fruity flavours.


Meal Plan for April 13th

I am super late with meal planning this week. I usually figure it out on Fridays, but last Friday was hectic since I was trying to get ready to go away for the weekend. This post will be short and sweet, but I wanted to pop in with the week’s meal plan. Two posts in one day, who am I? Please check out my other post from today because I am pretty proud of it – My First Race Ever!

lochlyn spring sunglasses

Breakfast Ideas

Lunch Ideas

Dinner Ideas

This post took forever to go up. My computer keeps getting a pop-up saying that I have a security issue and need to call some random number that claims to be “Apple Care”. If you get this pop-up – don’t call the number! It is not Apple Care. I called the number and it was sketchy so I hung up. Anyways, I fixed my computer all by myself, because I am a rockstar (it was easy, but I am still proud of myself).

Have a great Monday!


What is your favourite birthday desert? Josh’s is apple pie with vanilla ice cream every time. I can never make up my mind. I love carrot cake, and cheesecake. I also love Saskatoon or cherry pie. I haven’t had rhubarb crisp is forever, and that sounds pretty amazing too. I am a lot more indecisive than Josh!

Have you ever had that window come up on your computer? Ever fallen for a similar scam?

April 3rd Meal Plan

This has been a hard week. I am glad that it is almost over.

The week started off with Lochlyn waking up with a really bad stomach flu on Monday morning. She has had a cold for a few weeks, and has been teething like crazy, and the stomach flu was just the icing on the cake. I won’t go into too many details, but I was in for a big surprise when I headed into her room in the morning. I had to wash everything, and vacuum, and then wash everything again. Gross. I felt so bad that she slept through the night in that mess. All Lochlyn wanted to do on Monday was cuddle and sleep.

asleep in high chair

Lochlyn is doing a lot better now, but she still isn’t herself. She isn’t eating very much, and she is really tired. I think her teeth are hurting her a lot. She has needed a lot of extra love and attention this week.

I also haven’t been feeling that great this past week. I thought it was because I haven’t been eating very healthily. I was blaming my stomach issues on too much dairy and sugar. With Lochlyn needing so much extra attention, my meals have been consisting of whatever I can quickly grab out of the cupboard. On Thursday I was feeling especially sick. My whole body was aching and I was freezing cold. By Thursday evening I realized I had a stomach flu. Thursday night I ended up sleeping on the couch, so I didn’t wake Josh up with all my trips to the bathroom. Bleh.

On top of us being sick, and cooped up in the house all week, it is snowing and grey and gross outside. This weather gets to me and I find myself start to feel depressed. I just want it to be spring out there!

lochlyn in swing

I really hope that we are all healthy next week, because on Saturday I am running a 10k race in Calgary. This is the first official race I have ever run. I have done 5k races for fundraisers and stuff, but nothing that I trained for. I am starting to get nervous!

I haven’t been paying too much attention to nutrition when it comes to my running, and I want to change that. I tried to keep my race on Saturday in mind with this week’s meal plan. My goal for the week is to eat a lot of satisfying and healthy meals, and try to lay off the dairy and sweets. I am lactose intolerant, and I find I feel better without the extra cheese. I also need to find some healthier snacks for the week, since as I mentioned last week, my snacking choices haven’t been the greatest.

Breakfast Ideas

  • Scrambled eggs with spinach and sweet potato
  • Apple crock pot oatmeal
  • Egg white pancakes
  • Egg Sandwich
  • Banana Egg White Oatmeal

Wow – that is a lot of eggs…

Lunch Ideas

  • Turkey Sandwich with tons of veggies
  • Bean/grain salad
  • Humus wrap
  • Friday: Egg salad sandwiches

Dinner Ideas

  • Saturday: Spaghetti with meat sauce
  • Sunday: Wing it
  • Monday: Chili Lime Shrimp Bowls
  • Tuesday: Salmon, roasted sweet potatoes and veggies
  • Wednesday: Asian Peanut Noodles with Chicken
  • Thursday: Egg scramble
  • Friday: Leftover spaghetti with meat sauce (I will freeze some from Saturday)


This meal plan is super specific for me. I am hoping to reuse it the week leading up to my half marathon if it works out okay. 6 weeks to go!


 For all you runners out there – do you put much thought into race day/week/month nutrition? Does it make a difference?


March 28th Meal Plan

I am so glad that it is Friday, and even more importantly, that I have the weekend off! I have mixed feelings about the fact that it is almost April. Time goes by way too fast, but … summer is almost here!

Josh and I are headed out for our first weekend away from Lochlyn after work today and I cannot wait. I am really going to miss my baby but I know we will have such a great time!

I am not sure when groceries are going to happen for the week since usually I do them on Friday nights. The meal plan is a bit shorter than usual since we won’t be here this weekend. Yay for less cooking, which means less cleaning!

Thank you Jessica for recommending Budget Bytes to me. I tried a few recipes last week, and they were pretty good. I also felt like our grocery bill was a little less steep. There are more Budget Bytes inspired meals on the menu this week, along with some Pioneer Woman ones because Ree’s recipes are always sooo good! There are also a couple random ones thrown in too.




  • Turkey Bagel Burger, side salad
  • Miracle Mac n Cheese w/ added spinach (whenever I ask Josh what he wants for dinner, he says Mac n Cheese, which is weird because until I started making it for him, he told me he didn’t like it! I guess I am just that good of a cook! haha)
  • Easy Lemon Dill Salmon, coconut rice, stir fry veggies (I have a ton of frozen veggies in the freezer to eat up)
  • Turkey/chicken sausage with roasted potatoes and veggies

Snack Ideas

  • Please help me! I have been failing in this department lately. I need some new ideas for easy snacks for both Josh and I. I used to make muffins, bars, trail mix/whatever, but I haven’t been finding the time lately. Anything grab and go and relatively nutritious and filling would be perfect!
  • I am not making them this week, but I really miss homemade granola bars, and muffins, and baking. I feel like I either have time to make delicious things, or clean my house. How did women make everything from scratch back in the day, wash all their clothes by hand, iron everything, and keep their house spotless, all well having about 200 children?!

I watched this really great youtube video from Evelyn Tribole, who is one of the writers of the book Intuitive Eating. I found it super encouraging and would recommend checking it out. I listened to it while cleaning my floors yesterday, and I think I will probably listen to it again within the next couple of days. I never listen/watch the same thing twice, but I enjoyed it that much. It also had some great tips about teaching your kids to eat intuitively for all you mamas out there.

Lochlyn was into Youtube yesterday too. She was having a rough time with teething, and I let her watch some kitten videos to brighten her day. She was so happy. She just kept staring at my phone and smiling and every so often she would look at me and say “kitties, kitties, kitties”. When each video ended she would wave and say, “bye bye”. She loves “kitties” and I love her :)

happy lochlyn playpen

What are some easy “grab-and-go” snack ideas for me? For Josh to take for lunch? 

Do you have any favourite Youtube videos? Ted Talks? Podcasts? I have never ventured into the land of podcasts, but I feel like I would LOVE them. Recommendations are appreciated!

I Love Planning Meal Plan!

Happy Friday/Saturday/whatever day you are reading this! I haven’t been around on the blog too much lately. This was a weird week for me. Not that anything out of the ordinary happened, but I have been in a weird mood. I think part of it is it has been overcast and gloomy and cold. Last week we had beautiful spring weather, and this week, the sun seems to be MIA. I have been feeling tired, and a little bit depressed. Half marathon training got a lot more intense last week too, and my body has been feeling it. Also, I haven’t been breastfeeding the past week and a half, and my boobs are sore! I thought the engorged feeling would only last a couple days, but it seems like it never ends. I quit  breastfeeding over a couple months, so I didn’t think I would have to deal with being so sore. I can’t imagine quitting all at once. Ouch!

This past week I have been in major planning mode. I have planned out our summer, and planned out a new work schedule for myself since the old one wasn’t working for me. I also wrote this meal plan earlier in the week, because I just felt this need to plan, plan, plan. Sometimes the organizer in me just can’t get enough of planning. I am a weirdo.

first stroller run

This meal plan was mostly inspired by Budget Bytes (thanks for the recommendation Jessica!). I have never made any of their recipes so I am hoping they are good! I have decided to start only working Saturdays, instead of the whole weekend, and saving money on groceries would really help our budget. I am going grocery shopping today. Hopefully the bill isn’t so steep. Josh also did a Costco trip this week, so I mostly just need to pick up fruit, veggies, and milk.


Breakfast Ideas

Lunch Ideas

heavenly hummus wrap

Dinner Ideas


Hope you have a great weekend!


What are some of your money saving tips for doing groceries?

Are you a planner or a doer or both? I am so much more a planner. Planning is my way of procrastinating actually doing anything!