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To Work or Not to Work?

Good morning and happy Monday! I don’t have a lot of time, but I just wanted to check in quick and say hi.

This weekend was crazy busy, and not in a fun or good way either. I worked my first full eight hour days both Saturday and Sunday. It wasn’t my favourite. I didn’t like saying goodbye to Lochlyn, and leaving her for that long, even with Josh. I 100% trust him, but I also miss her so much.

josh and lochlyn at menchies

I think this weekend was especially hard on Josh, and I don’t blame him. He works fairly long days Monday-Friday, so it is a lot for him to be watching Lochlyn all weekend too without a break. Along with my eight hour work shifts, I do my long runs on the weekend, and have to get ready for work. Josh ends up watching Lochlyn most of the day. He tried putting her down to sleep at night for the first time this weekend too, and that didn’t go so well. Poor guy just wasn’t made to be a mom I guess!

This weekend was a good test to see if we can handle me working full days Saturday and Sunday. The verdict is: we can do it, but to be honest, I don’t want to. I was feeling a little guilty about this. So many woman work full-time and leave their kids at child care. Lots of moms work evenings and their husbands work days, they hardly see each other. I was feeling like I should just suck it up and get my butt to work. I had to realize that what works best for other people, may not be the best for us.

I really enjoy my job. I am working at a local retail store, and I don’t make a lot of money, but the people are awesome, and the job is fun. I do a lot of random jobs at the store, including sales, merchandising, social media, blogging, and writing training manuals. I would love to be a professional writer, so this is great experience for me. It is nice to get out of the house, and be me, apart from the me that is a mom.

stroller run

Despite loving my job, I don’t love leaving my little family for so long. Summer is coming, and if I am working all weekend, every weekend, I am going to be missing out a lot! My job doesn’t pay a ton, so it is hard to justify losing my weekends, for the amount of money that I am making, but we are feeling my reduced income as it is, and the little that I am making does really help us out.

I also feel like Josh is a better dad when he isn’t playing mom. He wasn’t cut out to be at home all day with a little one, just like some woman are better moms when they work full-time, and some are better moms when they stay at home.

This has been my dilemma all weekend. I have been pondering my options, and I have settled on the three that I think would work the best for our family.

My first option is to work even less hours than I already do. I think I could handle working a couple Saturdays a month, and possibly a couple evening shifts. This would probably average out to around 20 hours a month. I am not convinced it would be worth it for the amount of money I would be making. It would also be a big stretch for us financially, but I think I may be willing to try it.

Another possibility would be to ask my employer if there is any work I can do from home. I am not good at asking for things. I should have discussed this with them when I came back from maternity leave, but for some reason I couldn’t find the confidence to do it. For most of the written work that I do for them, I need access to their internal Intranet. Presently, this is only accessible from the shop. I am not sure that this would be an option, but if I don’t ask, I will never know.

My third option is to quit. I am not sure how I feel about this one. Despite being so busy this weekend, I had a good time working. As I mentioned above, I like my job. I also don’t want to give it up entirely. I don’t make a ton there, but this job is a security net for me. I know that if we were in a bind I could always pick up more hours. At the same time, if I quit, it would free up so much time in the summer that we could spend camping, and bike riding and enjoying the nice weather while we have it.

I think the answer to my dilemma lies somewhere in between all of these options. The best solution I can think of is to schedule a meeting with my employer, and be honest with them about how I am feeling. I am not the best communicator in person, and would so rather write them an e-mail, but I think talking about it would really help. They may have some other ideas that I haven’t even thought of. My goal for today is to schedule a meeting to chat. My secondary goal is to pray that I know what to do, and that everything will work out.

This grown-up thing is hard. Being a parent makes it even harder because you have a little life to consider in all your decisions. I need to balance giving Lochlyn great family life at home, with being able to provide for her financially. I also have to consider Josh!


This post ended up being a lot longer than I intended, but it was great to get my thoughts out there and figure this whole work thing out. If you made it through, thanks for listening!


Cat Wars!

I have been missing sharing my thoughts with you guys, but lately life hasn’t been cooperating. Lochlyn seems to be sleeping in this morning though, so I am going to get some Thinking out Loud done while I can. Thanks Amanda for hosting!

thinking out loud

1. Last night was the first night that I haven’t breastfed Lochlyn before bed. I was nervous we would have a hard time getting her to go to sleep, but she fell asleep right away without crying. I am happy to say that she slept through the whole entire night and is still asleep at 7:45 AM as I type up this post! I have been so blessed with this little one. She is such a good sleeper.

happy baby in crib

I guess this means that I am done breastfeeding. I am proud and happy to say that I made it for a full year. Breastfeeding is a lot of work and it’s super time consuming. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to share this bonding time with my baby, but I am excited that it is done and we can move on to the next stage in her little life.

napping with mommy

Quitting breastfeeding wasn’t the easiest decision to make. I knew that I wanted to stop at the 1 year mark, but it took me quite a while to feel ready. We quit gradually and I think this really helped prepare me. By the time Lochlyn was finished, I didn’t feel sad about it at all. I am excited to have more time with her for doing other things. It will also be nice to have Josh put her down at night sometimes. I am planning to have lots of bubble baths while he tucks her in. I haven’t had a bath since before I was pregnant (except for while I was in labor, and the occasional bath I have had with Lochlyn, but those don’t count!).

2. I am getting bored of Stronglifts. For those of you that have been reading for awhile, you know that I have been training for my first half marathon, which is in May. Along with all the running I’ve been doing, I decided to follow the Stronglifts program in order to maintain (and maybe even gain) some muscle. Stronglifts has been great, and I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel yet, but I am getting there. This week I haven’t been loving my workouts, and I have just been feeling tired. The workouts are repetitive, and I think I may enjoy changing up the strength routine a bit. I will let you know!

3. We have had some major “cat wars” going on in our backyard. Guys, this is probably the most exciting thing that will happen to me this week (besides giving up breastfeeding) so I have to tell you about it. For the past few days, we have had multiple cats visit our yard. Eeyore HATES all other cats, so she hasn’t been too happy about it.

dominio and eeyore fight

We have this one cat that frequents our yard often that I have affectionately nicknamed “Nemesis”. This is because Eeyore hates this cat the most. She gets so mad, hisses and spits and grunts, and puffs right up whenever this cat is in our yard. Nemesis is black and has long fur and yellow eyes. It is totally creepy when the two fight. Eeyore is an indoor cat so the fighting happens on either side of our kitchen window, but it is still scary!

The other day we had two other cats visit our yard too. They looked like they were in-between the kitten and cat stage, and they were so sweet and so cute. Of course Eeyore hated them too. Then Nemesis showed up and one of the big kittens and Nemesis stared at each other for a good hour before one of them backed down. The big kitten won! I am pretty sure if Eeyore was allowed outside she would have killed all of them, or at least chased them all out of our yard!

cat wars

Yes, we seriously need a new fence!

4. I bought my first “mom” swimsuit you guys! I have always been a two-piece swimsuit kind of girl, but I wanted something a little more modest because I plan to put Lochlyn in swimming lessons. The swimsuit I chose is an Esther Williams one piece that I bought off Amazon, and I love it. I think that it looks really retro, and the fit is pretty flattering and really fun. It also is pretty full coverage and holds everything in if you know what I mean. I would definitely recommend it. Especially if you have little ones that you have to chase after in the pool!

mom swimsuit


Whenever I take seflies I seem to have embarrassing objects showing up in the background. Ignore the bra hanging from my closet door!

5. I have had such an unproductive week as far as cleaning goes and my house is really showing it. Today I plan to get as much cleaning done as I can. I got my run in super early this morning, so the rest of my day is free. Hopefully I can get a lot done. Cleaning with a baby takes twice as long as cleaning alone!

On that note, I am going to end this while Lochlyn is still sleeping so I can start when she wakes up! I have so much more to tell you, but I guess that will have to wait until next Thursday!

Happy almost Friday to all the lucky peeps that get the weekend off!


One-piece swimsuits, or two-piece? Tankinis or bikinis? I like one-piece or bikinis, depending on where I am wearing it!

How do you feel about cats? I won’t be offended if you say no!

A Day in the Life #3

It is hard to believe it is Monday already. Working on Saturday and Sunday really makes the weekend fly by. I would recap my weekend for you guys, but it wasn’t an exciting one, and I didn’t really take much for pictures. I spent the evenings hanging out with my family, and the days working. I also went for a long run on Sunday morning. Long as in four miles, but that is the longest run I have gone on yet for half marathon training. I was a little bit nervous about running that far, but it actually felt pretty easy. I wore a fuel belt full of water to get used to running with the weight, and I improved my average speed per mile by 10 seconds. Also, it was super slippery outside and I had to take it slow in quite a few areas, so I was really happy with my time.

blurry run


Blurry run photo – I didn’t stop to take it!

Anyways, since I am not going to share much about my weekend, I thought I would share my “Day in the Life Post” that I meant to post on Friday. As I mentioned on the weekend, life got in the way, and I didn’t end up posting. This is an example of a fairly typical Thursday for Lochlyn and I.

4:50 – Josh nudges me in bed to let me know my alarm is going off. I am a deep sleeper and he usually hears it first. I reach over and press the snooze button. Anything before 5:00 is too early.

5:00 – My alarm goes off again. I drag myself out of bed, and remember that I am getting up to go for a run. I get excited (I’m a weirdo) and feel slightly more awake. I get ready to go, start the truck to let it defrost a bit, and grab half a banana to snack on.

5:30 – I leave my warm, cozy house and drive in the dark to the gym.

5:40 – I run on the treadmill at the gym for three miles. Since I have been feeling like I have a bit of the cold, I take it fairly easy. I ran at a speed of 5.5 and an incline of 0.5. I think my pace was 10:54/mile. This seems to be a fairly easy/comfortable pace for me.

6:30 – I get home form the gym and immediately make a cherry smoothie and then top it with the last of the Maple Sesame Granola. If you haven’t noticed yet, I have a smoothie every time after I work out. I love them, I crave them after workouts, and they never get old for me.

cherry granola smoothie

I drank my smoothie while I stretched and then foam rolled. While I did this I watched the beginning of When Harry Met Sally. I had actually never seen it before.

foam rolling

7:00 – I get my butt up off my yoga matt, turn off the movie, and start writing Thursday’s post. Sometimes I have to motivate myself to blog, other days I am so excited to write. Either way, I almost always end up enjoying it. If I’m not feeling it, I just don’t do it (as you can probably tell by the lack of posts some days).

8:00 – I publish the post. Lochlyn is still sleeping so I quickly hop in the shower before she wakes up. She normally wakes up around 8:00.

8:15 – I get out of the shower and dry off. Then I realize I haven’t booked Lochlyn in with childcare at the gym yet for Friday. I have to book the day before, and Fridays tend to be busy, so I call to book her in. Afterwards, I clean up my smoothie mess and check the recipe that I plan on making in the crockpot for dinner that night.

8:30 – Lochlyn starts stirring. I top up my water and go in to nurse her. She isn’t fully awake, but I find that if she sleeps in too long she misses her first nap. I nurse my groggy girl and then change her diaper.

9:15 – Breakfast time! Even though I had a smoothie not too long ago, I find I am pretty hungry. Banana, egg white oatmeal for me, topped with peanut butter. Lochlyn is having oatmeal, parsnips, carrots, apple and greek yogurt.

mom and baby oats

9:30 – Lochlyn and I eat our breakfast together. She takes forever to eat, so while I am waiting for her to finish I make a pot of coffee and tidy up the kitchen

breakfast smiles

10:00 – My baby girl is done eating. I clean her up, and take her upstairs to do laundry and have a quick cuddle before it’s nap time.

10:15 – I go through Lochlyn’s nap time routine and then put her down for her first nap of the day. She falls asleep right away.

10:30 – While Lochlyn naps I make Crockpot Vegetable Korma for dinner. It was pretty easy to make but it took me awhile since I had to be ninja quiet so Lochlyn didn’t wake up.

11:00 – Dinner is all prepped and ready to go. I take a load of laundry downstairs to fold in front of the movie I started earlier. I am still feeling a bit sick and plan to relax and take it easy today. I also enjoy the coffee I made earlier.

11:30 – My mom calls to have a chat, so I turn off the movie and talk to her for a bit.

11:45 – Lochlyn is awake. I head upstairs to nurse her.

12:30 – After breastfeeding it is time for lunch. I have some leftovers from a wild rice and turkey sausage casserole I made a couple nights ago. Lochlyn has avocado, green beans and sweet potato.

1:00 – I clean up our lunch mess and the mess I made while getting dinner into the crockpot. I also tidy up the main floor as I plan to vacuum and there are toys everywhere!

1:15 – It’s vacuuming time. Lochlyn plays in her playpen and watches me vacuum like a crazy person. We have laminate flooring and I have to move all the furniture and vacuum under everything or it gets crazy dusty. It takes me awhile and is a lot of work! When I am almost finished Lochlyn starts to get fussy in her playpen. I pick her up and carry her while I finish the last of the vacuuming. This is no easy task – she is getting so big!

playpen wave


She is waving for the camera here

2:00 – It is beautiful and sunny outside so I decide to take Lochlyn for a quick walk before nap time. I am still in my pyjamas (don’t judge!), so I rush around the house like a crazy person getting changed and getting Lochlyn ready to go. We don’t have much time before her nap so I keep her in her pyjamas and just throw a jacket on her. I don’t even bother to change her diaper, which hasn’t been changed for a couple hours (again, don’t judge!).

2:10 – Lochlyn and I leave the house to go for a quick walk around the block. I want to be home by 2:30 to get her ready for her afternoon nap. We walk through a park by our house, and as I am on the way home, I notice that Lochlyn is nodding off. By the time we are on our street, Lochlyn is sound asleep. Since she has been sick lately, I don’t have the heart to wake her. I know she needs all the rest she can get. I decide to keep walking, so we start to head towards the lake by our house. A couple blocks in she starts to wake up, so we turn around and head home. A block from our house, Lochlyn is sleeping again! I debate taking her home and trying to put her down in her crib, but it is so hard to get Lochlyn to do back to sleep once you wake her up.

warm winter walk

In the end I decide to just keep walking with her. She ended up sleeping in her stroller for over an hour and 20 minutes! It was great to enjoy the fresh air and warm weather, but I hadn’t planned to walk that long and I was unprepared. I had no water, and not the best shoes on. Also I had wanted to take it easy that day since I was getting over a cold. Lochlyn didn’t even have mittens or a toque on. Oops!

beautiful winter walk

3:45 – Lochlyn woke up around 3:30, so I quickly headed for home. Once we got there I changed Lochlyn out of her diaper that should have been changed two hours before. Sorry baby! I also quickly threw a salad together to snack on. All that exercise made me hungry!

4:00 – I nursed Lochlyn and watched more of When Harry Met Sally. I think I liked this movie? Kind of? It was a little too much of a chick flick for me, but it was cute. I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of Billy Crystal though.

4:25 – Lochlyn didn’t eat that well so I pumped afterwards. I sat in the glider chair in Lochlyn’s room and she played at my feet. Lately she wants to be as close to me as possible at all times. I love it.

lochlyn playing at my feet

4:45 – I finished pumping, and I pulled out the mop to finish cleaning the floors before Josh got home. Lochlyn played in her playpen again so she wasn’t crawling all over the wet floors. I pulled Lochlyn out of her playpen while I waited for each section of the floor to dry and we played peekaboo and “Ride the Horsey” together.

5:30 – Just as I finished mopping, Josh got home from work. I put some salmon in the over for dinner. The vegetables I made earlier seemed like they would be really flavourful so I just added some dill and lemon to the salmon and kept it nice and simple.

5:45 – Josh, Lochlyn and I all hang out and Josh and I talk about our days.

6:15 – Dinner is ready. We are having leftover brown rice, the Vegetable Korma I made earlier, and baked salmon. Everything is good, but the Korma really stole the show. I highly recommend this recipe. I used less of the spices and salt, and it still had so much flavour. Josh isn’t a big fan of curry or vegetables and he loved it, and Lochlyn wouldn’t stop eating it. She has since devoured a ton of the leftovers too! After dinner we tidy up the kitchen together.

easy slow cooker norma



6:45 – I head upstairs with Lochlyn while Josh finishes the dishes, and we tidy up her room and play (which simultaneously messes up her room again!).

7:00 – I quickly take some laundry out of the wash and put away what I fold early. I also get myself ready for bed. I like to do this early before Lochlyn goes to sleep so I don’t have to worry about being extra quiet later.

7:30 – I change Lochlyn, and get her pyjamas and sleep sack on.

7:45 – Breastfeeding time and then Lochlyn and I go through her bedtime routine and I put her to bed. She falls asleep almost right away.

8:30 – I head downstairs and say goodnight to Josh. He is watching youtube videos on the computer I think? I can’t exactly remember.

8:45 – I climb into bed and read for a few minutes before turning off the light. It is an early night for me, but I am trying to get lots of sleep to help me fight this cold.

That was my day. Pretty standard Thursday except for that super long walk thrown in there. I am glad that we got out, the weather has been so beautiful, I need to enjoy it while it lasts. My cold is gone now, so maybe the fresh air did me some good!


What is the weather like where you live? 


Thinking Out Loud: Work, and Workout Motivation

I woke up bright and early this morning… actually it was still dark out, so dark and early …  to get a run in at the gym before Josh left for work. I am not quite sure how I feel about running at 5:30 AM, but it was nice to get it out of the way. Now I have the rest of the day to spend with my little one.

For today’s quick little post, I am going to link up with Amanda over at Running With Spoons for Thinking out Loud. It is Thursday after all. Thanks for hosting Amanda!

thinking out loud


1. Today I have a meeting scheduled at my old job to discuss my new availability now that my maternity leave is over. I am feeling a little down about it. It will be nice to get out of the house and see some old faces, but I am going to miss the time away from my family. It also means that Lochlyn is growing up – and that is hard! Awesome, but so hard. I know I should be grateful that I have such a flexible job to go back to, but it is hard not to be a little down about it. I don’t feel ready to go back to work. I know that I have already talked about this a lot, so I’m not really going to go there except to say that I am sad, and this is hard, and I just want to stay home and spend time with my baby forever and ever.

ride on toy lochlyn

2. You know what else is hard? Keeping your marriage strong with a new little baby. In some ways I feel so much closer to my husband now. I rely on him so much more, and I need his help in so many more ways. Despite this, I find it really difficult keeping the romance alive in our relationship with a baby around always needing us. Lochlyn has quickly become our world, and it is so easy to put her needs first. I keep having to remind myself that our relationship needs to stay strong for her just as much as it needs to stay strong for us. I want to set a good example for her, and I want her to grow up in a loving environment. I also don’t want Josh and I to turn into friends. We are best friends, but I want us to be more than just friends too, ya know?

wedding speech

I have decided to really commit more to keeping our relationship strong, and strengthening it even further. As I have mentioned we have a weekend booked away for the end of March. We had to hold off a little on this so we could be sure that Lochlyn would be done breastfeeding. We also have a marriage course scheduled for the beginning of February. On top of these two things, I also want to start making more time for Josh, and for our relationship. We don’t go on dates all too often. Josh loves getting out of the house and doing things, and I want to make more time for us to do this together. I love staying in and relaxing, so he has offered to set aside time to stay up together and hang out after Lochlyn goes to sleep. We have been blessed with some amazing friends that have offered to babysit for us, and love Lochlyn, so we need to take them up on it!

3. Speaking of Josh, and dates, we went on a coffee date the other day. Well, sort of a coffee date. For some reason, I really wasn’t feeling coffee, so I ordered lunch instead. Josh ordered this massive cinnamon bun that I just had to show you guys. Seriously, it was like the size of 4.25 regular cinnamon buns. Pretty much the size of his head. These pictures don’t even do it justice. This thing was huge. Even Josh couldn’t finish it, and he isn’t one to not finish something as sweet and delicious as a cinnamon bun!

giant cinnamon bun

4. I still haven’t registered for my half marathon or 10K. Registration has been open for almost a month now, I am not quite sure what is holding me back. I am wondering if maybe I am a little nervous to actually do it. I did go buy a new sports bra and fuel belt last weekend so I am getting more committed, but I haven’t taken the final step and registered. 5K feels long enough most days!

Admittedly, I may not be registered yet because I am a bit of a procrastinator. I have been avoiding a few other things too, like cancelling an appointment, doing our online banking, and scheduling a time to take Eeyore to the vet. I am so bad at getting things like that done.

5. Speaking of running, one really awesome thing that I have noticed about training for a half marathon, is that my fitness goals have been focused a lot more on performance. Since having a baby, I have tried to exercise to keep my body healthy and happy, but there was always the buried motivation to lift weights to look better. I think muscle tone looks great, and I had a hidden desire to build more muscle to improve my appearance. After writing yesterday’s post, I realized that my motivation had changed and the main reason why I didn’t want to miss the gym, was because I didn’t want it to affect my overall performance.

First of all, this was a little ridiculous. One day away from training, when your body is tired and run down, is actually probably a good thing. I’m not an expert, but I do believe that you should listen to your body, and if it’s not at it’s best, it probably needs a break. Yesterday my reasoning was a little bit off, but my motives weren’t all bad. I wasn’t concerned about burning calories, or my appearance. I just didn’t want to miss another run and get behind in training. For me this was a pretty cool realization.

6. And that’s a wrap on this week’s thoughts. Lochlyn is going to be awake before I know it. Thanks for stopping by and reading my rambles. Have a great Thursday!

lochlyn drinking smoothie



What is your #1 workout motivation? I dare you to be honest!

Give me a random thought you are having this Thursday.

Our Greatest Baby Challenge

I am tired this morning. I just almost made coffee using protein powder. Oops.

Today I want to talk a little bit more about Lochlyn’s naps.

For those of you that have been around for a while, I am sure you have heard me rant a bit about our nap time struggles. From around when Lochlyn was four months old, she would sleep in her car seat. In order to get her to sleep, I had to carry it around the house, sometimes for almost an hour. I would drape a blanket over it, turn the vacuum on for some white noise, and walk around our living room. Lochlyn was starting to get pretty heavy and this was a lot of work. Also, she was starting to not fall asleep very well while we carried her. It was getting to be a pretty big problem, and we knew we needed to change how she fell asleep.

lochlyn's airport nap

Josh putting Lochlyn to sleep at the airport. It’s blurry because you can’t stand still!

At around seven months I decided to sleep train Lochlyn. I wanted to take a gradual approach, so I stopped carrying her around for more than a couple of minutes in the car seat, and set it down while she was still awake. She fell asleep a couple of times this way, and then it stopped working. She would cry and fuss and I couldn’t get her to calm down until I picked up her car seat and started carrying it again.

Not too long after I started this gradual method, Lochlyn got sick. I gave up sleep training for the moment, and did whatever I could to get her to sleep so she would get better. She was sick for four weeks (felt so long!). Around eight months old, when she was finally better, I picked up the sleep training again. This time I made a list of all of the things that Lochlyn relied on to fall asleep. My list look liked this:

  1. Car seat
  2. Movement (being carried around)
  3. Not being able to see (car seat cover)
  4. White noise (vacuum)

I decided that I wasn’t going to use any of these things to help her fall asleep anymore. I didn’t want to take the gradual approach this time, so I got rid of all of these things at once.

I replaced Lochlyn’s sleep aids with a nap time routine. Our routine looks like this:

  1. Diaper change
  2. Change into pj’s/comfy clothing
  3. Put on sleep sack
  4. Read story
  5. Turn on sleep sheep (noise machine)
  6. Cuddle and pray
  7. Put in crib, give belly rub and pacifier

This is the same as Lochlyn’s bed time routine, and she was falling asleep by herself at night, so I decided to use it.

happy in crib

I would watch Lochlyn for sleepy cues and keep an eye on the clock. For her first nap I would try to start her routine within two hours of her being awake. She usually doesn’t start showing sleepy cues until at least the two hour mark. Then she starts rubbing her eyes and yawning. It took me awhile to figure out the timing to put Lochlyn down, but she does well going down at about two hours and 15 minutes after waking up.

I would lay Lochlyn in her crib, give her a belly or back run, and then quietly leave the room. The minute the door closed, she would cry and fuss. The first few times she either didn’t sleep at all, or it took her over an hour to fall asleep. I would check on her every five minutes to make sure that she was okay, and calm her down. When I checked on her I wouldn’t pick her up, but I would rub her belly or back and she would stop crying right away. She wasn’t really upset, her cries were usually more fussing, and she rarely had any real tears.

The five minute check-ins gradually stretched to ten minutes. During the first week Lochlyn fell asleep a couple of times right away, and one time she slept for two hours. For the most part it was taking her around 40 minutes to fall asleep. This was hard on me, but I could see progress. The fact that she was falling asleep in her crib at all was amazing so I kept at it. I found lots of ways to distract myself while she was crying. I would take the monitor and head to the basement where I couldn’t hear her (I kept the volume off and check on it regularly until she fell asleep).

baby sleeper

Soon Lochlyn was falling asleep within half an hour. Often she would fall asleep right away and I wouldn’t even have to check on her. This is pretty much where we are at right now. She is falling asleep about 90% of the time, and most of the time she goes down within ten minutes. I find that she doesn’t always fall asleep if I wait too long to put her in her crib and she gets overtired. She also has a hard time falling asleep if I have to go in and change her diaper after putting her down.

I am not going to call this method “cry it out” because I don’t want to put a label on it. I originally planned to follow a book, and headed to our library to find one. Crazily enough, all the baby sleep books were checked out of the library. Someone else must have been having sleep problems too! I ended up trusting my gut and doing what felt right for us.

If you are having sleep issues with your baby, and you are like me, you may feel completely lost and like you have no idea what to do. I would really encourage you to trust your mommy instincts and do what feels right. I tried letting Lochlyn cry when she was younger and it didn’t feel right at all. She would get so worked up and be so upset, and I would always regret my decision to let her cry. This time, it was still hard, but it felt like the right thing. I knew that she was done sleeping in her car seat, and she needed to learn how to sleep in her crib.

Nap time has been a big challenge for us since Lochlyn was about a week old. I always said that Lochlyn would be the perfect baby if she could learn to nap by herself. Now that she is napping by herself I have nothing to complain about. Now that I no longer have to carry her around in her car seat, hold her for naps, or cuddle up to her and let her breastfeed to sleep in the middle of the night, I can look back on those times with nostalgia. They are all great memories. I actually am crying a little bit typing this. I think those times just contributed to how perfect she is, and really strengthened the bond I have with her. She was already the perfect baby, whether or not she was napping by herself.

napping with mommy

Babies just need their mommies, and it is amazing to be so needed. I can’t believe that she has already grown up enough to be able to sleep without me. So sad and happy at the same time. I am so crazy in love with this girl

newborn nap on chest



Mom’s what has been your greatest challenge with your little one? How did you overcome it?

Mom’s-to-be, what is your greatest fear?

How to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

The title of this post is a bit of a lie. A lie on HonestlyAngela? Gasp! For real though, I can’t claim that I actually helped my baby to sleep through the night. I have no way of actually knowing that anything I did helped at all.

sleeping newborn

What I can say is that I have been blessed with an extrememly good night sleeper. Whether I had anything to do with it is anyone’s guess, but here are a few things that may have contributed to her good sleeping habits.

I read Baby Wise. I didn’t fully follow it, but I got a ton of ideas from it that I think really helped. This is a controversial book. Mainly because many people have the wrong idea that it advocates feeding your baby on a schedule. It does not. It stresses the importance of always feeding your baby when they are hungry. It does use scheduling as a guideline to ensure that your baby is getting enough to eat throughout the day. I would recommend reading it, but not getting too obsessive about advocating it. One thing that I found frustrating was that it promises that if you follow certain guidelines, your baby will sleep great. From my experience this isn’t really the case. Lochlyn’s night sleep was amazing, her naps were another story!

Baby Wise

I made sure that each and every feeding was a full feeding. If Lochlyn wanted to eat, I made sure that she really did eat. There was no “boob naps” for this girl. I made sure that she got a full feeding each and every time, so that she wasn’t going to be hungry again in an hour. I didn’t just do this during night feedings, but also during the day. I believe that one good way to help your baby sleep through the night is to make sure that they are getting enough to eat throughout the day.

wrap nap

I woke my sleeping baby. In order to make sure that Lochlyn was eating a lot during the day, I woke her up from her naps. I know that most people say “never wake a sleeping baby”, but I did, and it seemed to work for us. I know that when you finally get your baby down to sleep the last thing that you want to do is wake her up, but if she sleeps too long she may start getting her days and nights mixed up. She may also not get enough to eat during the day, and have to make up for it at night.

I woke Lochlyn up during the night in the early weeks. Crazy I know, but I was really committed to making sure she got enough to eat. I followed Baby Wise recommendations and let Lochlyn sleep two-three hours at a time at night until she reached 3 weeks old. Then at three and four weeks old I let her sleep four hours at a time, at five weeks – five hours, at six weeks – six hours, etc. It worked for us. At 12 weeks she was sleeping 12 hours, and has done so ever since (for the most part).

happy at 2 months

I fed her at regularly scheduled intervals. I fed Lochlyn on demand, whenever she was hungry, but I also fed her at regular intervals. For example, if she didn’t seem hungry within a certain time frame, I would feed her anyways. This was so that she wouldn’t take all of her feedings at night. She went to bed with a full tummy because she had gotten a lot to eat during the day.

The older your little one gets, the longer they can go between feedings. Those early days are hard. I felt like I spent my entire life nursing Lochlyn, changing her diaper and trying to get her to nap. Actually I did spend my entire life doing that … for the first couple months anyways!

Here is an example of how often I have fed Lochlyn since she was a newborn (these feedings don’t include solid foods and are approximate)

  • Weeks 1-2: Every 2-3 hours, for a total of 8-12 feedings per day
  • Weeks 2-4: Every 2.5-3 hours (3-4 hours overnight), for a total of 8 feedings
  • Weeks 7-10: Every 2.5-3.5 hours (7-8 hours overnight), for a total of 7 feedings
  • Weeks 10-15: Every 2.5-3.5 hours (10-12 hours overnight), for a total of 6-7 feedings
  • Weeks 16-24: Every 2.5-4 hours, for a total of 5-6 feedings
  • Weeks 24-40: Every 3.5-4.5 hours, for a total of 5 feedings
  • Weeks 40-52: Every 4-5 hours, for a total of 4 feedings

Please keep in mind that these are just suggestions. Please feed your baby when they are hungry! When babies are going through growth spurts they want to eat like crazy all of the time, and that is for a reason. Feed them lots!

What worked for me was not letting Lochlyn go beyond the recommended time interval for her age. For example, when Lochlyn was three weeks old, I wouldn’t let her go for longer than 3 hours without eating during the day. I would also wake her up every four hours at night to make sure that she was eating enough. I found that if Lochlyn didn’t get all of her feedings in for the day, she wouldn’t sleep through the night. I did whatever it took to make sure that my baby girl was eating a lot. This meant that sometimes I would have to feed her pretty close together to make sure she got all of those feedings in!

3 months in chair

I cluster-fed Lochlyn in the evenings. In the morning, Lochlyn’s feedings were more spread apart. In the evening I grouped her feedings closer and closer together. She seemed to be more hungry and fussy in the evenings. My doctor explained that she was just stocking up so that she can sleep longer at night. This pattern continued until Lochlyn was about 7 months old.

four month play

I was a nap nazi. All you moms have heard time and time again “sleep begets sleep”. I think it does?! I believe what other people say anyways. I did everything I could to get this girl to nap. In her newborn days I literally ran stairs while holding her. That was what did it. It was exhausting and tiring, but if it meant a good night’s sleep and a happy baby, I would do it. I had to put a lot of my life on hold in order to be home for her naps. It was hard, but having a baby is about sacrifices big time. Again something that all moms already know.

5 months on floor

I followed the sleep, eat, play cycle. This is something that is advocated by Baby Wise and it seemed to work for us. It was difficult. There were a lot of days that I just wanted to feed Lochlyn to sleep and be done with it, but I think in the end it was worth it. Lochlyn would nurse as soon as she woke up, then she would play, and then have a nap. I would watch for her tired signs and watch the clock, and make sure that she got all of her naps in throughout the day.This took a bit of work, but it allowed her schedule to be more predictable for us and provided a routine for her. The one exception to this rule was at bedtime and during the night. At bedtime I put her down to sleep right after nursing. During the night there was no “play” part of the cycle. If she woke up to eat, I would feed her and put her back to bed.

In order to follow the sleep, eat, play cycle, I always fed Lochlyn immediately when she woke up. This way she would have time to play after eating before it was nap time again. In the very beginning newborn days, “play” pretty much means a diaper change and then your little one will probably be ready for another nap. They are sleepy little guys.

I made a distinction between night time and day time. Starting at Lochlyn’s bed time feeding, I would nurse in the dark. I wouldn’t talk to her, or engage her at all. I wanted to teach her that night time was for sleeping, not playing. At first it was difficult to nurse and change her in the dark, but I got the hang of it pretty quick. I used a night light in the early days, but now I don’t even need one.

I set a regular routine. I realize that this can be extremely difficult with a newborn, but we did our best. I tried to do everything in relatively the same order every night. For example, I would put on Lochlyn’s pyjamas, nurse her, change her diaper, cuddle with her, and then put her down for the night. We have a longer routine now, but in the beginning, I would recommend just doing the basics. Yes, cuddling is a basic!


We had a set bedtime. I was willing to waver on the bedtime by about 20 minutes and that was it. It is amazing how good a baby’s internal clock can be. I think that establishing a bed time gives your baby a sense of when it’s time for bed, and gives you a slight amount of valued normalcy. It also makes it slightly more predictable when your baby will wake up again, which I found very helpful.

I kept a journal. For the first couple of months of Lochlyn’s life, I recorded every time that she nursed, and for how long. I kept track of her dirty diapers, and I kept track of her sleep. I think that this helped me to pay attention to her and what her needs were. I would always know how many times a day she had eaten. This made it easier for me to figure out why she wasn’t sleeping at night. I still couldn’t always tell, but it definitely helped.

7 month bath

I had my husband’s support. I talked a lot about Lochlyn’s needs and communicated them to my husband. I explained why I did things a certain way and made sure that he was on board. It was my job to get up with Lochlyn during the night since I was breastfeeding and he had to work in the next morning. He would get up occasionally and help me get her back to sleep if I was losing my patience. If I didn’t have him to help, I think I would have found a friend that would agree to letting me call them anytime, even at 3am if I needed help. Not to come over and put the baby to sleep (unless you have a friend that is so amazing they would do that!), but just to talk to in those really hard moments. I think having someone else’s support, and knowing that you aren’t alone, can make a big difference.

I used a few sleep aides. I swaddled Lochlyn until she was almost six months old. I actually used a Halo SleepSack Swaddle because she liked her legs to be free, but preferred her arms tucked in. This thing was a life-saver for us!

halo sleep sack

I also used white noise to help her calm down. This is the one we used, and still use.

sleep sheep

I started giving Lochlyn a pacifier at an early age. I know that a lot of people recommend waiting to give your little one a pacifier, but Lochlyn was nursing well so I didn’t worry about it. I resorted to a pacifier for the first time in the middle of the night when I couldn’t get my little one to sleep. I was desperate! Lochlyn actually doesn’t suck on her pacifier at all. She never has been a huge fan. At the moment it is more of a toy for her, but it still helps to calm her down. Whatever works!

I did whatever it took. I was pretty stubborn about Lochlyn sleeping at night. We never had a play session at 1am. I didn’t talk to her when she woke me up at midnight, or play peek-a-boo at 4:30 in the morning. Night time was for sleeping.

There were some nights where I just couldn’t get my baby girl to sleep. On these occasions I resorted to co-sleeping. I am not an advocate of co-sleeping, nor am I against it. It worked for us on the odd night when I needed my little one to rest. I mostly slept with Lochlyn when her first teeth started poking through at four months old. Before this point I could usually get her to go to sleep, although sometimes it took quite a lot of bouncing, and rocking, and patience.

floor play 7 months

For those mamas out there that are having problems getting their little ones to sleep – I feel for you. We have had some tough weeks. I can’t imagine dealing with sleep problems on an ongoing basis. These tips are just some ideas about what worked for me. Please always follow the advice of your doctor first, and do what is best for you and your little one!

Also, remember that your lack of sleep will only be for a short time. You will get through it, and your little one will figure the whole sleep thing out eventually!


Mamas what are some of your tips for helping your little one to sleep through the night?

Has anyone else used the Baby Wise method? Did it work for you?



Feeling Lonely

I love being a mom. It is the best thing ever. I also love staying home with my baby girl and spending the days with her. Being a stay-at-home mom has been the absolute best and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

happy angela and lochlyn

That being said, lately, it has been a little bit lonely.

As you know, since I have complained about it a ton, Lochlyn is sick. She has had a cough for over 3 weeks now. Poor baby. She has gone to the gym childcare a bit in those three weeks but not a whole lot -I don’t want her to make the other kids sick. Mostly we have just been laying low and trying to get my baby girl better. 3 weeks is a long time to “lay low” you guys. I am getting bored and wanting out!

happy eating baby

Not being able to go to the gym has made me realize how much I rely on that part of my day. It gets me out of the house, and it gets me around other people. I’m not a big fan of socializing during my workout, but it is nice to see familiar faces and chat for a couple minutes before and after. I didn’t realize how important this part of my day was until I couldn’t do it.

Another thing that I have found really challenging lately is that Josh has been going out quite a bit in the evenings. Last night he went to a movie with friends, and I really wanted to go too. There was no way I could because the movie started at 7:15 and that is when I start feeding Lochlyn and getting her ready for bed. She usually goes down around 8:15, so it is an hour long process. I am still breastfeeding, and I haven’t been able to pump lately. This means that I have to be the one to put Lochlyn to bed. I love this quiet time with Lochlyn, it is the best, and I’m not quite ready to give it up. At the same time, it has been hard missing out on a lot because I have to put her down.

learn to crawl crib

Most of my friends work during the day, and tend to hang out in the evenings around 7, which means I can never be included. I am not trying to whine – okay, maybe I am whining a little, but I also just want to talk about what being a mom is really like.

It is great, amazing, and so full of love. It is also selfless, hard to maintain relationships with people, and it gets really lonely at times!

I am such a homebody. I love being at home, and I love being alone. I am introverted to the core, but sometimes even the biggest introvert needs to spend time with other people, and get out of the house.

It wouldn’t be so hard if Lochlyn wasn’t sick. I want to take her outside to play in the snow, take her to our mom and baby group, or stop by a mom-friend’s place for a visit. I can’t do any of these things with a sick baby!

People always ask me how I am doing as a stay-at-home mom. I think a lot of people assume that it is really boring, and there is nothing to do. I think another reason that they ask is because post-partum depression is very common and very real, and they care. Up until this point, I have been doing great, and loving staying at home. I think that one of the things that kept me really sane was going to the gym everyday.

Being active is a great mood-booster, and it gives me tons of energy. More than my workout though, I think that going to the gym has gotten me out of the house and around people. I would seriously recommend to any new moms that by the time your little one is around 6 weeks old, you find something to do to get you out of the house! I know that this doesn’t cure depression, but I personally believe that it can help, and that it can help with the loneliness.

cute eater

I need to take my own advice and find something to do today. I am going to make a point to get out. I am really hoping Lochlyn is well enough to go to the gym today, but if not, maybe we will make a quick trip to the grocery store, or get all bundled up and take a walk around the block. I may have a sick baby, but for sanity’s sake I can’t stay home all day today!


How do you get out of the rut when you start feeling lonely?



Describe Your Body

Last week I participated in a study that a friend of mine is doing. She is finishing her masters degree in psychology, and conducting research on how womens’ body image changes after becoming a mother. She is doing the study interview-style, and recorded my answers with some sort of voice-recorder thing-y (technology isn’t my strong point!). It was fun participating in the study and I learned a lot about myself from answering the questions. I was nervous about being recorded at first, but once I got into it it wasn’t so bad at all.

The first question that my friend asked me really threw me off guard. I think it was the hardest question for me to answer of the bunch.

describe your body

“Describe your body”.

I think my face probably turned bright red, and I kind of muttered my answer with some apologies thrown in. I said something along the lines of “Uhh.. I am of average height and… uhhh… average build and…. uhhh… kind of athletic, but not really, and… uhh…”.

You guys! This is not how I want to feel about my body – average, and apologetic! Since I had my baby girl, I have been working on not being mean to my body. Not beating myself up for what I see in the mirror. I am getting pretty good at not calling myself fat, or seeing my reflection and thinking that I need to lose weight. I no longer see my body as something that needs improvement, a project of sorts. Answering this question though, made me realize that I have neglected to learn to love my body. I was seeing my body as neutral, it was there, it was fine. I wasn’t seeing my body as amazing, as a gift, as the wonderful thing that it is.

In today’s culture, at least where I am at in Canada, it seems wrong for a woman to brag about her body. I have heard so many friends complain and talk about what they want to change, but in my circle, I never hear women talk about their bodies and how great they are. I actually think we tend to get a little bit offended when woman go on about themselves. We all have that friend on Facebook that posts selfies of herself wearing small amounts of clothing, to show off how great she looks. She probably doesn’t brag “look how hot my legs are!” but that is what her picture says, and it pisses all the other girls off. I have to admit that it typically pisses me off, but I want to change this.

Now I don’t think we should go around talking about how hot our bodies are, to everyone we meet. I do think that we should be able to speak positively when we are asked about them. I think that our culture has stifled the majority of women from being able to perceive their bodies as attractive and amazingly sexy despite its flaws.

body image quote

I wish I could go back and change my answer that I gave during that interview. Instead I have decided to rewrite my response here. This is how I really see my body and I want to be able to talk about it openly without feeling guilty.

My body is beautiful, sexy and strong. It accepts challenges that I give it and completes them with perseverance and stubborness. It loves hiking, and lifting heavy things, and sweating. It sweats a lot. My body is reliable, and dependable. It is healthy and does what I want it to. It is the body of a mother, and has brought life into this world.

My body is slightly shorter than average. It is as tall as it could possibly be without being taller than my (short) husband. It has long legs which are thick, feminine, and strong. They are slightly bowlegged, and a little dimply. My legs are great at rocking short shorts or dresses. They are also great at running, and carrying me where I need to go.

My body has a vuluptuous, curvy butt that got me a lot of attention in high school. This butt much prefers to wear stretchy pants and leggings, and doesn’t fit the greatest into a tight pair of jeans. Not that it doesn’t look great in jeans though … because it really does.

My body has a short waist, that has become softer and thicker with motherhood. It has soft and enlarged breasts that are used to feed my baby girl. My body has feet that have grown half a size since having a baby. Feet that carry me around the house, that rarely grow tired, and that are almost always moving. My body has arms that are perfect for holding my baby girl. These hardworking arms can clean, and fold laundry, and carry groceries into the house. They can also embrace others, and show people that I care about them. My body’s shoulders are becoming larger and stronger, and one of them stoops a little from scoliosis. Its back also hunches a little bit from bad posture, and as a result of my slightly crooked spine.

My body has been through a lot, and puts up with a lot. It has taken a lot of abuse, and yet it is healthy and functional. I rely on it day to day, and it doesn’t let me down. It isn’t the body of a model, or an accomplished athlete, but it is the perfect body for me, just the way that it is, flaws and all.


Are you able to brag about your body? How about just speak about it in a positive way?

Do you think that our culture should be more open to woman talking openly about how beautiful their bodies are?


I Got Mad at My Baby

I almost didn’t write this post, but in the spirit of being “honest”, I decided I wanted to. I want to talk about something that I never hear other moms talk about. I am learning that if I am going through something challenging, there are a ton of other people that have experienced the same thing, whether it is talked about openly or not. A couple days ago, I wrote about the importance of being accountable to other people, and being open about your struggles. I explained that being open and honest is one way to help you deal with what you are going through.

Today was a really hard day. Actually last night was hard too. My baby that usually falls asleep all by herself in her crib, has recently started needing me to be with her in order to fall asleep. I have been spending about an hour comforting her until she falls into a deep enough sleep that I can leave her room without her waking up. Last night it took me three tries before I was able to leave. Then, my baby that always sleeps through the night, woke up at 2:30 am, and the process started all over again. I was up with her for almost two hours, trying to coax her back to sleep. I know that I shouldn’t be complaining. I am truly blessed that my baby sleeps through the night 90% of the time, I just want to explain the events leading up to my day today.


Lochlyn woke up around 8:00 AM and we went thorugh our usual morning routine. It is getting more and more hectic because this girl is getting moblie. First she knocked a laundry basket full of miscellaneous things that were waiting to be put away, down the stairs. Everything went flying (I guess I can’t use that laundry basket to block off the stairs anymore!). Then she proceeded to get into everything possible in our room, rolling around all over the place. When I found her under our bed, I decided I needed a break. I put her in her playpen while I finished getting ready and doing the laundry.

playing in playpen

Soon Lochlyn was starting to show signs of being tired, so I got her car seat ready and buckled her in like I always do. As I have talked about multiple times on the blog, we can’t get her to sleep unless we carry her around in the car seat. I don’t want to get back into our nap time drama in this post, but pretty much I ended up carrying the car seat around for over an hour and she was still fussing. I had about a million things on my to-do list that I wanted to get done during her nap and I was getting frustrated. I was also getting tired. I was doing everything I could think of to get her to sleep, and she was still getting more and more upset. she was also starting to feel incredibly heavy.

baby sad face

I think I was a little overtired and a lot hungry at this point in time, and I started to get really upset. Actually, not just upset, but straight-up angry. I was swinging the car seat to try and get her to sleep and I realized I had started swinging it harder and harder. I put the car sat down and tried to collect my nerves. Then I found myself raising my voice and telling Lochlyn to “shut up and go to sleep”. Gah! Guys this isn’t me. I would never tell my baby to shut-up. I never rarely, say shut up to anyone, I don’t hardly ever swear, I am not a violent or angry person. I realized that my anger was controlling my actions and it needed to stop.

I ended up putting the car seat down in Lochlyn’s room where I knew she would be safe and I took a time out. I went downstairs and called my husband. No answer. I decided I should make something to eat because I was really hungry and that probably was only making me feel worse. I decided I wanted to have leftover stirfry from the night before since I didn’t really have time to make anything. I searched through the fridge to find it, but it was missing. I realized Josh took it for lunch. I broke down.

I was crying on our main floor, and I could hear my baby crying away in her room. Hopefully the neighbors couldn’t hear us! (we live in a townhouse, they hear a lot!). Josh called me back right around then and we talked it out and he helped calm me down. I ended up finding some other leftovers in the fridge to eat (they weren’t as good as stirfry) and took them upstrairs. I decided to nurse lochlyn to help calm her down, while I ate lunch.

Lochlyn fell asleep on my lap while breastfeeding. When she woke up, I fed her solids, we went to the gym, then we got home and she went down for a nap. My crazy emotional moment wasn’t really as bad as I was making it out to be. It wasn’t worth getting mad at my little one over.

breakfast for lochlyn

I am writing this post because I shocked myself with how angry I felt. I have never been that mad at Lochlyn before, and it was for something that wasn’t even her fault. The poor girl had gotten overtired and couldn’t fall asleep. I felt like I ended up handling the situation well.  I recognized that I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to deal with it, so I took a step back, and called someone. I am glad that I did this before I got even more upset.

My little one hardly ever cries. She only fusses when she is really tired. She isn’t colicky and never has been. She has always been consolable. I can’t even imagine what mom’s go through with a colicky baby. I can’t imagine how hard it is not to be mad at your baby and blame them when they won’t stop crying. Even more so when you are alone and home and have no one to turn to. I can’t imagine being a single mom and not having a someone there to share the load.

I want to admit that in my moment of anger, I can see how very easy it would be to shake your baby too hard and hurt them. How can something so helpless make us so upset? It makes me sick that I was so mad at my little one, but I am glad that I told my husband, and I am also glad that I am sharing it with you. If you have ever been mad at your baby, you definitely aren’t alone, and you aren’t a bad mom. In fact you are probably a great mom, and were just frustrated because you were trying to hard to help you baby feel better, and you weren’t succeeding.

lochlyn playing on mat

Being a mom is hard, and amazingly wonderful. I am so thankful for it, and I know that I can’t do it alone.


What helps you calm down when you start feeling angry?

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt controlled by anger? I know I have been in a ton!


Lochlyn at 8 Months

I can’t believe Lochlyn is 8 months old today. We are already 2/3 of the way to a year old. crazy! I got really emotional this month when I thought about how fast she was growing up. My time with her has been so precious. I love her like crazy and I am so happy I have been able to spend this time with her.

pretty dress



Weight: I am really not sure on this one. She has been growing a lot. My best guess would be that Lochlyn weighs between 15 and 16 pounds. She will be getting weighed at her 9 month doctor’s appointment.

Length: I have no idea about Lochlyn’s length either, but I would guess she is on the shorter side. This is based on her 6 month doctor’s appointment, and how her clothes fit her.

Clothing: Lochlyn wears mostly 6-9 month tops and 3-6 month bottoms. She is fitting anything from 3 months – 9 months depending on the brand and fit. I guess baby clothes are just like adult clothes, sizes really vary!

jumping fun



I am finding that I mostly call Lochlyn Babes, but some other nicknames I have been using are:

  • Shug, or Sugar
  • Little Bundle
  • Eater Bug, Whiner Bug
  • Babe/Babers
  • Princess
  • Peaches
  • Roly Poly
  • Josh calls her “My Little Girl”


New this Month

The noises this girl has started making are hilarious! It is hard to explain, but she pushes her tongue out against her lips and makes talking sounds, too funny. She has also started grunting when she wants something. For example, if she is trying to roll and something is blocking her, she will make grunting noises.

Lochlyn has been able to sit for awhile now, but this month she has gotten a lot better at sitting up unassisted. I am more comfortable leaving her sitting without constantly keeping a hand ready in case she falls over. She has also figured out how to go from sitting to back on her side.

sitting up

This girl is a pro at rolling. She started rolling really early, but each month she is getting better and better. I am starting to think she will never crawl, because she can roll wherever she wants to go. I will put her down in our bedroom and she will roll right out of it, down the hallway, and into her room to find something to play with! I really need to get on the baby-proofing!

Lochlyn got her first cold this month. I think she is just fighting the end of it, but overall she did really good. She had one bad night, where we heard her coughing quite a bit, but she didn’t ever cry, and went back to sleep on her own whenever she woke up.

This month, Lochlyn and Eeyore started to become best buds. In the past, Eeyore was pretty hesitant around Lochlyn and really kept her distance. Now Eeyore will often curl up next to Lochlyn, and let her grab handfuls of her fur. Lochlyn is so delighted, she loves that cat.

resting with eeyoreplaying with eeyore

Other firsts for Lochlyn this month was her first plane ride to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Brandon, and Halloween!




Bedtime: Remember how last month Lochlyn learned how to fall asleep by herself at bedtime? This week she has decided not to do this anymore. I am really hoping it is just a phase, it was so nice to be able to put Lochlyn down awake and have her fall asleep all by herself. Now it is taking over an hour sometimes to get this girl to sleep. We have been putting her down awake in her crib, but as soon as we leave she starts crying. We let her cry a little bit, and then go in and calm her down. As soon as she sees us she stops crying and relaxes. To get her to sleep we have been rubbing her back or tummy and making shushing noises. I am happy that she is still falling asleep in her crib, but this is a lot of work. I think maybe she is having some separation anxiety. She has been falling asleep holding my hand which I have to admit is pretty cute!

For most of this month, Lochlyn has been sleeping through the whole night. She usually sleeps at least 12 hours without waking up. We are very blessed. There was a couple weeks at the beginning of the month that she was waking up occasionally. I think she was hungry because I started feeding her more solids throughout the day and that seemed to help with her sleeping at night.

Naptime: Lochlyn usually has two naps a day, one around 10:00 am and the next one usually around 2 pm, depending on how long her first one was. She sleeps anywhere from 30 mins – 2 hours. Her naps are really unpredictable. I am happy that they have started getting longer though!

I have ranted about our naptimes too much on this blog. This girl is not a napper! We tried letting Lochlyn cry it out a bit at naptime this month, with no luck at all. Once she starts crying, she doesn’t even seem tired. I think she associates her crib with being left to cry, because every time I put her in it she starts fussing. I have tried putting her down early for naptime, or waiting until she shows signs of being tired, which is usually 2-2.5 hours after waking up. Neither seem to help. We did have a few naps where she fell asleep in her car seat without being carried around, both times she fell asleep after being awake for about 3 hours, maybe I need to keep her up longer? To put Lochlyn down for naps, we turn on the vacuum for white nosie, strap her into the car seat, and carry the car seat around until she falls asleep. She is starting to get really heavy! I am heading to the library today to try and find some books on helping her sleep better.

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Nursing and Eating Solids

Nursing: I am still breastfeeding Lochlyn 5 times a day. I plan on nursing until Lochlyn reaches a year old. I am not sure that I will get there! She has started biting me a lot this month, and it really hurts! I have found that she usually bites when my milk flow slows down, or she isn’t as hungry and starts playing. Our nursing sessions have gone from being 40 minutes long, to about 20 minutes. I get so nervous that she is going to bite me that I end up taking her off when she starts losing interest in eating. It seems to be working good, I am just nervous that my milk supply might start slowing down since I had problems with maintaining a good supply in the past.

lochlyn on nursing pillow

Solids: Lochlyn still loves to eat! She has started to really prefer sweeter foods, and fattier foods like avocado. She has been getting more distracted at feeding time lately, and sometimes it is harder to get her to eat, especially if it is vegetables. Overall she is still an amazing eater, and eats everything we have given her. New to her foods this month are:

  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Grapes
  • Papaya
  • Coconut
  • Plain greek yogurt (11%)
  • Broccoli
  • Asparagus
  • Zucchini

Her favorites are fruit mixed with coconut butter, avocado, and greek yogurt. She also loves pumpkin oatmeal with some fruit mixed in. Her least favorite is the broccoli. It turned out really dry and she has a hard time eating it unless I mix some liquids in to make it an easier texture to eat.

eating food face

Lochlyn eats three meals of solids a day. Breakfast consists of cereal (usually oatmeal), with a sweeter vegetable (like carrots or squash), fruit and greek yogurt. Lunch is almost always avocado and sweet potato. Dinner is a green vegetable, cereal (usually barley), coconut butter and fruit. She eats about 18 tbsp. of food per day.


Favorite Things

Lochlyn’s personality is really starting to come through, and it is really evident when she is having a good time. her favorite things right now are:

  • Attention – Lochlyn is not a shy girl. She loves when we are out in public and people pay attention to her. She breaks out into a huge smile and is so happy. I love this, I feel like she is so good at brightening other people’s days. I am blessed because so far Lochlyn doesn’t make strange with anyone. She is not shy at all and happy to have anyone hold her and love on her.

baby with measuring cup

  • Rolling around on the ground – this isn’t new at all, but Lochlyn still loves it. I have held off on buying her an exer-saucer and I am glad. Lochlyn is so content to roll around everywhere. When I take her to Mom’s group, she is the only little one that is all over the room, visiting with everyone and finding all the toys. When I pick her up from the gym child care she is always rolling around on the carpet too! It is pretty much her favorite thing and she isn’t happy sitting still for very long.
  • Cuddles with Mom – as soon as this girl gets tired she just wants me to hold her and carry her around the house. She doesn’t like it if I stand still, but loves looking around while I am walking, and she loves the walking motion. I love getting my cuddles in too!

thanksgiving mom and baby

  • Playing with Dad – Josh and Lochlyn have such a good time playing. she loves when he “helicopters” her around the room and jumps on the bed with her. They are so cute together. I can’t wait until Lochlyn is older and they are running all over the house (well maybe I can wait!)

playing with dad

  • Practicing making noises – Lochlyn loves trying to make new sounds, and she loves it when you repeat these sounds back to her. I love hearing her babble away to herself. It is hard to believe that soon she is going to be talking!
  • Favorite toys: Anything that isn’t actually a toy. Lochlyn loves playing with people’s faces, including their glasses, eyes, mouths, hair, facial hair, jewelry and ears. My glasses are never clean around her! She also loves playing with her baby brush. I think the soft bristles feel good on her gums. Other favorites include her monkey, “touch and feel” books, and blankets. This girl loves peek-a-boo.

baby under blanket



  • Getting her face wiped, especially her nose. I have to pin her arms down and do it quickly before she can wriggle free.
  • Going to sleep on her own. Lochlyn is a social butterfly and doesn’t want to be alone ever. I am hoping this phase is short lived!

peek a boo in crib

  • I honestly can’t think of anything else – Lochlyn is such an easy going baby. If she isn’t over-tired from missing a nap, she is happy!

pretty in blue


Happy 8 months baby Lochlyn. These have been the best 8 months of my life. I am so happy that I get to spend every day watching you grow up. You are the biggest blessing to your Daddy and Mommy. I love you baby!