I’m Baaaaaack!

Wow it’s been a long time. I didn’t actually mean to quit blogging, but it just kind of happened. Lately I have been really missing it. It’s interesting that I started this blog when Lochlyn was a baby, and now I have baby number two at home, and I feel like I need this creative outlet again. Oh, by the way, I had another baby! I don’t think I have blogged since before I was pregnant. I have so much to update here.

The main reason that I want to blog again is because I have really started to focus on my eating habits. For awhile there I didn’t really think a whole lot about food, or weight, or whatever. Maybe that was partially why I stopped blogging. Lately, it has been a bit of an issue for me, and I am giving my relationship with food some more attention. It is most likely because I am learning to love and be comfortable with this post-baby body of mine.

Before I get into my relationship with food, or my body, or just life in general -I need to back up a bit, actually a whole lot. I think it will be best to start fresh, like this is the beginning of Honestly Angela all over again. This will make it so much easier, as my life has changed a lot.

Basically, I am here to say welcome to Honestly Angela. If you’ve been here before, thanks for checking back in, and if you’re new, thanks for stopping by. Oh, and if there is no one here reading this, that is great too. More than anything this blog is therapy for me, and a way to track my memories as a new mom. Well, here it goes!

lochlyn angela mom snowman cake diy

October 27th-30th Meal Plan

So I haven’t shared a meal plan on the blog for awhile, and I wanted to get back to it. My meal planning has changed a little bit. I have been creating two plans a week instead of one, and grocery shopping twice. I decided to switch up the way I meal plan as I was finding that some of the produce I was buying was going bad. Also, we would end up not always making what I planned and would have too much food.

We have been tightening up the budget lately, and groceries was one of the major things we chose to cut back on. I have heard that doing groceries multiple days a week can lead to spending more money, but it has been working for us. My goal is to spend $50/grocery trip, or $100/week. We also do a big Costco trip once a month where we aim to spend no more than $300. We buy most of our meat from Costco.

Speaking of meat, you may notice that this week’s meal plan is fairly meatless. Lochlyn isn’t a fan of eating meat at the moment, and I have never particularly enjoyed it, so we have decided to make more vegetarian options. Josh is still a carnivore, so dinners have meat added to keep him happy.


Here is Monday-Friday’s meal plan – recipes courtesy of Oh She Glows!





Grocery List

  • Bananas (a lot) – $4.04
  • Lemons (2) – $1.54
  • Lime – $0.33
  • Pineapple – $2.97
  • Avocado (2) – $1.94
  • Carrots – $2.27
  • Cucumber – $1.00
  • Cauliflower – $4.47
  • Lettuce – $1.47
  • Bell peppers (3) – $3.47
  • Spinach – $2.77
  • Yellow onion – $0.87
  • Sweet potato – $2.72
  • Russet potato – $0.49
  • Chickpeas – $0.97
  • Crackers (for Josh) – $2.48
  • Tofu (2) – $3.94
  • Chocolate milk (for Josh) – $5.85

Total: $43.92

I realize this list doesn’t include everything needed to make these recipes. We already had quite a few ingredients on hand, and I also made some substitutions to save a little cash.

I’ll be posting another meal plan this weekend.

Dieting isn’t Self Control

It’s Tuesday and I feel inspired to talk about eating again! That means it’s time for another round of Intuitive Tuesday. Not sure what I am talking about? Check out this page for more information…

intuitive tuesday

Last week I shared about what my eating habits have been like over the past couple months. Today, I want to pick up where I left off. My post ended with the realization that the “F* It Diet” wasn’t working for me. It wasn’t all bad. I was eating whatever I wanted with only a small amount of guilt, I was loving my body more and more, and I still wasn’t binge eating. All some major positives, but I knew that I could do better in my relationship with food.

I am back to working on the Intuitive Eating principles, with a few changes. I haven’t changed the guidelines, I think they are all good things, rather I have changed my view of them.

My issue with the “F* It Diet” is that I believe self control, and discipline are a good thing. In Galatians 5:22-23 it says that “The fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and SELF CONTROL”. This means that you can’t do whatever you want to, whenever you want, and still be operating in love.

I think both Christians, and non-Christians can agree with that one. I wasn’t loving myself by eating whatever junk food I could find while watching Netflix every afternoon. I felt depressed, tired, and lethargic. I also wasn’t doing a good job at loving those around me. When I am not feeling my best, I am not the greatest mom, wife, or friend.

I have been thinking about the whole self control thing for awhile. I am realizing that when it comes to food, self control doesn’t equal dieting. Dieting is letting a set of food rules control your personal choices. I don’t think that self control is eating to look a certain way either. This is letting a particular body image control your eating habits. Self control isn’t even eating according to the Intuitive Eating principles. This is letting Intuitive Eating control your choices.

I think that self control means taking responsibility for your own actions. It means not giving responsibility to a diet, or any restrictive form of eating, but eating, and living, to be your best self. This is a lot harder than it sounds. It is so much easier to give the control over to something else and hope that it can make you happy. Just for the record – it can’t!

I do think that when exercising self control, it is important to keep your heart and mind in the right place and constantly examine your motives. You may think that you are making decisions, but in reality you could be influenced by something you saw earlier that day, or someone you spoke with, or whatever.

I think that the Intuitive Eating principles are good “self check-in” points. For example, one of the principles is “Respect your Fullness”. If you realize that you are eating when you aren’t hungry, it is a good time to stop and think about why are eating. Is it because what you are eating just tastes so good that you want to eat it anyways? Is it because you are lonely, or sad, or bored? It may be possible that these types of emotions are controlling your decision to eat, and you need to reexamine them. It also may just be that you really want to eat what is in front of you because it is that good, and that is completely okay too.

I guess I am saying all of this to say that I am back on board with Intuitive Eating, but I feel like my mindset towards it has changed. I don’t believe it is the answer I was looking for to heal my relationship with food. Intuitive eating is simply a tool to help me make good decisions when it comes to eating.

My answer is to man up … or I guess “woman up”, and take control myself. I got this. I am going to use self control to make good decisions because I love myself, and my family, and I want the best life I can possibly have for all of us.

lochlyn mom beach


How I’ve Been Eating Lately

I can’t really believe that it has been seven or eight months since I was blogging regularly. I do miss it, but I have also enjoyed spending my time doing other things.

I’m back today, and I want to fill you in on something that I used to talk about on the blog all the time –  intuitive eating – and more particularly, where I am at with it. So, without further ado, let’s have Intuitive Tuesday on a Wednesday! (I’m such a rebel).

intuitive tuesday

Intuitive eating is hard. I have often heard that it is harder than dieting, and I think that I might agree. (Since I haven’t shared about Intuitive Eating for awhile, if you don’t know what I am talking about, I highly recommend you read this book).

One area that I have struggled with when it comes to eating is learning to eat without distractions. I love curling up with a good book, my phone, Netflix, or whatever, and snacking mindlessly. Even now, I am drinking a smoothie as I type this – do smoothies really count as eating though?

mango smoothie

The Intuitive Eating Guidelines suggest that you should practice eating mindfully and without distractions. This is so hard for me for some reason.

Another challenge I have with intuitive eating is not eating when I am not hungry. I think deep down I believed that if I only ate when I was hungry (but not TOO hungry) and stopped when I was full (but not TOO full) I would find my ideal weight, heal my relationship with food, and all would be right in the world.

The Intuitive Eating book cautions that the Intuitive Eating guidelines should just be guidelines, and not rules, yet I was finding myself trying adhere to them 100% and beating myself up with I didn’t.

As we know from diet land, giving our body a strict set of “food rules” which we must adhere to is a recipe for disaster (hello binging). I didn’t end up binging, but I soon found myself binge watching Netflix and eating everything that sounded delicious every afternoon while Lochlyn was napping. I told myself not to eat in front of the computer, but then gave in. “Starting tomorrow I would eat more mindfully”. Man, this sounds just like “starting tomorrow I will follow my diet” – all too familiar.

After observing this behaviour, and beating myself up a little too long, I realized my mistake. I decided to look in completely the opposite direction and gave the “F* it diet” a try. On this “diet” you can eat what you want to, however much you want, whenever you want it, with no guilt. Kind of like intuitive eating, but without the whole listening to your body, and eating mindfully aspect.

How did this go for me? Not so good. I found myself binge watching Netflix and eating whatever was convenient, even if it didn’t sound good. I always waited until my “break” when Lochlyn took her nap in the afternoon to do this. By dinner time, I was full and didn’t feel like having dinner with my family. I still wanted to sit down with them, so I would eat a bit, and end up not feeling too great the rest of the night.  I didn’t binge eat, I did stop when I was full because I wanted to, but I wasn’t happy with my relationship with food. I started to feel depressed and lethargic, and I wasn’t quite sure what was wrong.

I can’t believe it took me as long as it did to realize that my eating habits needed to change. Honestly I think it was only a couple weeks ago that I had this epiphany.

I have some new thoughts about Intuitive Eating, and eating in general that I want to chat about, but I think that will have to wait until another post as this is getting lengthy.


Have you ever tried the “F* It Diet”? What did you think?

How about Intuitive Eating? Do you struggle with seeing the guidelines as rules?

Packing Party

So, we packed up all our belongings last weekend. We aren’t moving. We just wanted to. It sounds crazy and I think it probably is, but I am excited to see what is going to happen next. We did this because we want get rid of some of our stuff, hopefully a lot of our stuff. We packed up everything we own, and we are leaving it in boxes for now, and only taking out items as we need them. We got this idea from The Minimalists 21 Day Journey into Minimalism.

So far I would have to say that our house is a mess. There are boxes everywhere. It is a lot of work to find an item as you are constantly rearranging boxes trying to find what you are looking for, and can be really frustrating. Having a busy toddler that is just learning how to climb doesn’t help the situation. Not to mention, packing everything up was a ton of work. I seriously can’t believe how much stuff we have. I thought packing would be fun, and it kind of was, but Josh and I also felt a little bit anxious, and questioned what we were getting in to as the packing day progressed.

Yesterday, I cleaned the house up a bit, and I do have to say that the areas that don’t have the boxes are so much easier to clean without all the extra clutter. Also, I don’t find myself constantly picking things up like I used to, as there isn’t really much to tidy since almost all our belongings are packed away.

I definitely don’t regret our decision to do this, but I think it is going to take longer than we thought to get rid of everything. Our house is going to be in quite the disarray for a while longer. Josh is slowly going crazy with all the boxes, but I am enjoying the empty cupboards and drawers, and clutter-free counter tops despite the mess in my living room … and kitchen, and basement, and backyard.

packing party

I am really curious to see where this journey takes us, and I plan to update regularly to keep a record of our progress.

Questions about Life…

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how Josh and I have decided to de-clutter. We are looking to The Minimalists 21 Day Journey to Minimalism to help us get rid of some stuff. To be honest, Josh doesn’t really need much help. Although he has lots of stuff he could get rid of, he can easily just chuck it into the trash and not miss it. In the past, he has even thrown out his TV because he felt like he was spending too much time watching it!  I get pretty sentimental and attached to things, and have a harder time letting go. I think this process is more for me than him, but he is definitely on board.

We are on Day Two of the journey, which involves planning how you hope to achieve you personal “musts”. I wrote about my “must list” here if you want to check it out. Part of the planning process involves answering a series of questions. My answers to these questions are below.

1.What is standing in the way of my musts?

I thought the answer to this would be time, money, energy … you know, resources. In reality, when I took the time to really think about it, I realized that wasn’t the case. I lack motivation, and the desire to actually follow through with what I want in life. I also lack faith that God will come through for me. I don’t always trust that my musts are really best for me.

I also tend to feel guilty about spending time doing what I want to do and taking care of myself. I am so used to taking care of my little family, but I realize that I need to take care of myself too so that I can be a better wife, mother, and friend.

I have a hard time opening up to my husband, which makes it difficult to work on our marriage. I have a hard time building relationships because I fear being rejected, or abandoned by other people. I also fear not having enough time to myself when I share my time with others.

I am afraid to commit to something and give it my all because that means I could fail.


2. When did I start giving so much meaning to possessions?

For as long as I can remember, I have given possessions quite a bit of meaning. When I was really little, I had a special “treasure” box. This box consisted of a torch I received at the Olympics, which I visited as a baby, a box with two little lovebird eggs, a silver bar, an old dress my mom wore as a baby … and some other items. I would take each item out when I was alone, and handle them lovingly, before carefully packing them all away again in their special box. I am pretty sure I still have that box buried in a storage room somewhere.

As I grew older I became pretty independent. I bought most of my own things except for clothes as a young teenager. I didn’t drive, so it was a big ordeal for me to get to the mall to go shopping. I didn’t have a ton of money either, so I kept everything in case I might need it.

As a young adult I moved to a new town, and had even less money, and relied on friends for transportation. I slowly ran out of clothes, and couldn’t really go buy more. I didn’t have a lot of possessions, and held on to everything that I had.

Now, living in a little townhouse with my husband, I think I drive him crazy. I keep so many items “just in case” we might need them, or because they are sentimental to me.


3. What is truly important in life?

My faith is number one in my life. After that comes love and relationships. I value and cherish both my immediate and extended family. I think happiness, joy, and fun are all super important to me. I want to spend my life loving others and receiving love. Ultimately, I want to live my life the way God calls me to, and help my family do the same.


4. Why am I discontented?

Who says I am discontented? Haha, okay maybe I am a bit or I wouldn’t be going through this process. I feel discontented because I am constantly doing little tasks around the house that never seem to get done. Always doing … never finished.

I spend so much time doing things that I don’t want to do. I know this is life, but maybe it doesn’t have to be?

I am also discontented because i feel like Josh and I are at an “in between” phase in life. We are waiting for a big change, but it hasn’t happened yet.

I feel like God has more in life for my little family and I want to find out what it is.

My house is full of things that I don’t love, that I spend my time taking care of.

I want more time to do fun things. I want to spend less time doing wasteful things like reading social media.

I guess I spend too much time on things that aren’t actually that important to me.


5. Who do I want to become?

I want to be a loving, caring, peaceful person. I want to have time for people, and build good relationships. I want to be happy, content, free, and easy-going. I want to spend my life in love with Jesus, and I want to be the best wife and mother that I can be.


6. How will I define my success?

This is a tough one. I will define my success by how I spend my time, and by my personal thoughts and feelings. I will also define my success by my relationship with God, my family, and my friends.


7. How will life improve if I own less stuff?

I hope that I will spend less time taking care of it! I also hope that life will be less stressful, with less clutter. I think that having less stuff will also make my husband much happier. He easily gets overwhelmed when the house feels cluttered. I also want to teach Lochlyn about material possessions, and not to hold on to things that aren’t needed.

I am hoping that once we de-clutter we will be more careful about spending money on things we don’t need, and have more money for trips and other fun experiences.

lochlyn cooking

While answering these questions I realized that this whole 21-Day Journey isn’t necessarily about the things that we have, or our resources, but about ourselves. I have everything that I need to live the life that I want, I just need to change my mindset about it. The things that are truly important to me, are all available and within my grasp, and they aren’t material objects. I need to shift my mindset, and the way that I spend my time, in order to obtain what is actually important to me.

De-cluttering is simply a step in the right direction of living a more purposeful life. It is not the focus, and it is not the solution.


Day 3 in our journey is happening next weekend, which means we will be packing up our entire house! I am feeling both excited and nervous. 

My Must List

In my last post I shared about my decision to start the 21 Day Journey to Minimalism, courtesy of The Minimalists blog.

Josh and I’s journey will not be 21 days. We have decided to take more time on certain steps, and we needed to rearrange it a bit to fit our schedule.

treehouse slide









Last week we decided to work on “Day 1” of the journey. This involved creating personal “Must Lists”.

If this is something you are interested in, I would highly recommend you check out The Minimalists to get more information. In short, to me, a must list is a list of things that you consider non-negotiable for you life. Things that aren’t an option for you to go without.

Personal “musts” are the things that no matter what happens, or what direction you life decides to take, you adhere to them. They should also be the things that guide your decisions and actions day-to-day, as they are the most important things in your life.

I have already noticed that having a “must list” has reminded me of what is truly a priority, and changed with I choose to spend time and energy on.

pose scarf

Josh also created a Must List. We have hung both our lists up on a mirror in our bedroom, so we are able to read them whenever we choose.

I expect my list to evolve over time, as my priorities and life changes, and it is something that I plan to review regularly. At present, here is what my list looks like …

My Must List

  1. I must consistently seek to depend my relationship with God
  2. I must make time to take care of myself daily – spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally
  3. I must constantly seek to improve my relationship with my husband
  4. I must spend time with Lochlyn and make her feel loved every day that I am with her
  5. I must seek new friendships and nurture current ones
  6. I must create and maintain a pleasant household for my family
  7. I must nurture my creativity
  8. I must be aware of time-wasting, or unproductive activities and limit them
  9. I must nurture and encourage Lochlyn’s relationship with Jesus
  10. I must get outside and enjoy nature
  11. I must make travelling and vacations a priority
  12. I must steward my finances wisely
  13. I must encourage Josh in his relationship with Jesus
  14. I must develop and maintain a healthy body image, and a healthy relationship with food

This week we are working on Day Two of the 21 Day Journey. I am actually finding this step even harder than Day One. I will be sharing my thoughts!

Out With the Old

Loooong time no see! I didn’t mean to disappear from this little corner of the internet, I just lost the desire to share on the blog for awhile. I have realized that my posts were becoming more about what I thought my readers would want to read, and less about what I felt like actually sharing. I was starting to feel obligated to write certain posts, even if it wasn’t what I felt like talking about.

nordegg hike


I’ve been too busy exploring the mountains!!

Anyways, a lot has happened in life since my last post, and I could update you on a ton, but there is something specific that has inspired me to start writing again, and that is what I want to share.

Josh and I have been feeling like we are at this weird spot in life, where we are just waiting for the next thing to happen. Like, we are done with where we are currently at, but not quite ready to move to the next new thing … does that make sense? I guess an easier way to explain it, is life kind of feels like its been in limbo lately.

Lochlyn pony

I think there are quite a few things that have contributed to this, but some of the major ones are…

-We have been contemplating and discussing moving for years, but the time has never been quite right. I still don’t feel like the time is right, but we would love a new house eventually, and we want to start getting our house ready to sell.

-We want to have another baby soon, but I’m not quite ready to be pregnant yet.

-Josh isn’t loving his job, but doesn’t feel like the time is right to leave, and he doesn’t know what else he would like to do

-Our finances have been pretty tight and we would love a change in that area

-We would both like to go back to school, but it doesn’t seem feasible with our current lifestyle

We don’t feel ready to make any of these major life changes, but we want to take some steps to get ourselves ready.

We have decided to get rid of all the things in our life that are getting in the way of where we want to be. Things that take up time, space, thoughts, or whatever.

I came across The 21 Day Journey into Minimalism on The Minimalists blog a few months ago and thought the idea sounded cool, but also pretty crazy. I never thought it was something I would want to do, but the idea has just stuck with me. I mentioned it to Josh one day and he was instantly on board. He loves getting rid of stuff.

The 21 Day Journey calls for a “packing party”. To paraphrase, a “packing party” involves packing up everything that you own in boxes as though you are going to move. Then, you unpack only the items that you need as you need them. Everything else stays in boxes. After a week or so of using only the items that you need, you go through all the items that are still packed, and either toss, sell, give away, or donate them.

lochlyn in box
















We will be making some changes to the 21 day plan to suit us, but overall we will be falling it fairly closely. I thought it would be fun to document it and be able to look back on it later.

Stay tuned for Day #1!



Teaching a Toddler to Eat Intuitively

Welcome back to Intuitive Tuesday, thank you for following along with this little series!

intuitive tuesday

I mentioned last week that I wanted to chat about Lochlyn, and more specifically, teaching your little ones to eat intuitively.

This topic came up as I found myself starting to care more about Lochlyn’s weight. My little baby is not so little anymore. At one point Lochlyn was very small for her age. Not only was she small, but she wasn’t growing as quickly as her doctor would have liked. Between 0 and 5 months, Lochlyn was actually steadily dropping on the growth charts. At five months old was sitting around the 4th percentile. This was a bit worrisome as she was somewhere around the 85th percentile when she was born (she weighed 8 pounds).

4 months old


Four months old

I started feeding Lochlyn solid foods a bit early as per my doctor’s recommendations. I focused on feeding her calorie dense foods. I praised her for eating a lot, and encouraged her to eat everything I made for her. She grew like crazy.

nine months


Nine months old

Eventually I stopped focusing on feeding Lochlyn calorie dense foods, but I still try to feed her balanced meals. I don’t encourage her to clear her plate, but she often does by throwing whatever she doesn’t want to eat on the floor! I wish that I didn’t worry so much about Lochlyn gaining weight when she was younger, or trying to get her to eat as much as possible. I guess I learned my lesson and I will remember it for the future.

twelve months

12 months old

In the past 9 months Lochlyn has gone from the 4th percentile to the 98th percentile. This has been so hard with clothes – I feel like she only wears an outfit a couple times before she grows out of it! It also made me stop to consider her eating habits. This has also been hard for me. I know Lochlyn is healthy, and happy, but I was worried about how heavy she was. I constantly have to remind myself that weight isn’t the issue, as much as eating habits. I also have to remind myself that I weighed 30 pounds at one year old, and 33 pounds at 2 years old. Her body will regulate itself.

fifteen months

Lochlyn today

Anyways, last week I decided I needed to pay more attention to how Lochlyn was eating, and how I was feeding her. I very quickly realized that I wasn’t encouraging her to eat intuitively. Without intending to, I was limiting certain foods, and trying to get her to eat more “nutritious” food, even if she didn’t want to.

For example, my sweet little girl absolutely loves bananas. We always have a bowl of bananas sitting on our counter, and often at meal time, she is more interested in the bowl of bananas, than what I have prepared for her. I have always allowed her to eat bananas, but I would stop her at one banana a day. I usually wouldn’t offer her a banana until after she finished her meal. Sounds like typical parenting, but this doesn’t really equate to intuitive eating…

I noticed I was doing this with other types of food as well. I would allow Lochlyn to eat anything that she wanted, but I would ration it. I wasn’t starving her, I would just try to get her to eat other foods instead of the food that she really wanted. If she didn’t show an interest in a more “nutritious” type of food, I would feed it to her myself on and spoon, and force her to at least taste it.

Lochlyn is not a picky eater, she eats everything. The only food she doesn’t like is salmon (weirdo). Sometimes she just prefers one type of food to another.

funny cake picture

Last week I made the decision to start encouraging Lochlyn to eat intuitively. I decided that the best way to do this would be to offer Lochlyn a few different types of foods at meal time, and allow her to choose what she would like to eat, and how much of it she wanted. The first meal I tried this with was breakfast. I offered her peanut butter toast, plain yogurt, and banana slices. Of course, Lochlyn immediately pointed at the bananas, indicating that she wanted them. I allowed her to eat a full banana. Once it was gone, she pointed at the bowl of bananas on the counter. I sliced up another one, and offered it to her. She ate the entire thing, and then again, pointed at the bowl. I offered her another one, and she proceeded to eat the entire thing. She then ate some of her toast and yogurt, and was satisfied.

Since this meal, I have been offering her bananas a couple times a day, and I have found that her interest in them is starting to dwindle. Her three bananas went down to two, and then one. Last night, she was satisfied after eating only half of a banana.

I realized that because I wasn’t allowing Lochlyn to eat as much banana as she wanted, she would eat every last bite every time I offered it to her. This also went for other foods, like cheese, avocado, and other types of fruit. After only a week of allowing Lochlyn to eat freely I have noticed a big difference. She no longer eats every single bite of her favourite foods. She is satisfied with less.

I do want to point out that the reason why I am encouraging Lochlyn to eat intuitively isn’t so that she will eat less. I am okay with Lochlyn’s weight, and that she is growing so quickly. I have a big, beautiful, healthy baby, and that is awesome! My concern is that I want her to have a healthy relationship with food. I don’t want to teach her to restrict food from an early age, or that food needs to be rationed. I don’t want to pass any of my disordered eating habits on to her.

Sometimes this isn’t easy. I actually think feeding your children intuitively can be harder than learning to eat that way yourself. It isn’t harder for kids to learn, but harder for parents to give up the control, and allow their kids to make their own decisions. It seems wrong to allow a very chubby toddler to eat whatever they want to, but I believe that limiting food intake causes some serious problems.

bikini babe

I have so much more to say about this subject, but I think I will save it for another day. Next week I plan to talk about more practical steps to take to teach your little one to eat intuitively. I would love to hear your advice in the comments too!


What are your biggest challenges with teaching your child to eat intuitively? What are your favourite tips?

Anyone else deal with weight issues with their baby/kids?


Slightly New Hair Color

It’s Thursday already!? I don’t know why I always have the need to start my posts by telling you what day it is. I am guessing you probably already know this. Anyways, I am linking up with Amanda again for some Thinking out Loud on this beautiful rainy Thursday.

thinking out loud

1. I dyed my hair with a boxed dye a couple of weeks ago. This was a pretty big deal for me. I don’t think I have ever used a boxed dye in my hair before, and I usually only dye my hair every 2 or 3 years. I usually get it coloured in a way that it can grow out naturally without looking too obvious. I was so nervous to use the boxed dye but really wanted something different ASAP. Here are my results:

lochlyn mom swing

    Before                                                    After

You can’t hardly tell right? I used Natural Instincts dye – the colour was called medium cool blonde. I was going for a warm blonde, but despite the name, the photo on the box looked very warm. Since the above picture I have washed my hair a few times and I think the colour has faded even more. This is kind of what I wanted. Something to brighten up my hair a little bit, but also something that would fade back to my natural colour.

I really like the new colour of my hair, but I don’t think I would do it again. My hair feels so dry and brittle. I didn’t think this would happen since I used a semi-permanent colour with no ammonia. The next time I get the urge to colour my hair, I will be back at my hair dresser.

2. Today is my first day back at work after injuring my knee. I typically work 1-2 days a week, but i haven’t worked since before my half marathon on May 17th. I am really nervous about being on my feet for song. I have worked so hard to get my knee better, I hope that it doesn’t ‘make it worse! I am hoping I find the time to buy some better shoes today. I am just having a really hard time deciding what to get. I want something that will be super comfortable to wear in the summer and that will be really versatile and go with all my clothes. I wear a lot of dresses in the summer, so this is making my decision extra difficult.

3. Josh’s mom is coming to visit this weekend. She lives in Brandon, MB, which is something like a 12 hour drive from us. She is flying out for the weekend. I know that she is coming just to visit Lochlyn, but it will still be nice to see her. now that we had a baby, we get so many more visits from both sets of grandparents!

grandma grandpa and baby

4. Lochlyn had her first swimming lesson on Tuesday. We have been waiting for her swimming lessons to start forever! The first time I registered her, her lessons were cancelled because not enough kids registered in her class. The next time I registered her, the pool ended up being closed due to some structural issues with the building, so we had to wait for it to reopen. The pool reopened on Tuesday, and we had a lot of fun at her lesson. She loves playing in the water and interacting with other kids. She even jumped off the side of the pool into my arms!

Unfortunately, I just found out that the pool has been closed again. They found some more structural issues with the roof. I am really glad that the pool is closed since the building isn’t safe, but I am disappointed that lessons are cancelled again! I guess we will have to swim at the lake for now.

lochlyn playing in sand

5. Salted dark chocolate – you know, the Lindt kind. So good. Why haven’t I ever tried this before? Tara over at Sweat Like a Pig mentioned it in one of her posts, and when I passed it at the grocery store I decided to give it a go. This may replace my chocolate-covered almond obsession. The bar I bought last weekend is most definitely gone!

lindt salted dark chocolate


Source – Seeing as how I ate the bar before I thought of taking a picture

6. Okay, so there have been a few other things that have been on my mind lately that I don’t really want to get into here, mostly because I think they deserve their own post. The biggest one being my baby girl’s weight. I never thought this would be an issue at such an early age, and it really shouldn’t be. It isn’t something I want to deal with at any age, but my little girl is 15 months old. Expect a post on this subject coming soon. I just have to get my thoughts organized.

7. On a lighter note … CAMPING CAMPING CAMPING! I can’t even wait! One more month until our first week of summer holidays!

backpacking 2012

That’s a wrap. I always feel like I could ramble on forever when writing these posts, but I am going to cut myself off here. I hope you have an amazing rest of your day!


Do you like camping? Have you, or would you ever try backpacking?

Same question for boxed hair dyes… do you like them, or would you ever try them if you haven’t?